Is cosmetic surgery a good thing?


Nowadays, many work forces or adult females are sing to do themselves looks better so distinct to hold decorative surgery. A batch of decorative surgery supplier publicizing their decorative accomplishment and benefit of decorative surgery to pull more client. Cosmetic surgery contain positive and negative morality.

Question 1

Teleology theory can be defined as moral effect place, in which moral behavior means accomplishing an ethical effect without concern over the procedure by which the terminal consequence is achieved. Right behavior with teleology agencies that which in bend promotes the best effects or possibly identifiable good ( Craig, 1996 ) . Utilitarianism can state by the stage “the greatest good for the greatest number” ( Mill, 1983 ) . From the position of Chris, Chris decided to hold nose surgery is moral because moving conformity with felicity. However, Chris are looking upon a low delectation. Even though the surgery will convey Chris several felicity but it is something that become eternal chase. If there is a leaning for Chris into the hereafter out feeling and looking better, than this sawbones did their ain occupation and there is nil immoral occurrence. Where the layaway is acceptable and sawboness do non hold license to pattern, in hurting and irritation, there is immoral about the peculiar action. After the nose surgery operation, Chris perceive that there was some hurting and uncomfortableness after the surgery operation within a twosome of hebdomad. Besides that, Chris holding the 2nd operation to rectify a minor. After the operation, Chris satisfy with the consequence and convey Chris felicity.

Based on the Chris’s determination to take action on decorative surgery, Chris’s female parent was to the full disagree Chris to holding the nose surgery. Because Chris didn’t know what are the hazard will happen during the operation. Chris’s mother maintain on callback back the narrative of celebrated footballer’s married woman which who are the one kept traveling for decorative surgery and passed off because of complication after the operation. From the position of Chris’s female parent is based on deontology theory. Deontology define since the rightness every bit good as inappropriateness of action by rating of peculiar formal belongingss of act for case responsibility, justness every bit good as regard a great individual’s liberty ( Stahl, 1996 ) . All of the parents will worry about their kid by making some activities to damage or aching themselves because of this, parents will hold the responsible to avoid the activities happen. Even Chris’s female parent besides tried to carry Chris do non hold decorative surgery is because Chris’s female parent worrying about Chris will hold any danger during the operation. In the other manner, Kantian moralss believe that effect could ne’er do right or incorrect because an action may convey the felicity but still might be incorrect. Because of the outstanding olfactory organ was conveying Chris sadness and dissatisfaction so Chris decide to hold nose surgery for the beauty and seeking felicity.

Question 2

Archie B Carroll said that the definition of Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) has four type of categorization which include economic duty, legal duty, ethical duty and discretional duty ( Carroll, 1979 ) . These four type of outlooks reflect a position of societal duty that related to some in the definitions made available earlier although that categorizes the societal duties connected concerns within a more inclusive mode. In order to do the Naturea clinic be more profitable, the Naturea clinic have to keep a strong competitory place in surgery industry. Therefore, the Naturea clinic have to keep a high degree of operational efficiency by supplying the best service quality to carry through client demand and do certain the client satisfied with the consequence after the surgery. Naturea clinic employees had been developing to assist them continue within a cautiousnesss along with mensural method, but the employees are being chivvied with the direction squad to go more energetic and market-facing to do the clinic more profitable. In add-on, the Naturea clinic should execute in a mode consistent with maximize gaining per portion.

Furthermore, Naturea clinic must obey to the jurisprudence cause of jurisprudence is the society’s codification of right and incorrect. Clinic have to execute in a mode in maintaining with the outlooks of authorities along with the jurisprudence and it is besides of import to follow with legion national and supranational Torahs and ordinance. Other than that, Naturea clinic have to run into the minimal legal demands by supplying goods or services. For illustration, a qualified sawboness provide face or organic structure fictile surgery to fulfill client demand. The regulations and ordinance for Naturea clinic by non making illegal activities such as supplying bogus information about the cosmetics surgery, rip offing client by stating do non hold any hazard occur during the surgery operation.

Ethical duty encompass those standard, norms, or outlook that reflect a concern for merely what consumers, workers, stockholders and the community consider as carnival, merely or commensurate with the regard or protection of stakeholders moral legal rights. The Naturea medical squad members complain amongst themselves the company has been hijacked by the squad of the directors and the trefoils feel really force per unit area to hit the marks refering to the figure and features of operations are expected to execute. The director of the Naturea clinic should handle their employees reasonably, supply developing to sawboness to guarantee go a qualified sawbones to fulfill clients and do non give them high force per unit area when executing their work. Ethical duty for Naturea clinic is of import to forestall ethical norms from being compromised as a manner to accomplish corporate aims. Besides that, ethical duty could assist clinic to acknowledge which corporate unity along with ethical behaviour go beyond mere conformity with ordinances. Last, the ethical duty besides of import to Naturea clinic by recognize and besides esteem fresh or innovating moral ethical norms used by society.

Discretionary duty about like philanthropic gift enterprises try to be good corporate citizen by making some community activities, charitable work, contribution to good causes and supplying day-care centres to make a positive image for company ( Blowfield and Murray, 2008 ) . The Naturea clinic should make some charity activities such tend to set up for squads of voluntary doctors transporting medical supplies to finish the mission. Increasingly, these squads besides work to better medical substructures and to develop forces. The director and employees of Naturea clinic participate in voluntary and charitable activities within their local communities. Cause-related selling ( CRM ) occurs when a company forms a strategic relationship with a peculiar societal cause that are reciprocally advantages to all parties ( Kolter and Lee, 2005 ) . CRM are advantage to Naturea clinic such as, increasing the clinic population, increasing the trade name consciousness and services quality, developing good public dealingss and increasing the client trueness. And there are advantages for the societal cause by increasing in contributions through better exposure.

Question 3

For some, fictile surgery is an attack to retrieve an ordinary visual aspect after a bad luck. For other, fictile surgery is an attack to revise saw disciplinary defects. Despite the intent behind the plastic surgery, there are serious disadvantages that must be considered before holding surgery ( Holley, 2013 ) .

The first disadvantages of holding surgery is checkups hazards. Plastic surgery, in the same manner as any surgery, convey a danger of medical complications, including decease. The absolute most regular dangers connected with plastic surgery are serve hemorrhage, infection and nervus harm that may take to dumbness, weave decease, fluid roll uping around the site ( seroma ) and injuring in the scope. Blood bunchs can profound vein thrombosis are likewise complications of plastic surgery.

The 2nd disadvantages of holding surgery is about the visual aspect. Unsightly marking is besides disadvantage of plastic surgery. With these cicatrix, which are called hypertrophic cicatrixs, are thick and ruddy. Injuring and swelling for a period of clip after the surgery are often difficult to cover up, peculiarly when the work was carried out in the facial country. Besides that, Ptosis or drooping and sagging in the surgical country, might be another disadvantage. Furthermore, some of the patients find that the consequence of the process are non what they anticipated.

The following disadvantage is cost of the plastic surgery. Numerous fictile surgery processs are dearly-won. As indicated by American Society for Aesthetic plastic surgery, microdermabrasion was the least expensive process which costs an norm of $ 139 per process and the most expensive with a costs of $ 7,976 is a lower organic structure lift. Besides that, there are some fees besides will be calculated when sing the costs of plastic surgery which is sawbones fees, infirmary fees and anaesthesia fees, along with lost rewards and medicine costs.

Cosmetic surgery touristry can be defined as the gesture of the patients from one location to another to transport out “aesthetic” medical process, which is the turning country of medical touristry ( Reisman, 2010 ) .

Some of the activities like sunbathing, imbibing intoxicant, jet skiing and swimming should be avoided after surgery said by the American Society of Plastic Surgery ( ASPS ) ( ASPS, 2008 ) . The disadvantage of decorative surgery touristry is that impossible for the patient to run into up the physicians to run on the patient before traveling, it is required to hold a talk with physician or sawbones to cognize item of the surgery and the consequence of going for operation.

Many patient deficiency of cognition about the job of decorative surgery oversea. An accident or bad decorative surgery can happen. For illustration, Elliott ( 2004 ) reported that a patient had suction lipectomy on her legs and the surgery so extremist that the patient leg severely dimpled and necessitate more fat to make full them out. All decorative surgery possible nowadays the dangers to patient or tourist wellness.

Some of patient face excess linguistic communication and civilization barrier that obstruct communicating with doctors and nurses ( Casanova, 2007 ) . When post-operative single decide in touristry activities will raise the opportunities of unwanted consequences and complications.

Question 4

From my sentiment, I felt that the advertisement of decorative surgery by clinics such as Naturea should be banned. As of now, decorative surgery provider are free to advance their services without any limitation on content. The advertizement carelessly trivialize invasive surgical processs that consist of built-in heath hazard. Every people have their ain definition of beauty. Genuine beauty prevarication in your individualism, if one of the male child or miss consider as ugly but they have a good personality which mean there is still have people find them because they are attractive. But the decorative surgery tendency has misdirect the people into imaging that looks are by and large critical. They may double their idols’ looks so they can wish themselves and be acknowledge in general. This would be bad for the society. We should esteem our parents because our expressions are a present from our parents, if we have decorative surgery and changed our expressions are considered as cheating. Besides that, some of the advertizement show that decorative surgery do non incorporate any hazard and warrant that the sawboness is a qualified sawboness and have their ain licence. All of the advertizement is tried to rip off client and really decorative surgery involves hazard such medical hazard. Some of the sawboness might non hold a licence or unqualified sawboness, if you holding decorative surgery from the sawboness that do non hold licence and non a qualified sawboness and the terminal consequence is non what you expected, you would non be able to make anything on it. Presently, people have no pick, but still exposed the aggressive selling secret plan of some decorative clinics, whether in the populace, societal media such as cyberspace, magazines or advertisement on Television. Because of these, the advertisement will impact everyone that already sing to hold the surgery.


As a decision, decorative surgery can fulfill what client demand and besides will damage to the client after the surgery. If decorative surgery carry through the felicity of the client so the action of the sawbones is moral. And there are four duty in corporate societal duty which include economic, legal, ethical and discretional duty. There is besides a disadvantage of holding decorative surgery and decorative surgery touristry.

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