Is Facebook Necessary? Essay

Face book is a social network which allows you to communicate with your family, and friends from all around the world. Some people may say that Face book is necessary because they find it to be easier to communicate with their friends and family. Other may say that it is unnecessary because they thought that face book is Just another way to keep in touch with their friends and families. Many people around the world use face book to chat with their friends and families. Some of us may find it more useful and some of us may not.

One of he addictiveness of face book is the “Newsfeed,” which provide update on my friends activities’. I have found myself randomly looking at my friends’ pictures and his friends simply because I was notified of their new updates through the Newsfeed feature. The inevitable evil of face book, however, is its addictiveness. It is hard for me (and many others) to stay off face book for more than a few days. Face book has qualities that make it a worthwhile online medium. Face book’s main goal is to “connect and share with people in your ife,” as indicated on the log- in page of the website.

Now that Face book is open to everyone, not only does it connects sstudents with people in their town, but also with people across the nation, as well as around the world. But there is a problem, if you’re aaddicted to face book, you will spend most of your time on face book. I remember that during the last past years I spend most of my time on Face book, during class hours, and after classes, but I didn’t realize that hours of my time has een wasted on Face book which I could have done more homework or taken care of other responsibilities.

In concluding my essay, people may have different thoughts and ideas about Face book but I think that Face book is not a healthy habit, I also find it useful for staying in contact and catching up with my friends and families. Whether or not Face book is helpful or harmful to sstudents, one thing is crystal clear: we will never be able to completely get rid of a social network site like Face book. It has become indispensable.

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Is Facebook Necessary? Essay
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