is google making us stupid? Essay

Google, the search engine that majority of people see when opening up the internet. The website that delivers information for almost any subject imaginable. Think about it, when you have a hard time fguring something out or a question with no answer where do you run to. Most people click open Google on their electronic device without using their brain to think about it. It is more convenient then Just popping open a text book or waiting for someone to explain an answer to you. It becomes more of a distraction then help. Google has simply made humans lazy. Google has become our escape from using our brains.

It is the artificial intelligence. The internet is a collaboration of others ideas, opinions, and data there right at the fingertips of others. It is access to an infinity amount of information. The same answers or similar ones everyone will get when looking up the same thing. Unlike if you were to sit down and think things through to fgure out your own answer and come up with something original. The information is there to help, but doesn’t help expand the intelligence of a person. It is feeding you easy information, where if you were to crack open a text book you would have to read and read to find what you needed.

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is google making us stupid? Essay
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Helping you develop reading skills instead of skimming over things on a screen. The computer relieves a person from the task to think and feed their brain with knowledge. Using Google it gives people information that sticks in the brain for a short period of time. Once the information is found and the answer is know most people probably tend to forget what they read, this is because they are able to Just op open Google later and search for it again quickly without taking up much time so it is not a problem to them.

People may also tend to forget what they look up though due to the numerous distractions an electronic device provides, for example all of the social networks, texting, calls, photos, videos and much more for that matter. Majority of these websites have pop ups, distracting from the information needed. Instead of getting on and searching what that person may need to know or getting information hey need quickly it could cause them to take hours than minutes.

This enables a person to use their brain to think deeply. Google is the brain we run to when we do not know something. Its fast easy information for those lazy to crack open a text book. We use it in a hurry but really in reality it is prolonging with all the other sites internet provides. Our intelligence is in the hands of a computer instead of our brains because we no long have to open a text book. Google is helpful but it is making us stupid. is google making us stupid? By brittanyyy848


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