Is Greed Destroying Our Country? Essay

Nicole Hicks-Pinkard Is Greed Destroying Our Country? Greed comes from the love of money and power, which are the roots for all evil. One major cause of greed comes from the government and corporate firms that contribute to their temptation to do wanted is needed for them to obtain wealth and power within their industry. One should ask themselves, is greed destroying our country? The answer would be “yes. ” Greed is the fifth of the seven deadly sins, which allows an one to become obsessive and desire to take more than any one person deserves.

Once greed consumes an individual it takes over their thought process and rationality to do what is right in today’s society. The government is one of the reasons on why greed is destroying the country. Their greed trickles down into our society and are reflected in the bills they approve in Congress. These individuals with the power to create a better atmosphere for all individuals are only focused on their own greed to get ahead in today’s society. Their greed causes a butterfly effect that destroys jobs, relationships, laws, and any other aspect one can imagine.

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Is Greed Destroying Our Country? Essay
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For example, Police Officers duty is to protect and serve our communities, however, a cash payment on a continuous basis can turn a blind eye towards crime. This effect causes destruction for all individuals. Nowadays, Politicians can be bought to benefit the desires of corporate firms who are also the one’s that provide the desire for them to do or say nothing on their behalf. By supplying Politicians with desirable handouts which are hard for them to resist, especially if they think know one will ever found out about their corruption. They are willing to sell us out by their own greed.

We the people suffer and take the drastic fall for their inconceivable decisions. These individuals are titled as such the Mayors, City Council, Governors, Senate, and etc. Their decisions affect lives on a daily basis, so if they are not contributing the needs of the people, the people are doomed for destruction. This how greed trickles down in our society from our government. However, greed can causes everyday normal people to become selfish and desire to move ahead towards a better way of life, which already seems unattainable for most.

When there are people feeling desperate with no way out, they are tempted to greed just to survive in the society that has already destroyed every dream for them to move forward through their own greedy ways. The corporate firms who create a large part of the greedy atmosphere that American people have to live in, could care less on the causes and effects from their desire to become and retain powerful among their industry and competitors. The corporate firms see the whole scenario as a game and the reward is power, and with power automatically comes wealth.

Their greed causes them to want to be on top and stay on top by any means necessary. The salaries that are given to CEO’s are absolutely obscene and these same corporate firms are unwilling to give timely raises and good benefits to the employees who make them the force that they are. They use their employees as a pawn in their plan to become powerful, and they do so from the desperation of the government’s lack of attention to the needs of the people. They pay a large dollar amount to obtain this power and wealth.

These corporate firms should take heed to what happened to Healthsouth and Enron. Richard Scrushy is still in jail today over his actions of greed. When will the corporate firms ever learn, greed leads to destruction. How can the people stop the destruction of greed in our country? I have discussed some of the many examples that causes greed in the country today. The economy all over the world has suffered due to greed and debt that has gotten out of control over time.

There is no possible way to stop greed among individuals, because greed is a character trait that is formed through constant repetition of intentional acts. If a person chooses to be greedy they will be greedy and if they don’t choose to be greedy they will not. It’s just that simple! The government has to stop the corruption within and create strict laws that punish government officials who become corrupt and apply stiff penalties for the corporate firms that are involved,in turn this will deter them from approaching any government officials for their own benefit illegally.

Even though, Lobbyist are legal, in my opinion there tactics borderlines bribery, which begins the process for greed. Greed has one motive and it is to allow a person to desire and take all while destroying anyone or anything that may interfere with this process. Greed has gotten out of control in our country society. In conclusion, greed is not an emotion but a character trait that one chooses to use in their life, even though one knows the consequences of greed the temptation is so great that the consequences seem small.

The destruction in the country today is caused from lawmakers that are elected to take care of the needs of the people that are overlooked by their own personal greed, which the people have no control over or sometimes no knowledge of the act. We as people must continue to pray and ask God to watch over our country, president, soldiers, lawmakers, and the people as a whole. God must all always be first in our lives! Greed is just an act, an act we must attack!


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