Is Higher Education Worth It Essay

Due to the rising costs of tuition, grants that don’t cover the cost of allege, and families that can’t afford to pay for their children’s education can mare this for today’s society. Cheaper states in his essay, “It’s imperative that we define it in terms of quality as well as cost. Only then can we achieve a true measure of the value we receive from investments in higher education. ” (Cheaper 1 15) With overloaded classes, teachers who are absent. Or student teachers teaching our classes, do we really get what we are paying for?

Paying high tuition in order to go to school and learn Is a lot weighing on a student’s shoulder and the parents need to make sure heir child is getting as much out of their education as they are paying into it. Once we start our college education, do we finish or do we have to quit to start working? “Whether everyone in college needs to be there is not a new question”, as stated by Jacques Steinberg in his essay. (Steinberg 116) With there being so many different types of Job opportunities nowadays, not every career needs to have a four year degree.

High school students should talk to their school counselors about what type of work they want to do for the rest of their lives and see If a four year degree or vocational degree is best for them. What Is a real education anyway? As a student grows and tries to figure out what they want to be in life, they needs to ask what type of education they will need. We automatically think we need to go to a four year college to become this or that. We sign up for a program in college to become what we have decided to be and start taking classes that we start to question why are we In this class.

Scott Adams states in his essay, “The kids in this brainy group are the future professors, scientist, thinkers and engineers who will propel civilization forward. But why do we make the B students sit through the same classes? ” (Adams 98) Does it all connect is some way or the other? Why towed have to take classes that don’t pertain to what we want to become? Why would a student wanting to become an Athlete Train have to take all the advanced math classes or a student wanting to be a lawyer have to take Chemistry?

The point Is we should be able to go to school and take classes that will benefit our career. In conclusion, the essays; “How To Get A Real Education”, “Is College Worth The Money? “, and “Plan B: Skip College”, in my opinion, are accurate. I have to agree with al three of these essays. As a student myself. I understand first hand the struggles of 1 OFF playing Tort college. I nave student loans Tanat I will nave to pay Dacca Ana Just nope Tanat I will get the Job that I am getting my education for.

I do feel that I have to take courses unrelated to the degree and Job and I want obtain but have to take the courses anyway. If I could take classes solely related to my career I could probably graduate a lot sooner, spend less money getting the education and be on my way to my adult life. From reading these articles, overall, I feel that as a high school student, liking with parents or educators about what type of career that student wants and the likelihood of them achieving that goal will enable them to make a prime decision where to get that education at.

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Is Higher Education Worth It Essay
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