Is Honesty the Best Policy Essay

the modern world of today everything moves fast . Almost all of us feel a part of this ratrace towards success,fame or money. Lost in this we seem to forget the morals and values that are the very basis of our existence and tend to believe that ”everything is fair in love and war,even if it involves using unfair means or lying. Here we are faced with the question”is honestly always the best policy”. The question is not as easy as it may seem since opinions will dwindle depending on the context of the situation.

However if i had to choose one,i would prefer to go the archaic way and say that honestly is certainly the best policy. The reason for advocating this is the firm belief in the fact that no matter how hard hearted or success driven we become,the core of a man always remains same. Hypocritical hankering for materialistic comforts may give temporary happiness but if we achieve something by using unfair means our conscience is always gripped by guilt and fear of the truth coming out. And when the truth does come out,it does more damage than the honesty would have.

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Is Honesty the Best Policy Essay
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For eg, The olympic gold medal winner Marian Jones was accused of doping and stripped of all her medals. Had she played with fair means. she would never have had to go through such an ordeal of public humiliation. Moreover there have been so many instances where we hve seen flattery or fakeness being overpowered by a few simple honest words. It is a commonly held view that flattery helps in impressing people,but i firmly believe that with the kind of exposure we have these days anybody can easily distinguish between an honestly expressed opinion and an outwardly given compliment.

The paradox of our living world is that as we become more connected electonically,we become less connected emotionally. Despite this the fact that honesty brings out the best in us remains unchanged. Becoming successful through unfair means or cheating can never bring eternal bliss. This is not motivational sloganing but simply the truth. Therefore man has to take a stand on,not on his egoistic self but on his emotional psyche and decide what is the right path for him to tread on. But one must never forget these wise words.. -”i came into this world with nothing and all i am going to leave with is my conscience”’.


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