Is user resistance useless? Essay


The reaction of the users is an of import factor to do a new execution is become win or be failed. Therefore, it is of import to cognize how an administration should implement a new system to confront a fewer opposition towards it.

This paper consists of Literature survey, ain treatment and decision. Literature survey considers about the causes of user opposition, how they react towards the new engineering and how we can convert the users to utilize the new system. Discussion includes thoughts to get the better of end-user opposition and serviceability of it. The decisions are given in the last portion.

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Is user resistance useless? Essay
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Literature Study

A critical factor for a undertaking to go win is the manner that users interact with the Information Technology ( IT ) undertaking. Human reaction with the undertaking causes it to be succeeded or be failed. The accomplishment of the IT undertaking is depending on how much it is being used. When a new system is implemented, end-user is a common factor which is existed. [ 1 ]

An end-user is anyone who uses the system. Resistance is explained as a reaction to any sort of alteration to use with the new system or engineering. The end-user opposition have some consequence such as employees come late to work or be absent, non utilizing the new system and insisted to work with the old one, doing careless errors, avoid work assignments, waste clip and do small attempt to come on work-related cognition and accomplishments, petition occupation transportation or go forth the occupation and accept system with low quality. This imposes instabilities and immense sum of cost into a undertaking. [ 1-2 ]

There are some factors which affect and cause end-user opposition like built-in opposition to alter, non take part in development of the procedure, hapless proficient quality that makes the system non user friendly, deficiency of support, deficient preparation, hapless covering between interior decorators and users and the net incomes of the new system is non clear. [ 1 ]

Several footings and theories are developed to discourse user? s credence of computing machine based engineering, these theories model the behavior of users:

  • Diffusion Of Innovation ( DOI ) Theory is based on the conditions which show how, why and at what rate a new thought, merchandise or pattern will be accepted by members of a civilization. [ 3 ]
  • Technology Acceptance Model ( TAM ) consists of two beliefs, perceived public-service corporations and sensed easiness of application which explain attitudes to follow a new engineering. [ 4 ]
  • Theory of Planned Behaviour ( TPB ) is a theory about the nexus between attitude and behavior. [ 5 ]
  • Computer anxiousness is a term for being afraid of utilizing computing machine or computing machine package. Computer anxiousness is include of different signifiers like fright of interrupting something, fright of wellness, fright of anything new, fright of holding short clip to larn new things and fright of engineering. [ 1 ]
  • Computer self-efficacy is a term of user? s ability to utilize computing machine based engineering. Persons, who have high self-efficacy, have more confidence to utilize new engineering. So they have lower degree of computing machine anxiousness. Self-efficacy can be improved by efficient preparation and support. [ 1 ]

Approachs to cover with user opposition can be divided into three classs: Participative, Directive and Consultative. Participative approaches focal point on preparation and doing support constructions. Advisory attacks provide moral support and information for users. Directing attacks are used more for riddance of persons who don? T use the new system and concentrate on fiscal inducements and power redistribution. These attacks are depicted in Figure 1. [ 1-2 ]

Harmonizing to studies from IT directors in New Zealand [ 1 ] user engagement, efficient preparation and support, communicating and adviser part on a undertaking are often used attacks to cover with end-user opposition:

  • User engagement
  • Engagement is the activities which are done by users during the development of the system. User engagement creates user authorization by supplying sense of ownership. User authorization is one of the instances which decreases end-user opposition in computing machine based engineering development. it increases user acceptance of a new system and engineering and hence cut down opposition toward alterations. [ 1 ]

  • End-user preparation
  • Training is the indispensable key to get the better of opposition toward new engineering. It is the procedure which the cognition and accomplishments will be transferred to the users to enable them for using the new system. Training consists of theoretical preparation ( explicate for end-users how the system is worked ) , self-taught ( larning new system by themselves with test and mistake ) , just-in-time ( anterior to implement new system ) , staged preparation ( interrupt up developing into smaller Sessionss ) . [ 1 ]

  • End-user support
  • Support is the manner that helps end-users to work with computing machine system or application. To hold a successful IT undertaking, support is the of import key before and after implementing the new system. [ 1 ]

  • Communication
  • Communication is the procedure of reassigning information. It can be occurred in several signifiers such as unwritten, written, face to confront contact and based computing machine engineering. It causes users feel of import and get the better of their opposition by increasing trust toward new engineering. [ 1 ]

  • Role of advisers
  • Advisers provide users with experience, cognition, information and moral support. Since advisers wear? t involve in organisation, they non consequence from organisational behavior and political relations, their determinations can supply better conditions for user versions and system become successful. [ 1-2 ]


As described in Literatures, several attacks such as user engagement, efficient preparation and support, communicating and adviser part could utilize to get the better of user opposition of IT undertakings. E-Health undertakings like other IT undertakings can utilize these attacks but depending on demand, range and needed organisational alterations, specific attacks could look into for each undertaking and organisation.

Most of Literatures use footings like user friendly and proficient quality for one of grounds to user version or resist. Harmonizing to Isabella talk, since the term user friendly and package quality are ill-defined, the serviceability can be used alternatively. It is include of effectivity, efficiency and user satisfaction. The serviceability can be an of import key factor to get the better of end-user opposition.

Training is really of import but some of the opposition is because the users must hold their ain free clip to larn about new engineering. Training before the implementing the new system is more of import, since some administration have a batch of work to make in a twenty-four hours clip work and if the new system alteration all of a sudden, the users get confused and this caused more opposition. Therefore, the administration must put a proper clip before implementing the new system to develop the users wholly and practical. Besides, they can utilize the trained users for others persons in the administration. So, they participate straight for implementing the new engineering. Anyway, if the users have opposition yet even with high quality and serviceability system, the administration must move with directing attacks for illustration make a wagess for thoughts that will better the system, the place alterations to avoid users with no involvement with new engineering, the occupation rubric is alteration to increase duty and so on. After all these attacks there are some users that can? t adopt yet, so occupation can be eliminated for them.

It is of import to explicate for users that the new engineering can? t origin lose of their state of affairs but it causes velocity and less clip in their work and the administration should do obvious for users that the new system have more benefits and cut down the external cost.

As depicted in Figure 2, end-user opposition could be viewed in a positive or a negative facet due to the administration. For case, in facet of IT companies the user opposition is useless in order to increase the cost and the undertaking clip, but in facet of the infirmary director it can be useless because of increasing the cost and either can be utile because the user? s opposition improve quality, get a better services and so on. On the other manus, the outgoing of the new system can be improved by user engagement for development of the system, communicating and adviser because the interior decorators can utilize the thought of the end-users to heighten the system and it can be better and better during the clip.


  • User opposition is an of import happening when information systems is enforced and can do execution failure.
  • Some attacks to pull off the end-user opposition and alterations are engagement, preparation, support, communicating and adviser engagement.
  • Participative and directive are attacks to cover with end-user opposition.
  • End-user opposition could be viewed in a positive or a negative facet due to the administration. It can increase costs and clip of undertaking but heighten the quality and serviceability of the system.


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