Islamic banking & financial crisis


Islamic banking is a really immature construct even though it has already been implemented as the lone system in two Muslim states ; there are Muslim Bankss in many Muslim states, and a few in non-Muslim states as good. Despite the successful credence there are jobs. These jobs are chiefly in the country of funding.

Dubai Islamic Bank was the first private involvement free bank and was set up by a group of Muslim concern work forces from different states in 1975. in 1977 two more private Bankss under the name of Faisal Islamic bank were founded in Sudan and Egypt. Since the constitution of the Dubai Islamic Bank, more than 50 involvement free Bankss have been set up. Most of them are in Muslim states but there are others in Western Europe every bit good as Denmark, UK, and besides Switzerland.

All the involvement free Bankss use basic rules that are agreed upon but single Bankss have different ways of implementing and using the rules. These differences are brought about by a states Torahs, the fortunes confronting the bank, its aims and experience every bit good as its interaction with other Bankss.

The characteristics of the Islamic Bankss

The involvement free Bankss have three sorts of sedimentations, viz. ; current histories, nest eggs histories and investing histories. The current histories run merely like the other conventional Bankss.

In the nest eggs histories are treated otherwise depending on the Bankss policies. In some instances, the Bankss are allowed to utilize the clients money but they have to vouch to give back full the full sum. In this instances, no capital is promised. On the other manus, nest eggs histories are treated as if they were investing histories but they have less rigorous backdown and minimal balance conditions. In these instances the expected net incomes degree are normally low and merely a part of the mean minimal balance is awarded.

With the investing histories, sedimentations are accepted for a given period of clip and the investors make an understanding in progress on how the net incomes will be shared with the Bankss. For this histories, a capital is non guaranteed.

MODES OF Financing

The manner of funding in the Islamic Bankss is carried out in three ways ; investing funding, trade funding, and besides loaning.

Investing funding has three positions ; musharaka, mudharaba and estimated rates on return footing investing. In mushraka, the bank joins another bank to put up a joint venture with both parties take parting in their different activities. The net income or loss made from the venture concern is portions among the Bankss in conformity to a pre arranged understanding. This venture is normally an independent legal entity and the bank has the right to bit by bit retreat after the initial period.

In mudarabha, a bank contributes fundss required for an investing and the client beginnings and provides the needful expertness, labour every bit good as the direction to supervise things. The net income gained from these investing is shared between the bank and the client harmonizing to a pre arranged program. Incase losingss are made, the bank takes duty.

Financing on the footing of an estimated rate of return. The bank makes an appraisal of the expected rate of returns on an investing on undertaking that it has been requested by a client to finance. The bank so provides the funding on the status that the rate is collectible to the bank in a given clip period or intervals. Encase the expected rate on return is higher than the estimated rate, the client takes the extra net incomes but if it is less than the estimated rate, the bank accepts the lower rates. In instance of a loss, the bank portions in it.

Trade funding

Trade funding is besides carried out in several ways ; tag up, leasing, engage purchase, sell an bargain back, and letters of recognition. In the grade up attack, the bank buys an plus for the client and is to be paid at a certain clip for a certain monetary value and some net income. In leasing, the bank merely buy an point and rentals to a client for an in agreement clip. At the terminal of this clip period, the client pays the balance and becomes the proprietor of the point. Hire purchase is similar to renting merely that the point purchased by the bank is hired to the client for a given period and when the terminals, the client automatically becomes the proprietor if the point.
The bargain and sell back attack entails a client selling an plus to the bank at a monetary value collectible instantly and promises to purchase it back from the bank after an in agreement clip period and for a pre determined monetary value. Letters of recognition involves international trade. In this instance, the bank uses its financess to vouch the import of an point in topographic point of the client, on status that the net incomes made from the sale of the point will be shared between the bank and the client.


The 3rd manner of funding used in the Islamic Bankss is imparting and it has three signifiers viz. ; loans with service charge, no cost loans and bank overdrafts. Loans with service charge are loans that are given to the clients with no involvement but a service charge is levied to cover the disbursals incurred by the bank during the dealing. No cost loans are loans offered by the bank and no involvement or service charge is required. The bank is required to put aside financess to enable it to allow these loans that are aimed at assisting the destitute people and besides the little concerns. Bank overdrafts are besides allowed in the Islamic Bankss and free of charge but they are capable to a certain upper limit.

Other services offered by the Islamic Bankss are ; money transportations, measure aggregations every bit good as foreign currency trade which is at a topographic point rate. Islamic bankers treat their depositors as spouses, in the sense that they have invested their money in the bank and the net incomes and losingss should be shared consequently

The effects of fiscal crisis on Islamic banking

Muslim Bankss looks at the Islamic law jurisprudence for counsel in its activities and prohibitions involvement gaining activities and trading debt. Islamic finance is being promoted as manner of covering with the fiscal crises that is planetary. This twelvemonth is said to be a mile rock for Islamic banking in the sense that the planetary fiscal crises has provided the Islamic banking with a aureate chance globally re set up itself as a chief watercourse and a moneyman and supplier for equity and debt. The chief ground as to why Islamic funding is said to be a good redress for the current market is the fact that one can merely assure what they have.

For the first clip, Islamic banking has been considered as a pick among the present constructions and the current systems in mention to merchandises and solutions to the fiscal crisis. It is hence of import for states to follow the Islamic banking techniques and rules in running their economic systems.

Muslim banking industry is confronting challenges and most of these challenges are in existent estate and stock monetary values, harmonizing to recommend the system has constitutional protection from the sort of blowout prostration that has afflicted so many establishments. The usage of fiscal instruments like derived functions, which are said to lend extremely to the down autumn of Bankss, insurance and investing giants, is banned.

The dealing of Islamic Bankss is straight linked to economic activities that involve assets or the proviso of services. This banking system is besides distinguished from other fiscal systems fo it committedness in upholding unity and its manner of avoiding hazardous concern activities. The ground as to why this planetary fiscal crises has greatly affected other Bankss particularly the universe bank is their engagement in debt purchasing and histories expansion without apparent or touchable minutess being carried out.
The fact that the Islamic banking has been the least affected by the fiscal crisis has made it more attractive. Muslim Banking portrays many new and alone thoughts that present the Islamic Banking system as a manner of guaranting full employment, equitability of wealth, monetary values stableness, income distribution, and sustained growing. The Islamic bank besides carries out probes on the nature and maps of money in involvement free banking system and so, integrates money in capital theory.

The deficiency of debt in the Islamic fiscal systems has saved it from many fiscal jobs that are brought about by bad recognition and this has seen its endurance through unsmooth fiscal periods. Besides its prohibition of a hazard free involvement on return and trading permission has made the fiscal activities in an Muslim fiscal set up to be existent estate backed and this gives it the ability to convey about value add-on.

The success of the Islamic banking regardless of the planetary fiscal crises is attributed to its capitalist fiscal system. The ground as to why Muslim Bankss have remained immune to the mortgage job breeze throughing the international finance systems is because of their built-in factors. These factors include ; taking precautional steps against money laundering, forbiding trading in debt and besides the professional and official restraints on taking up hazardous undertakings.

There were complains that the Islamic Bankss were non offering echt Islamic banking merchandises they offered merchandises similar to those in other commercial Bankss and gave them an Islamic name with the purpose of pulling commercial Bankss clients who did non desire to pay involvements. The effects of the planetary fiscal crisis on the Islamic Bankss was non known since the Islamic Bankss received a batch of support from many other authoritiess. Alternatively, the Islamic Bankss have taken precautional steps and diversified their economic activities so as to avoid the fiscal crises effects.

It is argued that the planetary crises might go on for the following two old ages but the Islamic Bankss have secured liquidness which places it at a better place in confronting the fiscal crisis in comparing to other fiscal systems. This success has led to serious considerations of utilizing Islamic banking rules as it has continued to recognize more accomplishments and has proved to be resilient an vitamin D viable to the presently crisis hit fiscal system


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