Issues and Research Essay

SPRINGFIELD COLLEGE SCHOOL OF HUMAN SERVICES CLAIM FOR CREDIT – COVER SHEET Student’s Name: Ruama Camp College and Course #:Course Title:Portfolio Credits Claimed: HUSB – 117VOLUNTEERISM AND HUMAN SERVICES3 Verification: Equivalent learning, knowledge, skills, and experiences: Write your “I” statement in this section. Please present your learning: Include: 1. What you did. 2. Where you did it. 3. When it happened. 4. Who was involved in the learning. 5.

How the learning relates to the claim. ONLY THE FIRST PAGE OF YOUR CLAIM FOR CREDIT SHOULD BE ON THIS FORM. IF YOU REQUIRE MORE SPACE FOR YOU “I” STATEMENT, PLEASE CONTINUE ON A BLANK PAGE. 1. Demonstrate understanding of the term “volunteerism” as it relates to human services. 2. Discuss the history of the volunteer movement in the United States. Highlight five events or people who have influenced this history. Compare volunteer efforts of the past to those of today. 3.

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Issues and Research Essay
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Identify and describe three human service organizations where volunteers are utilized. What are the specific roles and responsibilities of the volunteer? 4. Analyze in detail one human service organization in which volunteers are used to provide critical services to a particular client group. Include mission statement, funding source, population served, and ratio of staff/volunteers, how recruiting and training occurs, and retaining volunteers’ impacts on the organization. . Identify and discuss four problems associated with the use of volunteers in human service agencies. Describe strategies for retaining volunteers in human service organizations. Support your responses with examples from your experiences dealing with these problems. 6. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of relying on volunteers to help human service organizations deal with manpower shortages and budget reductions. References


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