Issues Faced by the People Living on the Coastline of Terrigal and Wamberal Essay

There are many issues that people face living on the coastline of Terrigal and Wamberal beaches and the natural features around it. Many groups or people have tried to manage these issues, such as the government, local community groups and owners of many of the houses on the coastline Terrigal and Wamberal beaches are affected by many natural factors, such as wind, water, waves, But also man made factors such as housing, infrastructure, litter, and use of the land surrounding these areas.

One issue that is stated above is the happening of erosion on the sand dunes and rocks on the coastline of Terrigal and Wamberal. Some people have caused more pressure on these areas as they have built housing such as at Stop 7, “The Ruins” Wamberal South. Many of the people that lived on the beach have tried to find ways to stop most of the erosion from waves and wind affecting their land and housing. On the beach we saw many strategies that are effective in their own ways but not permanent.

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Issues Faced by the People Living on the Coastline of Terrigal and Wamberal Essay
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One way was to plant vegetation on the sand dune, this has effect as the roots try to uphold the sand from being washed out but can also have its down side as it won’t top all the sand from being taken and deposited somewhere else by long shore drift. Another strategy to stop erosion in front of people homes on the coast line was installing terracotta pots for waves, this wouldn’t be permanent and wouldn’t stop all the erosion taking place. A few houses down a resident has built a concrete retaining wall to stop erosion happening.

All of these measures are short term and inconsistent and wouldn’t be as effective as if all the residents did the same management strategies. Also at Wamberal South the government has tried to stop effects of erosion and storm attack. Storm attack and erosion is evident in this area because of all the exposed staircases, vacant fore dune blocks, berms evident along the beach, fence stabilisation and planting of many natural plants The government has been behind a lot of these plans.

The planting of natural plants, vacant fore dune blocks and fence stabilisation have been put in place because of the storm attack along the coastline. There are other things available for the government to do but all plans and actions to minimise this from happening are all costly and short term, one of these include sea walls along the whole dune system. Terrigal lagoon was another stop on our field work expedition. There are many issues in this area and are mainly manmade. Some of these include litter, pollution and run off.

Terrigal lagoon is also subject to periodic flooding. The water turbidity at the time of our fieldwork was very evident. On our fieldwork we assessed the water around half of the plants and vegetation around the area has been changed there were many weeds in the area as well as in the water, there was little rubbish but it was still evident, there was barely any slicks and froth, there were some drains situated around the lagoon, it was a possible victim to sewer pollution and was high in erosion.

Not only has nature causes some problems in the area but the resident and tourists that pollute the area constantly. The government can only do little to stop pollution being added to the water and surrounding areas, such as erecting signs and warnings around the area or flushing the lagoon, but they shut off the lagoon from the ocean at different stages of the year to try and avoid major seasonal flooding. The central area/ township of Terrigal are subject to a lot of management problems, a lot of these are from when the town was first established and the roads around it.

These things make the Terrigal Township locked in topography and have many problems with parking and car congestion. The business area is mainly used for the tourism that Terrigal relies on and causes Terrigal to be crowded ,the rock platform at the base of the skillion has had some actions taken towards it. Gosford council has tried to manage erosion and dangerous rock falls in this area by blasting off over hanging rock and cementing the surface of the rock. This management was sufficient at the time but like all other plans to stop these natural processes, it won’t last forever.

Gosford Council has also tried to protect people from these areas with signs, but they haven’t been taking care of properly as they are rusted away, as seen on our fieldwork. Terrigal and Wamberal are surrounded by many natural and cultural things. These all need to be maintained. Things such as the beach, skillion, water, rock platform plantation and sand dunes have all been studied and worked on by the government. Most things in the district have been worked on but not all of them will last forever.


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