Issues facing leadership and management style Essay

In Shanghai Inn, the human resource director states that his leading activities and manner is based on the trust and internal effectual communicating between the Human resource director and its colleagues. The director provinces there should be high degree of trust between the employees in the house. The director provinces that when trust is developed between the employees in the house, this will leads to the development of new thoughts and will be accepted among the employees. When there is high degree of internal communicating, the employees will experience free to portion their thoughts because the employees will experience them as a portion of the organisation. In Shanghai Inn, the HR Manger believes that the one of the critical function of the leader is to promote their employees to larn more things which will lend to their organisational public presentation. The Human Resource Management states that the construct of the leading posses an of import function in the development of a good working environment and atmosphere.

In Shanghai Inn, the direction believes that a good working environment will enable the employees for develop advanced thoughts which will lend to the competence of the house in the market. Even after all this positive issues, there is some negative issues associated with the leading and direction manners of Shanghai Inn. The house does non carry on any activities for the development of leading accomplishments for the center directors. Because of that, in-between directors does non possess an alone leading manner which creates negative issues among the center and low degree of the direction and organisation. The different direction manners truly confuses the employees in the low degree direction and this will act upon the organisational public presentation and productiveness.

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Issue 2: Job Design and Job Satisfaction –

Job Satisfaction is considered as the one of the most indispensable in the house, which contributes to the employee productiveness and organisational public presentation. Shanghai Inn positions that occupation satisfaction is a enjoyable degree that consequences from the assessment of 1s occupation where the employee will be willing to lend his full potency to achieve the organisational success. To do an employee satisfied on the Job, there are assorted factors that has to be considered. The house conducts some preparation plans to develop the employee accomplishments and cognition, which will lend to the organisational success. Shanghai Inn conducts public presentation appraisals and on the footing of that feedback and employee assessments will be done. This will motivates the employee for presenting maximal possible which will lend for organisational success. While sing Job Design, it deals with the manner how the occupation is structured by the organisation. In the Shanghai Inn, the construct of

the Job Rotation was extremely practiced, where the employees will direct through different functions of the organisation. This will enable the employees to be flexible and will let the direction to connote the staffs harmonizing to the assorted exigencies. Shanghai Inn believes that their occupation design procedure has a major function in finding the productiveness degrees of the house where through occupation design, the house offers not pecuniary wagess such as chance to larn and lend, Flexible hours, acknowledgment in the house and Independence & A ; Autonomy. In the procedure of Job Satisfaction, there are assorted other constructs such as Job expansion, Job rotary motion and Job simplification.

Issue 3: Work Psychology and Motivation –

Work Psychology trades with the procedure of implementing the constructs of psychological science to the employee work force which will lend to the development of the human resources. The construct of the work psychological science provinces that, by effectual application of psychological science in the work topographic point which will enable the

direction to understand the employees mind. The construct of the Work Psychology is non extremely practiced in Shanghai Inn, but the direction implements the psychological construct in the enlisting procedure. In the enlisting procedure, Shanghai Inn implements Psychometric Testing where the employee will be subjected to Psychometric trials. Through this, the potency of the campaigners will be efficaciously analyzed. Besides, the houses implements psychological constructs in the coaching of the employees, which will enable the organisation to guarantee their sustainability. “ Employee motive can be explained as both intrinsic factors that drive actions and extrinsic factors that serve as encouragement to actions “ , ( Locke & A ; Latham, 2004 )

Motivation is besides considered as one of the most indispensable constituent which will do the employee to work towards the organisational ends. In Shanghai Inn, the direction had given high degree of importance for the construct of Motivation where the employee ‘s are extremely rewarded for their outgoing public presentations. To actuate the employees, Shanghai Inn had developed effectual wages direction systems which will enable the direction to acknowledge and honor the employees who had delivered their maximal potency for the organisational success.

B ) Leadership and Management Manners:

Harmonizing to ( Amabile, 1989 ) , “ A leader should posses the ability to develop and set up effectual squad creativeness “ . A successful leader should has the ability to equilibrate the freedom of employee and duties, where they should supports and encourages the employee ‘s activities, should back up the employees in the development of new advanced thoughts. Besides a leader should give feedback to the employee ‘s which will enable the employees to develop their accomplishments. Leadership is considered as one of the indispensable constituent in finding the houses public presentation. Harmonizing to ( Dubrin, 2004 ) , Leaders and leading can straight act upon the organisational public presentation.

Beginning: Monetary value, 2004

Assorted researches had showed that both the Leadership and Management are non same construct. As ( Taffinder, 2006 ) , To achieve organisational success, the houses has a higher demand of both Managers and Leaders. Management is the construct hat deals with the procedures such as planning, forming, directing and commanding. In the other manus, leading is considered as an indispensable portion of the director ‘s occupation where the director besides has to pull off assorted other undertakings. Leadership is considered as the construct that trades with the interpersonal facets of director ‘s work such as alteration, inspiration, motive and influence where the direction trades with the administrative parts, ( Dubrin, 2004 ) .

In one manus, Management is of import to house which will maintain the houses action on the right path where the leading is one of the most indispensable constituent to animate and actuate the employees of the house to accommodate to invariably altering concern atmosphere. One of the considerable characteristic associated with the great leaders are that they can dispute, inspire and actuate other peoples to follow them, ( Taffinder, 2006 ) . “ Leadership manner could be seen as the “ consistent forms of behaviour which you exhibit, as perceived by others, when you are trying to act upon the activities of people ” ( Hersey & A ; Blanchard, 1981, p. 34 ) . Some of the major leading manners are

Charismatic Leadership.

Participative Leadership

Situational Leadership.

Transactional Leadership.

Transformational Leadership.

Job Design and Job Satisfaction:

Job Satisfaction is considered as one of the complex procedure which is extremely hard to mensurate objectively. Harmonizing to ( Locke, 1976 ) , “ Job Satisfaction can be considered as a enjoyable or positive emotional province ensuing from the assessments of one ‘s occupation or occupation experiences “ . The Job satisfaction can be influenced by broad scope of factors such as Individual, Social, Organizational and Cultural issues. As ( Mullins, 2007 ) , “ This factors includes the constructs such as Pay, Promotions, acknowledgment, benefits and other on the job conditions “ . Some of the major events of the Job Satisfaction are Work, Benefits and working conditions. As ( Herzberg, 1959 ) , “ The Job Contents or the work itself has the ability to be a incentive where the occupation is varied or everyday, originative or deadening, easy or tough will lend to the occupation satisfaction.

Harmonizing to Hertzberg ‘s Hygiene factor theory, the factor can be satisfier, where it can be dissatisfier

besides. Assorted other research workers besides showed that there is really less relation between the Pay degree and Job Satisfaction, ( Spector, 1997 ) . As ( Mullins, 2002 ) , Negative issues associated in guaranting occupation satisfaction and sadness on the work will take to jobs. In the current scenario, the houses are seeking to better and develop employee satisfaction by implementing new attacks of Leadership and Management plans. Harmonizing to ( Armstrong, 2006 ) , Job Design has a major function in the doing the occupation attractive to the employees. The construct of Job Design is a combination of constructs such as Job Rotation, Job Enlargement and Job Enrichment. To retain the employees in the organisation and to develop the Job satisfaction, Job design has a major function.

Work Psychology and Motivation:

Harmonizing to ( Armstrong, 2006 ) , “ The execution of psychological construct to the human resource direction of the houses was one of the most advanced procedure in the modern HR “ . The work psychological science trades with all the facets of the human resources such as Recruitment and Selection, Training, Coaching and Development, Performance Management, Personnel Management, Reward Management and Retention. By implementing Work Psychology in the houses, it will enable the direction to understand the employee attitudes profoundly and for the development of an effectual relationship between the house and employees. The construct of Work Psychology is extremely related to the Motivational Factor of the employees which will enable the employees to present outstanding public presentation which can lend to the organisational productiveness and public presentation.

Fig 1.2: Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands ( Maslow, 1943 )

Harmonizing to ( Locke and Latham, 2004 ) , “ Employee motive can be explained as both intrinsic factors that drive actions and extrinsic factors that serve as encouragement to actions “ . The motivated employees are termed as Intrinsic Motivators, who are the persons those love to make their activities with a passion whether its a avocation or work related assignment. As ( Locke & A ; Latham, 2004 ) , the construct of employee motive will act upon three facets of person ‘s actions such as Direction, Intensity and Duration “ . One of the another theory related with the motive of the employee is Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of Motivation which argue that the motive is procedure of fulfilling the five basic homo demands. The five basic demands stated in the Maslow ‘s motivational theory are Physiological demands, Safety Needs, Social Needs, Esteem Needs and Self Actualization needs. The theory states that if this basic demands are satisfied, it will accordingly develops the employee attitude towards the organisation which will enable the organisation to achieve organisational success.

Solutions to the Issues:
: Leadership and Management Style:

The construct of Leadership and Management manner was effectual in Shanghai Inn, which efficaciously managed the employees and their behavioural issues. One of the negative issue associated with the leading and direction manner of the Shanghai Inn is that the in-between directors of the house does non possess an alone leading manner which leads to misconstrue among the low degree of the direction. To work out this issue, the research worker recommends to carry on leading preparation plan

for the center directors where the mission, vision and civilization of the house should be decently understood to the directors and supervisors. This will enable the directors and supervisors to execute in alone manner which will extinguish the misinterpretations, that can lend positively to the organisational success and public presentation, ( Dessler, 2000 ) . In the other manus, the research worker found out that in Shanghai Inn, there is deficit of leaders, but plentifulness of directors. The research worker recommends the house to develop leaders more than directors, because leaders are the one who can animate the employee ‘s in tougher state of affairss and to take on the challenges. Because of all this factors, the research worker recommends that Shanghai Inn should develop and implement effectual leading preparation plans.

: Occupation Design and Job Satisfaction:

In Shanghai Inn, the procedure of Job Satisfaction and Job Design is extremely encouraged, where the house believes that both this constructs contribute to a great extent to the competitory advantage of the house. As both the constructs are extremely related, where effectual occupation design has a major function in guaranting occupation satisfaction. In shanghai hostel, one negative issue that the research worker noted was about the preparation

and development of the employee. Harmonizing to ( Price, 2004 ) , Training and development has an effectual function in the occupation satisfaction because preparation enables the employee to execute the occupation better.

In Shanghai Inn, the direction does non carry on changeless preparation plans to moo degree direction ( employees ) who can lend to the organisational public presentation. Besides, the house does non implements the construct of Job Enrichment, which is one of the cardinal factor in the Job design. Hence, the research worker recommends Shanghai Inn to carry on changeless preparation plans which will enable the employees to execute their occupation better and will guarantee Job satisfaction. Besides the research worker recommends the direction to implement the construct of Job Enrichment to the procedure of occupation design.

: Work Psychology and Motivation:

In Shanghai Inn, the direction implements the construct of the “ Work Psychology “ in their human resource operations to guarantee the maximal potency of their human resources. The research worker noticed that there is some negative issues associated with the Motivational Policies of the house. Shanghai Inn tries to actuate the employees by offering fiscal wagess such as Extra Pay, Gift Coupons and other hard currency monetary values. But assorted theories proved that offering high sum of wagess will negatively act upon the employee and organisational public presentation, ( Storey, 2001 ) . As the research worker, the solution for this issue is to reexamine the houses reward direction systems and house should concentrate on supplying wagess such as acknowledgment, assessments on the footing of employee public presentation.


From this elaborate survey, researcher understood the importance of the organisational behaviour and human resource direction policies of the Shanghai Inn. The function of the leading and direction in the organisational success was efficaciously proved in this survey, Particularly in this competitory scenario, the houses need effectual leaders who can animate the employees and to actuate the employee ‘s to take on the challenges. Even both the leading manners and direction manners are different, they both plays an effectual function in finding the organisational success.

In the current scenario, there is a higher degree demand for the occupation satisfaction and occupation design because assorted researches has proved that a satisfied employee can merely present his maximal possible to the organisational growing. Particularly, more than developing a occupation place, occupation design will besides assists the house to retain some of their best employees. The houses should understand the importance and relationship between the work psychological science and motive, a construction should be developed in the organisation which will integrate all this factors, that can lend to the organisational sustainability and success.


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