Issues of Peer To Peer Security Essay


The intent of this study is to show why Security in equal to peer is really of import in a little web substructure. Peer to peer security is really of import when you want to entree information over a web, but it has besides has a figure of hazards. This is why in this undertaking I ‘m traveling to show why equal to peer web demand to be secure.

What is peer to peer?

The term “ equal to peer: ( P2P ) refers to a category of system and application that utilize resource for map. In this instance P2P usage computing machine as their resources such word processing, as disk storage or web bandwidth that can be set up to supply cyberspace to other computing machine without holding a centralize waiter.

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Issues of Peer To Peer Security Essay
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Peer to peer security

Peer to peer users that use file sharing systems frequently face high security hazards as user other cyberspace. On the other terminal file sharing give more infinite concerns due of the measure of file transportation. Due to the measure of transportation most people merchandising files on equal to peer web it attract many internet user marauder who want to steal the information, so to protect we have to value from unsecure to procure web the security hazard, equal to peer user cognize where to run their application to the beginning finish they can swear and should be careful to look into their anti-virus package and firewalls against aggressor.

In order to avoid this issue there ‘s some solution at this job is to verify authenticate user, make certain every user on the web is valid to entree private file and public file. Document on the private nexus or public nexus can be protect by utilizing cryptanalysis encoding and decoding, to do it more unafraid the sharing papers over the web will utilize ( VPN ) practical private web system to entree their file this system will merely let user with a valid IP reference ID hallmark to entree their file.


To do a equal to peer web rebus and lastingness company demand to forestall every possible manner to do internal web secure such as from the firewall to the computing machine system. a good secure web is how good it is unafraid.

Peer to peer V client/server

Client waiter and equal to peer web are really indistinguishable because you can construct and configure both theoretical account to his features such has managing and configuring, functionality look up vs find, organisation web hierarchy V mesh, constituents like DNS ( sphere name waiter ) and protocols for illustration IP reference. Furthermore you can utilize each other theoretical account to construct another theoretical account for illustration you can implement a equal to peer web into a client and waiter web. Finally both theoretical accounts can execute different types of platforms such as cyberspace and intranet etc and both can function high recommendation application and package, for that ground, it should non be a surprise that there is so much bewilderment about what P2P is and what it is non.

Security Major leagues

During this period of clip who would recognize that p2p would be a job to the universe, for many organisation for fraud and loss merely because of interloper inside their web that doing equal to peer web on top of the I.T universe. Napster was one of the most popular p2p application which end up in a tribunal instance because of the onslaught and more p2p application in our twenty-four hours in the corporate universe a job. This is why with better security protocols p2p would be a job and concern could take their concern to a new I.T degree.

The figure down holla of this page show spreads between security protocols by utilizing a p2p application. It is clearly show those spreads are application that are irrupting inside the web between the cyberspace and the web so the web still at hazard. The internal web might be “ protected ” but it is still unsecure outside the web.

Following on from this, it now to believe what could be best to protect ourselves s against interloper, so we must retrace and analysis what ‘s is of import, what we can better or forestall before we deal with the job. The thought is to better the web we have to hold the most unafraid anti-virus package, an operation control where package can non run without authorization of the user, entree control where user is necessitate a hallmark watchword or a digital signature to entree their needed, connexion control where we can better our firewall to barricade outside port and unfastened port that is required and better security from the cyberspace such as VPN ( practical private web ) and in conclusion contents protection to protected the information with encoding.

This figure illustrates all the chief points a concern organisation have to concentrate to cover with unsecure web.

External Menaces

In a p2p web external menace is a critical issue, when its interruption in it bring many menace to the web such as Spam, worms and virus onslaught. A p2p web besides let a user to download and user copyrighted stuff that violate belongings jurisprudence and besides file sharing which violate the company security policies. P2p application for illustration Kazaa, Napster, Limewire and other type are being popular in music, user that work in the organisation love downloading music and taking benefit of the high cyberspace velocity connexion to download mp3 file at work. This is a critical job because you think you have good procure the internal web where the employee of the company make up one’s mind to download some p2p file and convey virus to the cyberspace web. Unfortunately p2p web which is decentralize security disposal and decentralized informations storage that are a critical issue when seeking to protect margin of the firewall and other devices.

Encoding checking

When administering p2p application over a web it require a big sum of desktop which apply the trouble to the job. for illustration in 1999 “ ” is a electronic frontier foundation ( ) which have tiffin a beast force onslaught with a 56 spot DES encoding algorithm and broke the DES encoding in less than 24 hours. At that clip “ ” was seeking to prove 245 billion of keys per seconds which is rather a tonss. DES during this period was the strongest encoding for the US authorities.


Corporate company can lose million of money which worth the belongings due to insecure web files that use p2p engineerings. There ‘s a p2p tools such as Wrapster that can dissemble file into a.mp3 file, so when a organisation usage a p2p application to download.mp3 file it inject virus when the.mp3 file is tiffin over the web. This is a serious critical issue for many concern that being robbed and lost million of echt package ‘s.

Dardans, Viruss, Sabotage

Internal user of an organisation could merely download and put in p2p application that can do serious harm. When the user use the package it can supply a back door Trojan which being execute which allow the aggressor to entree the decision maker computing machine, so the aggressor would so some serious harm to the computing machine and can entree to the computing machine informations.

Company user that use p2p package can merely configure their application to protect information for personal usage. The p2p file sharing can hold for consequence in failure of control over informations that ‘s being portion outside the organisation.

P2p application addition most security in the same manner as an Trojan Equus caballus because when the p2p package is installed on a “ sure device ” it provide communicating through the organisation firewall with other users. When the connexion is set up from the device to the external web, aggressor can rapidly hold distant entree to the trust device which they can steal private papers, company information or put to deathing a denial service onslaught which the aggressor will merely derive entree control over the web beginnings.


P2p package such as Kazaa and Gnutella are a client package that ‘s portion you web thrust as resources, so as consequence of a hacker they can happen out what runing system the user has and besides can see sharing booklet of the system which they can derive entree to the booklet and steal information that is confidential


Authentication and mandate in a web is important to the company because when utilizing p2p you need to do certain if the equal user is entree the right information which your leting excessively or the equal user has entree the information his non permitted excessively this is why company demand to do certain user have the right entree other information.

Internal Menaces

As long with external menaces there are few issue sing internal issue with user non merely following the company policy that we have to cover with.

Private Business on a public web

Some company implement a private concern into a public web, which put the concern in assorted security hazards. Those hazard must be extinguish to avoid job, it is non good construction if a private concern usage p2p on a public web the company can lost everything.

Adding and taking users

In equal to peer web adding and taking user is rather easy for a individual computing machine but if you have a big web it ‘s difficult to add new user or removing because there ‘s excessively many computing machine systems. They must add/remove user without diminishing the system public presentation, this is why most dainty are user that know the system because they being working in the organisation.

General security

P2P have many security jobs with webs over the system that needed a solution. Most common job over p2p are latency, hallmark, limitation, firewall, supervising interloper and traffic.

Distributed dangers

When downloading and put ining an package application from the web it may incorporate a denial of service when execute which could hold consequence that the package are n’t compatible with the computing machine or it may incorporate bugs which can crash the system.

The people job

there will be ever an malicious user that would wish to derive entree to the internal web, no affair how secure the web is a adept aggressor with adequate clip will happen a manner to acquire around them. So the lone manner to do the security more secure is to maintain in progress of the hacker by implementing better secure web protocols.

At some rate people seeking to do equal to peer a new degree of revolution by printing company file to the cyberspace by utilizing a user computing machine. For illustration databases information, spreadsheets, application which are enabling for p2p characteristics and critical informations information fluxing from every user computers.P2p systems provide characteristic that which have for purpose including seeking for specific content information, detecting other type of equal web connexion and implementing other application with their map such as redaction, remote radio nomadic support, it is clearly view why security in p2p is a critical factors over p2p webs.

By seeking to counter onslaught those menace is to ad hoc deployment, managing and cut downing the hazards of confidential information or handiness of systems that require planning and carefully choose an p2p substructure that will enables application and services will be implement.

Security Mechanisms

Every security mechanisms that are deployed today, they are based on whichever symmetric/secret key or which either asymmetric/public key cryptanalysis or either sometime it use the combination of both. In this subdivision I ‘m traveling to explicate what are the critical facets of a secret and a public key techniques which so traveling be compare to their chief features.

Secret key techniques

The map of the secret key techniques is that the transmitter and receiver will portion a secret which will utilize assorted cryptanalytic techniques such as encoding and decoding of secret messages following by the creative activity and confirmation of the secret message hallmark informations. The secret key is now needed to be exchanged in a different edge of process which prior to intended communicating by utilizing a PKI.

Public key techniques

The map of the public key techniques is base of utilizing the asymmetric key braces. Each user will be in ownership of one brace of cardinal. On the other terminal, one of the brace of cardinal is traveling to be public while the other brace key is unbroken private. Because one brace key is available there ‘s no demand for an outside key exchange nevertheless there will be need for an web substructure to administer the public key by utilizing hallmark, because the pre-shared secret key does n’t necessitate the anterior to be communicated this is why public key techniques are perfect for the security between old unknown parties.

Asymmetric key braces

Asymmetric cardinal braces are non like other key which allows to lock or unlock the door by equal installation which mean the public key used a type of cryptanalysis which is asymmetric. This means merely the public key can code the message with simpleness by decoding it or with some trouble, as wellbeing one manner maps, utilizing cryptanalysis with the public key are besides call a trapdoor maps which the map consist of inversing can be done easy without the private key is known.


The significance of protocols is an mechanisms which set up cryptanalysis that verified individuality which is of import. They are industry criterion that allow mandate protocols to guarantee that they are communicate with the distant system.

Secure socket bed ( SSL )

Secure socket bed ( SSL ) is a protocol that usage for protection of information that is transmitted between a p2p web, some of the p2p use the industry criterion ( SSL ) protocol. This will vouch that file and papers that has been send will be received unmodified. Furthermore because both equals use unafraid socket bed they both automatically recognize each other before information is send over the web. This protocol brand certain the mechanism is transfer confidential communicating with the right over end portion that will utilize the same techniques that all web site operator usage to protect consumer for privateness and confidential send over cyberspace.

IPsec Technologies

VPN ( practical private web ) is a type a system that use IPSec engineerings which evolve model of protocols that ‘s going a criterion to most sellers. IPSec is usage for both package and hardware VPN to remote entree with clients. User that usage IPSec require some regular cognition for the client because of the hallmark which is non a user based that mean a nominal ring like a cryptanalysis card is non used. However the security come from a workstation with an IP reference or from a certification which set up by the user to place and guarantee the unity to the web. IPSec is fundamentally a tunnel playing as the web bed protocol protecting informations package passing through despite of the application.

VPN ( Virtual private web )

Virtual private web is a tunnel which maintain information private. The last thing you do n’t desire a concern to hold are stolen information by hacker or other type of aggressor, VPN aid to strongly unafraid informations on the same public web. To authenticate VPN users a firewall will be necessary because all VPN require constellation to entree device whichever package or hardware support to procure a channel. A random user will non be able to entree the VPN, because it would inquire for hallmark to let a distant user if it can hold entree to the web. VPN can forestall aggressor from successfully authenticate with the web even if they were seeking to acquire a VPN session.

Future of equal to peer security

In P2P security everything must trust on trust, with the user, package or hardware. If everything was swearing each other there will be a greater security and equal to peer web will be more unafraid than a centralize waiter. In now twenty-four hours concern users are deriving trust in a P2P community because all user demand to delegate a alone digital signature which is an IP per users non for the computing machine. This trust degree will now growing between user and aid to formalize user on the web which can assist to find interloper. The program is to all user of the organisation will hold a low degree of trust and a high degree of trust which are implement in user histories. This thought will maintain low degree user trust and high degree trust offprint on web to do certain every user is accessing the right information on the web this is why in presents centralize server can supply this type of engineering.


Security in P2P web is really important when the issue is to plan and implementing P2P system. A equal to peer web have to be secure from the system to the cyberspace to avoid job from aggressor. It is critical that user start to recognize a step of security is being utilized is to protect themselves when P2P engineering range its full capableness. At the minute security is a large step issue for most company in our universe that needed new degree of security that must be addressed instantly.


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