Issues That Faced Equal Employment Opportunity Essay

The issue of equal employment chance in the workplace should be the standard pattern of all companies. Equal employment chance means eliminating the disadvantages of excluded and subordinated groups in geting and retaining occupations ( Suk, J. C. ( 2007 ) . These chances are applicable for current employees and appliers for employment without respect to race, colour, faith, sex, gestation, age, disablement, national beginning, matrimonial position, lineage, medical status, or any other characteristic protected by province or federal jurisprudence.

Sexual Harassment

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Issues That Faced Equal Employment Opportunity Essay
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All employees deserve to work in a topographic point where they are free to take part without fright and bullying. Any employee being subjected to any signifier of torment is unacceptable. Sexual torment is a misdemeanor of a individual ‘s physical sphere and is a signifier of mental maltreatment that must non be tolerated. Such behavior has the consequence of either ( I ) unreasonably interfering with an person ‘s work public presentation, or ( two ) making an intimidating, hostile, or violative working environment ( Robinson, R. K. , Allen, B. K. , Franklin, G. M. , & A ; Duhon, D. L. 1993 ) .

Ethical motives

The codification of moralss and concern behavior are critical constituents necessary for the success of a company. Employees should be encouraged of brand determinations and execute aims that are in the best involvement of the concern without compromising the established codification of moralss of that company. At the nucleus of this codification of moralss and behavior should be a notice to all employees that they, including direction, every bit good as concern spouses, shall adhere to the highest ethical criterions in all concern traffics. The policy should besides promote employees to describe any Acts of the Apostless of unethical behaviour to the company ethical officer without free of requital. Furthermore, the human dealingss office should work in tandem with direction to reenforce a positive ethical clime. HR professionals must assist guarantee that moralss is a top organisational precedence ( Vickers, M. R.,2005 ) . Businesss should keep a “ nothing tolerance ” doctrine refering attachment to the codification to include disciplinary actions when violated.


Businesss want to pull dedicated, self-motivated, and originative employees. A proper mix of benefits, in add-on to establish compensation, that is comparable to that of a company ‘s rivals is indispensable. Harmonizing to a Human Resources specializer in the insurance industry, “ by giving both new and seasoned employees what they truly want, the employer ‘s image is enhanced, employee morale is enhanced and turnover is reduced ” ( Uzzi, 2004, p. 28 ) .

Paid Leave

Paid leave allows employees to take clip to retrieve from an unwellness, attention for a ill household member, or take the clip necessary to rest and reload without giving a payday. Harmonizing to the Working Adults Vacation Survey, between 60 and 70 per centum of employees believe holidaies improve their productiveness ( Benitez, 2001, p.10 ) .

Military Leave

The rights of a reservist to military leave and reemployment upon their return is secured by the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act ( USERA ) ( Rosseau & A ; Neuman, 2006, p. 10, Seniority, length of service, and eligibility for wage additions, publicities, and other forces actions in which length of service is a factor must be calculated for reservists as if their employment had non been interrupted by military service.

Worker ‘s Compensation

48 out of 50 provinces require employers to supply workers compensation to both full and parttime employees ( Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & A ; Cardy, 2010, p.381 ) . Lost wage and medical disbursals due to a job-related unwellness or hurt can be annihilating, and employers are obligated to minimise this adversity when hurts occur at the workplace. The jurisprudence aside, a company that strives comply with a Christian worldview would make good to follow the illustration of the centurion in Matthew 8:5-8 who sought the best possible medical attention for his retainer. Today ‘s concerns should likewise supply attention for ill or injured employees.


Salvaging for retirement should get down early. Yet, today ‘s employees are less likely to remain with the same employer throughout a 30 or 35 twelvemonth calling ( Gomez-Mejia et al. , 2010, p. 392 ) . Since a traditional pension program is expensive and forces the employer to presume all of the hazard, a new company may wish to promote employees to salvage for their ain retirements by supplying fiting parts to a 401 ( K ) program.

Overtime Laws & A ; Regulations

In the United States rewards, standard working hours, and overtime demands are regulated by The Fair Labor Standard Act of 1938. The two chief countries of concern covered by The Fair Labor Standard Act of 1938 focal points on, “ Enforcing a federal lower limit pay and an overtime premium of one and half times the consecutive clip pay for all hours above 40. ” ( Costa, 2000, pg. 648 ) . The Fair Labor Standard Act, “ Established criterions for minimal pay, overtime wage, recordkeeping, and child labour. These criterions affect more than 130 million workers, both full-time and parttime, in the private and public sector ” ( United States Department of Labor hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

Ultimately organisations that fail to adhere to all federal and provinces Torahs regulating rewards and hours will finally happen themselves supporting their actions in a tribunal of jurisprudence.


In the universe of concern, organisations spend clip and money guaranting its work force consists of dedicated, motivated, and extremely skilled employees. Establishing and keeping a successful work force, “ Is an expensive proposition and cost of making concern ” ( Heneman, and Judge, 2009, p. 6 ) . Most organisations employ forces based on the employment-at-will understanding. The employment-at-will jurisprudence besides affords employees the right to stop his or her employment with an organisation at anytime and for any cause. Terminations and separations may be either voluntary or nonvoluntary. A voluntary expiration of employment usually occurs when an employee informs an organisation of his or her determination to vacate from a place within the organisation

An nonvoluntary expiration or separation may happen due to, “ deficient public presentation, attending jobs, misdemeanor of organisational policies or criterions, and serious employee misconduct ” ( Bliss & A ; Thornton, 2008 ) . When doing the determination to end an employee, an organisation must guarantee the ground for expiration was non made on the, “ footing of protected features, including race, gender, gestation, age, faith, national beginning, disablement and military service ” ( Bliss, et al. , 2008 ) . Therefore, organisations should document all actions refering expirations and nonvoluntary separations.

Work Hours

When developing a hiring/recruiting scheme organisations must account for the realisation that rivals are besides working to enroll similar campaigners for its organisation. Companies must be prepared to offer campaigners benefits and other options that other organisations are non. One such benefit is the option of working a non-traditional work agenda. The options include working flextime, a tight work hebdomad, or to stay on a traditional working agenda and work an organisations nucleus hours.

Research has linked flextime, “ To workplace attending, public presentation, emphasis, satisfaction, and organisational fond regard ” ( Lucas & A ; Judicious 2002, p. 566 ) . For many employees this is an of import inducement to guarantee that they have a balance between personal and professional life. Another option for flexible on the job hours is offered by utilizing a tight work hebdomad.

A tight work hebdomad, “ Alter the figure of working daies per hebdomad by increasing the length of the working day to 10 or more hours ” ( Gomez-Mejia, et al. , 2009, p. 78 ) . A tight work hebdomad requires an employee to work longer hours per twenty-four hours ; nevertheless, the work hebdomad is reduced to three or four twenty-four hours per hebdomad.

Specific written policies to explicate the types of occupations that are and are non campaigners for flexible agreement can guarantee just intervention for all groups of employees ” ( Birschel, 2002, p. 90 ) .


An frequently overlooked but critical portion of a policy manual is the disclaimer because “ a one-sided contract is formed when an employer disseminates a policy manual to his or her employees ” ( 1992, p. 159 ) . An organisation should utilize clear disclaimer linguistic communication to prevent breach of contract claims. The disclaimer could province the policy manual and statements made herein do non represent a contract between the organisation and employee but merely supply guidelines. The organisation should keep an employment-at-will relationship with all employees. ( Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & A ; Cardy, 2010, pp. 414-415 )

Your public presentation

– Promotions

To retain and pull model employees organisations use occupation publicities and public presentation reappraisals. Ordinary and traditional systems of rating will frequently go forth both the organisation and employee battling jobs such as lenience, halo consequence, and the cardinal inclination mistake. ( Rarick & A ; Baxter, 1986 ) . Promotions require the minimal entry of successful public presentation reappraisals for the old five quarters, recommendation of direct supervisor or director and blessing signatures of human resources representative and site director.

Performance reappraisals

Employees will take part in a short rating one time a one-fourth with their direct supervisor. This reappraisal will dwell of utilizing Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale ( BARS ) . ( Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & A ; Cardy, 2010 )

One of the large advantages of the BARS system is that the employee learns what fellow employees believe is needed to better his or her public presentation. The system gives everyone in the house feedback on the same nucleus competences, and aligns the full house with competences deem indispensable for competitory success. ( 1996, p. 57 )


The one-year public presentation assessment will dwell of a sum-up of the SEBARS signifiers completed during the old four quarters. Additionally, a 360A° feedback rating must be completed utilizing one of your equals and one client. This one-year public presentation assessment will be used to find the employee ‘s overall public presentation comparable to other employee ‘s keeping similar place ( s ) .


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