It 205 Week One Check Point Essay

Check Point Management of Information Systems / IT 205 Check Point The dimensions to business problems are defined as issues and failures that occur due to outside influence that interfere with the normal operations of a process. The three dimensions to business problems are: organizational dimensions, technology dimensions, and people dimensions. • Organizational dimensions – within a company a conflict may occur to risk the success of a project or the functionality of the department.

Examples: Poor planning, political conflict, lack of resources, lack of organization, incorrect procedure, and difficulty of task. • Technology dimensions – Hardware or software conflict that can cause a critical failure or a decreased performance in the system. Examples: Faulty software, software upgrade, parallel testing of software, outdated software, untested software, limited resources, incompatible hardware or software. • People dimensions – a problem that may cause issues in a work environment because of a personnel or staffing issue.

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It 205 Week One Check Point Essay
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Examples: Lack of training, overworked staff, bad morale, insubordinate behavior, vandalism, theft, and poor management. IT (information Technologies) is the study of electronic transmission, storage, processing, and retrieval. Information technologies are the broad term for the whole realm of computer science. IS (Information Systems) are the components that offer an organization or business the ability to process data, and increase the efficiency of a task or a group of tasks. The components can be people, hardware, software or its peripherals that make up the information system.

The functions of information systems can increase the productivity of a company and its personnel by making it easier to organize, search for information, analyze of data, and create information. The tasks that an information system can execute and offer to a company are beneficial in the streamlining of productivity. The information system can be a single computer or a large wide area network that can offer an organization or a business the sharing and processing of files and data.


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