IT implementation plan Essay

5 ) Derive a high degree IS/IT execution program to back up this strategic engineering

As execution procedure for new strategic engineering is critical and entails impact to all stakeholders, the execution procedure has to be carefully planned out. The execution program should be derived into four phases ; phase 1 is alining with overall organisational program – this phase should include researching the compatibility of RFID and KK ‘s existing IS systems for illustration POS and find whether this strategic execution would help KK in accomplishing its ends, phase 2 would be alining the cost and consequence of this execution with all stakeholders including employees, clients, providers every bit good as affecting authorities bureaus and the media so that concern sing privateness will non originate after the execution is completed, and in conclusion present 3 the integrating process to front-end systems and phase 4 is stabilization phase to reexamine all the procedures whether they are working as planned or non.

In phase one, it is imperative to aline RFID with overall organisational aim in footings of both engineering and direction deductions. In the visible radiation of direction deduction, if execution of RFID is strongly supported by all managerial degrees, the procedures will probably to be completed seamlessly ( Nixon, 2009 ) while in instance of backend execution, KK has to work the feasibleness to incorporate other bing IS systems into this RFID tracking systems as the ticket in vesture points is expected to mainstream the supply concatenation systems and if RFID is integrated to POS, the refilling of stock list to retail shop synchronises with that of in fabrication works. The full procedure should take about 3 months including assessing clip.

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The most critical phase in phase two, in order to have consensus indorsement from all stakeholders, it may be clip devouring due to the barrier from populace ‘s unfavorable judgment of RFID. ( Sandoval, 2009 ) Therefore, this phase has to work in parallel with phase one. Most significantly, client blessing has to be received before prosecuting in the higher degree execution. Guaranting RFID adequately supports employees and employees realize the benefits of this alteration in order to avoid opposition ( McCarthy, 2000 ) . Educating providers is besides imperative and needs to be included in this phase.

Then, implementing RFID to front-end system at retail shop degree is the 3rd phase. It ab initio includes the installing of physical systems to every retail shop in KK Clothing concatenation and some database migration has to be done for case reassigning current informations ( i.e. stock list, gross revenues etc. ) to the new system. Approximated timeframe including pre-rollout period is proposed at 3 months. After the roll-out, stabilisation is comparatively critical as it is the minute of truth for all stakeholders to be exposed to the usage of RFID and acquire used to its functionalities. This last phase is proposed to be at least 2 months, regular reappraisal with shop directors and providers every bit good as client satisfaction study is strongly recommended.

However, eventuality program or fall-back program has to be considered and is ready in instance the execution does non work harmonizing to the program. On top of this execution program, the cost of each phase has to be estimated in the attempt to find cost efficiency of this execution and for resource allotment intent.


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