It Physics Time Essay

Abstract Not all of the students can afford buying a Physics book to use as their reference material while studying physics, and because we think that I. T can be about Physics in some ways, our group decided to create and design a website that contains stuffs about College Physics which is composed of the following: * History of Physics * Branches of Physics (Branches of Classical Physics and Modern Physics) * Significance of Physics. * Tribute to the greatest Physicians and their contributions to advancement of Physics * Deeper explanation and recapitulation on Scientific Method, Significant

Digits, Scientific Notation and the four types of variable relationship Measurement * Conversion Table * Definition and examples of Scalar Quantity including the steps to solve it. * Definition and examples Vector Quantity including the steps to solve it. * All about Motion * Random trivia about Sciences (Social, Natural, and Applied) * Quizzes, exercises, and activities ON EACH of the lessons to test if the students had absorbed and understand the lessons clearly *Further lessons would be added after the group provide a Physics book that would be the reference of this website if the investigatory reject would be approved.

The lessons mentioned above would come from a book that we will provide if the project will be approved. We honestly state that the contents of the lessons that would be put on the website can be found somehow on other reference material but the thing that would make our work unique and original is, we would put our own assessment about a certain lesson and add some personal understanding about the topic to spice it up. We aim to make students more interested in Physics, encourage them to like it, and finally diminish their misconception that Physics is a hard subject y making it entertaining to study at the web.

This investigatory project will surely satisfy the needs of thrifty students and lessen their parent’s expenses without reducing their privilege to learn more about physics because The HTML web pages that we will make would be uploaded through a free webfoot and will be available on the internet for free and can be accessed without any charges. For only fifteen pesos due to the computer rental fee, a student can now browse, read, and get information about Physics that would help them to do their assignments, reports, and projects.

Especially, for example, those who would need to get more opinions rather than facts when conducting an interview about a certain topic related to Physics, opinions and comments would be provided by the web authors (us, researchers) and by the comments led by the web visitors. This website will be better than any other informative sites present in the internet because firstly, the language that will be used in this site would stoop down to average English to be understandable by majority of the web users. Unlike in Wisped, one will take time to reread a certain paragraph/topic for how many times Just to understand profound words in it. E other sites without the hurdle of registering first to be able to leave a comment, sending a suggestion and liking a helpful post. We would also add a forum page where they would be able to discuss topics with other web visitors online. And of course, the lessons would be organized. The interface of the homepage would look like this: Lesson

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It Physics Time Essay
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