It Role in Green Economy Essay

INFORMATION SYSTEMS ROLE IN GREEN ECONOMY. Green Economy: We depend on the earth’s natural resources that have a limited capacity to regenerate and renew itself, forcing us to design an economic model which is good in conserving energy, natural resources, reducing emissions, reducing pollution and at the same time providing jobs to people. This kind of a design leads to the Green Economy which is a clean energy economy. It aims in providing: ? Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy and the efficient use of it. Green buildings which uses environment friendly and recyclable materials ? Recycling of waste-to-energy, recycling of water and it also encourages the production and marketing of cleaner technologies such as less power consuming fluorescent light bulbs. Trends in Green Economy: There are various trends that shape the green economy and helps in building a sustainable eco-system. Construction of building with renewable resources and recyclable materials called as green building are being encouraged.

Many movements and companies like Dell, Toyota and Honda have restructured their business strategies to support a green economy. Recent happenings such as depletion of topsoil’s, sudden increase in water levels, melting of glaciers, poisoning of fresh water supplies and ozone layer depletion has aroused the fear in the minds of people and has forced them to know the importance of green economy. Various sectors such as solar-energy, wind-energy and organic products manufacturing are increasing and the people have started to show interest in buying green products.

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It Role in Green Economy Essay
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Importance and Impacts of Green Economy: The Green Economy can act as a good solution to sort out many problems such as job losses due to economic crisis, low-carbon emission, drastic climatic change and efficient use of energy. It provides jobs in the construction industry by introducing the technique of insulation of homes and it also helps in efficient use of energy. In addition to this, shifting the money spent on transport to a very efficient form such as creation of public transport which can reduce the carbon emission will also be very helpful.

Information Systems: Stair and Ralph(2006) says that, “Information system(IS) is a set of interrelated components that collect, manipulate and disseminate data and information and provide a feedback mechanism to meet an objective. ” Information system plays different roles in everyone’s day to day life and its effect on green economy is also a important point. Role of information systems in Green Economy: Learning about green economy just can t help in building the same, it needs a tool, a system that can analyze the current system and helps in developing the green economy which brings in the role of Information Systems.

Information system can play a vital role in developing a report which analyses the cause and helps in reducing air and water pollution. According to an article published on ibmsystemsmag website on June 2009, The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) reduces water pollution with the help of a software from IBM. Information systems can also help in proper energy usage reducing the financial crisis of a company and by saving the environment by testing various strategies of energy management.

Energy star website provides a energy management system overview which can help an organization to produce an efficient energy. CONCLUSION: Thus, in designing the green economy, information systems plays a vital role in various ways and helps to reduce the environment unfriendly actions. Maximizing the utilization of information systems to design green economy would help in overcoming the economic crisis and provide a health environment. References: 1.

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