Ito trading company Essay

2.1 Mission Statement

The hunt for manner and the demand for protection leave us in a dead end state of affairs. Hence, our company is committed to supplying the solution without compromising both aspirations of our consumers. Ito intends to take in the manner of the screen for MP4 participant and carry through the demand for protection in order to widen the utile life of MP4 participant.

In this manner, Ito seeks to advance the involvements of the followers:

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  • Consumer- By supplying a high quality merchandise and good services, we can assist our client to protect their MP4 participant efficaciously particularly for those who are really attention of their MP4 participant.
  • Our Employees- An employee with well-paid, motivated, knowing and willing to pay the company more clip and attempt is of import to ongoing success. In return, the employees should continually spread out and better their cognition and accomplishments, to be encouraged to make and seek more new thoughts in order to work in a comfy environment and doing great attempts.
  • The proprietor of the company- The successful accomplishment of the company mission should let the company to derive net income and supply a just return on attempt and investing for the proprietor on a long term footing.

2.2 Company history

Ito Trading Company began operations in March 2010 by the laminitis of Miss Isabelle. It is an single trading company that specializes in selling all sorts of MP4 screen. Miss Isabelle graduated from the local private college, had gross revenues of phone and MP4 ‘s house acted as selling section staff, from the beginning of the gross revenues publicity to assistant director took merely a short two old ages. During this clip, besides participated in a figure of large-scale activities, to set up a good working web besides conveying with them with the communications industry cooperation. For the company for some five old ages subsequently, Miss Isabelle decided to develop their ain concerns and put up merchandising companies in today ‘s Ito. He believes the company ‘s merchandises will convey clients to bask high-quality stuff, so cherish MP4 clients can protect their MP4 to widen their utile life. Miss Isabelle in the past been more focussed on selling, export development, every bit good as new merchandise thoughts. Ito trading company was set up in the production of some of Miss Isabelle and direction sections besides play an of import function. Ito has its ain design squad, trusting to make another manner of screen to run into with the immature penchants today.

2.3 Business Goals

The concern ‘s end for the short term ( following 12 months ) are to use at least two employees on a wage of about RM28,800 to run into all operation disbursals and generate of net income at least RM10,000 for future investing. The long term ( i.e. the following 3 to 5 old ages ) ends are build up a strong relationship and supply the superior services to consumer in order to accomplish the higher degree of consumer satisfaction than challengers. We besides anticipating that using up to 10 people and return on invested capital within 5 old ages.

Section 3: Selling

3.1 Market research

The research conducted to fix this concern program has included of following beginnings:

  • Department of statistics Malaysia
  • ITU information society statistics database
  • Malayan Telecommunication Statisticss

3.2 Market analysis

An overall reappraisal of the industry appears to demo the followers:

( a ) Industry analysis

Harmonizing to the telecommunication statistics of Malaysian show that every bit early as in 2008 entirely more than 90 % of the population own a nomadic phone and 46 % of people who own a mp3 is besides ain an iPod. Harmonizing to the well-known company Apple ‘s gross revenues result noted that the company has sold out a sum of 100 million of iPod over the universe. There is definite demand for the screen for phone and mp4. Most of the merchandise which is presently available in market is less map. The basic map would be the followers:

  • Silicone rubber stuff, soft for experiencing
  • Dust repelled map
  • Prevent any abrasion with console
  • No demand to take the console
  • Light weight

Most of the makers of the screen are from China. Since the sanlu milk pulverization dirt, more merchandises such as nutrient, plaything, or accoutrements has found toxic or toxic condition. Harmonizing to the article of Brendan O’Neill on twelvemonth 2007, it found that China poisoning the kids of America and Europe with toxic playthings, unsafe dolls and cancerous bibs. Another incident which happened on Dec. 17, 2009, Jeffrey D. Weidenhamer, professor of chemical science at Ashland University, barred from utilizing lead in kids ‘s jewellery because of its toxicity, some Chinese makers have been replacing the more unsafe heavy metal Cd in scintillating charm watchbands and glistening pendents being sold throughout the United States. Today, people are instead purchasing at higher cost for the merchandise of other state.

( B ) Celebration

Retail gross revenues tend to be peak during some particular festival such as Chinese new twelvemonth or during the particular publicity period of telecommunication company. When there is a new merchandise launched of the telecommunication company, people are


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