j. Describe methods for conserving natural resources such as water, soil, and ai

Question Answer
Contour plowing A method of plowing rows that follow the curves of the land rather than straight up and down slopes.
Cover crop A crop, usually a (leafy) legume, planted to keep nutrients from leaching, soil from eroding, and land from weeding over, as during the winter.
Terracing A raised bank of earth having vertical or sloping sides and a flat top: turning a hillside into a series of ascending terraces for farming.
Crop rotation The planned order of specific crops planted on the same field.
No-till Farming Planting a crop without prior cultivation and with very little soil disturbance at seeding.
Erosion The removal of topsoil through a meduim such as wind, water, ice, and gravity.
Soil Conservation The application of techniques for maintaining the productivity and health of farming land by control of wind-and water-induced soil erosion.
Soil A mixture of small rock particles, water, air, decomposed organic materials, and mineral fragments.

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