Jack Dempsey Essay

##Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey was born William Dempsey in 1895, Jack Dempsey was called the hardest puncher in the history of boxing. He started street fighting when he was 7, his power came from strong back and shoulder muscles, made from working in the copper mines and as a lumberjack. He turned pro at 19 and flattened all opposition. He was a dirty fighter, often hitting low, behind the head and after the bell. He was called the Manassa Mauler and he destroyed contender Fred Fulton in 18 seconds, then Carl Morris in 14 seconds. Sometimes he would win a fight in three men in one night. He knocked out Jess Willard in the third round to win the title in 1919, he had seven knockdowns in the first round alone. In 1921 he knocked out Georges Carpentier in the fourth round of what was called the battle of the century. In one of boxing’s wildest battles ever, he knocked Luis Angel Firpo in the second round. Dempsey was knocked down twice in the first round, and Firpo was knocked down seven times in the first, twice in the second. In 1926, he lost his title to Gene Tunney on a 10 round decision. The rematch ended the same way. Jack Dempsey retired, yet continued to box in exhibitions up to the age of 45. A lot of confusion is surrounding his career, since his brother also fought under the name Jack Dempsey, and Dempsey himself sometimes used the name Kid Blackie. His complete record stands at 64 wins, 6 defeats, 9 draws with 49 knockouts. he died in 1983 aged 87.

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