Jackie robinson made history Essay

Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson made history by interrupting the colour barrier in major conference baseball. As the first Afro-american to play on a major conference baseball squad, he set the case in point for the integrating of professional athleticss in the United States. Jackie Robinson was a individual that stood up for what he believed in, while remaining within the boundaries of the jurisprudence. An African American life during the Jim Crow period, Jackie Robinson overcame societal stigmas to accomplish more regard for his fellow African-Americans that lived during his clip and much more for those that follow. Jackie Robinson was a great adult male, and is genuinely an American hero.

Jackie was a great adult male that stood up for what he believed in. Jackie grew up with four brothers and sisters. His male parent abandoned the household when Jackie was merely six months old. Jackie and his siblings were reared by his female parent, who had a meagre income from cleaning occupations. There were times Jackie ‘s household had to eat staff of life drenched in H2O for their nutriment. It is likely due to the poorness and many siblings that Jackie learned to contend hard for what he believed in ( Ford ) .

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Jackie robinson made history Essay
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When Jackie was about three old ages old, his household moved into a house in a white vicinity. The neighbours were non friendly. When Jackie was six old ages old, a adjacent small miss shouted some bad names at him and Jackie shouted back, so the miss ‘s male parent came out side and Jackie and the male parent began throwing stones at each other. At some point, a cross was burned in their pace.

Before Jackie started school he went to school with his sister for a few old ages and played exterior in the sandbox outside her schoolroom window so she could maintain an oculus on him. When Jackie was in school Jackie and his friends started a pack called the Piper nigrum street pack they stole, threw soil at autos, and got into problem with the constabulary. A adult male proverb Jackie and his friends making this and said to Jackie “do n’t lie and steal with your friends it takes bravery to be different.” ( Ford 9 ) .

Jackie attended unintegrated school, and graduated from high school in 1937. After high school, Jackie went to Pasadena Junior College and so the University of California at Los Angeles ( UCLA ) , but ne’er graduated from either college. Jackie played and lettered in several athleticss, along with the white pupils, while in college. He won awards in each athletics and was considered one of the best college jocks in the state. While college athleticss were integrated, the Major League Baseball and the United States Army Baseball were non. After dropping out of college, he worked a few different occupations to assist his female parent pay the measures.

In expectancy of World War II, Jackie was drafted into the United States Army, which was still segregated. In the ground forces, Jackie wanted to inscribe in Officer ‘s Candidate School, but was turned down. Finally, he was accepted into the school and became a 2nd lieutenant. He was returning to his base by bus one twenty-four hours and the coach driver told him told him to travel to the dorsum of the coach where inkinesss were expected to sit. ( Robinson ) . Jackie refused to make every bit ordered so when they got back to the base he was arrested for non following orders but was found inexperienced person in test for he had non broken the jurisprudence.

Branch Rickey had a program to take one Afro-american adult male and put him on a major conference baseball squad, that adult male would be Jackie Robinson. Jackie foremost had to play for the Montreal Royals ( a child conference squad ) in Canada to see if he had what it took to play for the major conferences. Playing for an all white squad he encountered resistance from managers, other participants, and white fans. Jackie ‘s household frequently received menaces stating that they were traveling to kill his household or nobble his kid if he did non discontinue the squad. Even so he managed to take the international conference in batting and tallies scored. Peoples in the crowds threw things at him and shouted racial slurs. His ain teammates made menaces that they were traveling to sit out of a game but the Dodger ‘s director told them that he would sooner merchandise them than he would Robinson. He made it through all the force per unit areas of being the lone Afro-american in the major conferences and was one of the best. In merely his first twelvemonth with the Brooklyn Dodgers, he helped them win the National League Pennant. It has been said that, Jackie Robinson integrated the major conferences in 1947 ( Heilbrun and Renaud ) . Jackie changed baseball forever ( Griffith ) .

Jackie Robinson, the first Afro-american to play on a major conference baseball squad, was inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame in 1962. At the terminal of his first twelvemonth with the Dodgers he had twelve homeruns, taking the conference with 29 bargains, and a.297 mean demoing African americans that they excessively could non merely play for the major baseball conference but they could besides play professional in other athleticss as good. In 1955 Robinson helped the Dodgers achieve the winning of the World Series.

In 1952, he publically called out the Northerners as being a racialist group for non leting African americans to play on their squad for five old ages after Robinson played for the Dodgers. Jackie Robinson helped trip the civil rights motion and worked aboard Martin Luther King, Jr. for civil rights. He besides worked with Nelson Rockefeller on civil rights issues. He started a building company that built houses and flats for people that were hapless.

Jackie Robinson is a true hero in many ways, he kicked off the integrating of professional athleticss in America, and he worked aboard Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Rockefeller for civil rights. He stood up for his race, he had the bravery to be the first Afro-american to play on a major conference baseball squad and non allow all the hatred from people make him halt what he was making. He accomplished seting racism and bias aside in order to accomplish his ends, and in making so, take the manner for farther acknowledgment of the rights and equalities for African- American.

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It talks about his household and his younger yearss. Negotiations about how he grew up in a single-parent household with four brothers and sisters. It talks about the remainder of his life every bit good. This beginning is a helpful and believable beginning towards my research undertaking because it is a sight wholly dedicated to Jackie Robinson. I feel it is something that I could utilize in concluding paper.


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