Japan Foreign Policy Sample Essay

There are 100s of provinces in the universe. and each one of provinces has its ain policy that they conducted within the state. However provinces will hold to face or associated with another provinces therefore there must be foreign policy for a state that should be conducted toward the other state. A state might hold a batch of different policy toward many others states. A foreign policy is ( Damerow 2009 ) “the relationships which cardinal authoritiess have with other states. their cardinal authoritiess. and international organisations. both intergovernmental and non-governmental” . And two of the states that their foreign policy has been sing with tonss of alterations toward one another are Japan and the United States. United States ( Indexmundi 2011 ) . is one of the most powerful states in the universe in many facets including security and economic sciences. United States is a state with 50 provinces and in 3rd in term of population and country. Its authorities type is a strong democratic therefore intending that all the citizens of a state together determine public policy. the actions of their province and the leader every bit good. The U. S. economic system is the world’s largest national economic system. with an estimated GDP of $ 14. 1 trillion. Furthermore. the United States has besides been known for its strong and high engineering military every bit good.

The United States is state that has many dealingss with many states. with a scope of liberalism. pragmatism. mercantile system and others harmonizing to the fortunes. As for societal. the United States is a thaw pot which has many sorts of races populating in the state but its chief spiritual is Christianity. Whereas. Japan is state with the authorities of constitutional monarchy. that has a parliamentary authorities. Besides its economic system has a GDP of ( 2011 est. ) $ 5. 855 trillion which pale into comparing with the United States. Japan is besides known for its renowned fast and rapid turning engineering and stable military’s security every bit good. As for society. Japan is a state with the chief faith which is Buddhism. These two states have been enemy and Alliess through many occasions. there foreign policy in all facets have been altering rather frequently excessively. Therefore. this essay will indicate out the relationships of both states so far. Than set up foreign policies attacks for Japan in many countries toward the United States and at the terminal select the 1 that best suited for Japan.

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Japan Foreign Policy Sample Essay
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Both of the states have involved through many diplomatic foreign policy against one another. Probably two of the celebrated 1s were during the World War 2. First was the celebrated onslaught on Pearl Harbor in which Japan infiltrated the United States the Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The attacked had resulted in the loss of about two 1000 people but the worse consequence was that the United States decides to get down war with the Empire of Japan therefore led to a war between the two states. Japan was already losing the war. However. another controversial job ( Freeman 2006 ) during 1945 occurred. in which the United States used two atomic bombs on Japan. toward its two major metropoliss. ( Hiroshima and a few yearss subsequently another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki ) which cause 1000s of deceases and a disturbance of why the United States would bomb Japan. There were many replies to this act. but one of the most chief grounds is that United States wanted to demo its power and prevent Japan from being influenced by Russia. As can be seen this was a period when the two states had its struggles between one another during the World War 2.

Vice versa. after the World War 2. the ( usembassy n. d. ) United States has archived its confederation with Japan in order to keep its security function in South East Asia. The confederation gives the United States an chance with the deployment of about 53. 000 U. S. military personnels and other U. S. military assets in the Asia-Pacific. thereby leting U. S. national security scheme in the part. For Japan. the confederation with the United States provides Japan the ability in covering with its neighbours. peculiarly China and North Korea.

Subsequently on. the during Bush disposal. the United States established a important strategic cooperation that encourage Japan to presume a more active international function. In 2005 the United States and Japan announced another milepost new understanding in which purpose to beef up military cooperation. The program is for the United States’ forces to be realigned its military force in South East Asian. whereas Japan took on a more active ( non-combat ) function in keeping regional and planetary security. However after mid-2007. with the political convulsion and divided authorities in Tokyo has besides effected the understanding by decelerating or procrastinating some of its advancement in security dealingss. But in a bend of events. Japan changed of authorities party to Democratic Party of Japan’s ( DPJ ) landslide triumph in August 30. 2009 elections for the Lower House of Japan’s legislative assembly had an helped hike the confederation between the two states because most of Democratic Party of Japan ( DPJ ) members are pro-Japan-U. S confederation therefore the understanding that was made in 2005 has begun to travel its advancement onward. From this paragraph. the development of confederation of both states has begun to turn.

In term of economic. ( usembassy n. d. ) Japan is one of most important economic spouse for the United States. The United States biggest and largest both import and export are Japan followed by United States’ biggest spouse which is China. In add-on. Nipponese houses are the United States’ second-largest beginning of foreign direct investing. and Nipponese investors are the second-largest foreign holders of U. S. exchequers. which besides help to finance the U. S. shortage and cut down upward. force per unit area on the United States’ bonds involvement rates every bit good. Bilateral trade clash has decreased in recent old ages. partially because U. S. concern about the trade shortage with Japan has been replaced by concern about a much larger shortage with China. Bilateral trade between the two states has decreased in recent old ages. portion of the ground is due to U. S. concern about the trade shortage with Japan has been replaced by concern about a much larger shortage with China. Economically. Japan and United States has a strong bond. both rely on one another. United States secured its function of economic system in South East Asia through Japan while Japan open its market to the universe through the United States.

Another of import facet is that because of the two countries’ combined economic and technological impact on the universe. the U. S. -Japan relationship has become a range for the Earth. The United States and Japan confederation has achieve a wide scope of planetary issues. including development aid. battling catching disease such as the spread of HIV/AIDS and alleviate others sickness every bit good. and protecting the environment and natural resources. Both states besides collaborate in scientific discipline and engineering in such countries as seeking the human genome. research on anti-aging merchandises. and international infinite geographic expedition. As one of Asia’s most successful democracies and largest economic systems. Japan contributes unreplaceable political. fiscal. and given of a immense moral support to U. S. -Japan diplomatic attempts. In add-on. The United States besides consults closely with Japan and the Republic of Korea on policy sing North Korea.

The United States works closely with Japan and Australia under the protections of the Trilateral Strategic Dialogue and the Security and Defense Cooperation Forum to interchange positions and increase coordination on both planetary and regional operations. In Southeast Asia. United States and Japan cooperation is critical for stableness and for political reform. Outside Asia. Nipponese political and fiscal support toward the United States has well improved the U. S. place on a assortment of planetary geopolitical jobs. including the Gulf. Middle East peace attempts. and the Balkans. Japan. which was a member of the United Nations Security Council for the 2009-2010 footings. is an indispensable spouse in the UN and the second-largest subscriber to the UN budget. Other than that. Japan has loosely supports the United States on non-proliferation and atomic issues as good. So from this. it can be seen that their dealingss non merely helped economically but besides helped its topographic point in the planetary facet every bit good as the well. And besides suit its politic functions. AIDSs in scientific researches. humanity Acts of the Apostless and many others functions every bit good which benefits the both states.

Therefore from the historical backgrounds of both states and their brushs. foreign policy in many countries of Japan toward United States can be discussed. Harmonizing to the dealingss the two states had so far. it would be best if in many countries of Japan foreign policy would utilize the multilevel and multidimensional attack toward with the United States. Multilevel and multidimensional attack is the utilizations of foreign policy devising by utilizing assorted major theories of International Relations. In this attack. it will see the others major theories and changed harmonizing to fortunes. However. this might be the most common one for most of the countries but some different countries might hold different attacks and theories every bit good. The first country is economic. Japan as mentioned before is United States’ second largest import and export. Besides the United States helped the Japan to open its market to the universe every bit good. In this method economic. Broad attack would be more appropriate due to many grounds which are the common benefits that both states get.

For case. by being broad toward the United States. the United Sates would benefits so will Japan because would be able to go on exporting its merchandises which help to increase Japan GDP and assist the economic system of the state every bit good. Sing that United States is the state with the largest economic system power. therefore an investing from the United States would assist the economic system of Japan to work more efficaciously and expeditiously. Furthermore by puting and opening up houses in Japan. United States would assist to bring forth employment for Japan at the same clip. In add-on. the liberalist attack would assist Japan to open up its markets to others states outside of Asia as good. Thus. economically. it can be seen that the best suitable attack here is a liberalist attack toward the United States. The 2nd country is Strategic or military. as shown above the states have had their contentions conflicts utilizing forces every bit good. The United States can utilize its military power to derive its self-interest which make it becomes a mercantilist.

The United States use its military power to put base in Japan merely so it won’t lose its function in South East Asia. As for Japan this is besides a great chance to utilize the United States forces to its advantages. by U. S forces remaining in Japan. it helped Japan to derive security against others states like South Korean and China. However. for this country. it would be wise for Japan to utilize a realist attack toward the United States due to many grounds. One of which is that. it is non certain of what the United States will make. even though they are alliance. the United States might utilize its mercantilist power to command over Japan Oklahoman or subsequently. Thus if Japan would recognize this and take a realist attack. Japan would foremost allow the United States forces stayed in Japan. but Japan would non to help the United States in its end to derive security toward the South East Asia. But in contrast. Japan would takes United States forces for granted and uses the forces to beef up Japan’s ain military forces.

Therefore Japan would look out for its self-interest while apparently looks likes it is collaborating with the United States. Therefore. if Japan took this attack it will certainly assist the state to be more secured and looks out for its ain involvement as good. The Third country is Development. as both states are good known for their high engineering and human resources. Japan would once more take broad attacks toward the United States. By taking a broad attacks. Japan would derive a immense benefits from this attack. for case. if Japan wants to happen a new engineering that remedy AIDS. with the combined engineering and human resources. the velocity of the research would be much faster therefore will take to faster development. Development in engineering. with their combines strength. they would interrupt new boundaries which would benefits Japan so much more. Furthermore. Japan will have AIDSs to develop others facets every bit good even including military ; those AIDSs would include money or others. Of class. in a broad attack both states will derive the benefits. therefore the United States will hold its just portion of benefits every bit good. Sing the developments Japan would acquire. broad attack would be best in this country. The last country is the societal. even though the two states have two contrasts faiths between Japan and the United States.

However. Japan is a state that has faced many natural catastrophe including frequent temblors. In that incident. the united States have provided a great sum of aid toward Japan in clip of crisis. But in return. Japan besides helped the United States with many human-centered assistance every bit good. for case the Hurricane Katrina. Japan aided the United States with many supplies and donates every bit good. Here we can see a two side benefits from both Japan and the United States. Not merely has that. the United States and Japan besides joined ventures to assist raise many human-centered act to do the universe a better topographic point every bit good. Again. from these many illustrations. the appropriate and best manner to near this country are most believed by people is a liberalist attack. Not merely the United States will assist Japan in crisis. many great Acts of the Apostless could be hosted together in order to assist the universe.

All in all. the backgrounds of both states have shown that they are both powerful states. In add-on. both of these states have encountered many interactions against 1s another. Japan was a enemy of the United States than subsequently on go an confederation with the United States. As can be seen from the above. it would be best for Japan to utilize the multilevel and multidimensional attack significance that Japan will utilize varies of theories under the fortunes. For economic system. Japan would utilize broad to open its market and raise its economic system. In contrast. for military. Japan would necessitate to utilize realist theory so they can procure their state and derive self-advantage for its ain state.

Third. Japan uses broad for its tactics in order to develop its state but at the same clip helped the United States to develop every bit good. Last. for societal. a broad will help Japan in times of crisis and other humanity Acts of the Apostless. Personally. I think the best theory and attack toward the United States would be a liberalist attack due to the ground that United States is a powerful state in about all facets. even though Japan would give of some benefits to the United States every bit good. nevertheless sing the Security and benefits Japan will acquire. it would be best if Japan would take a broad attack and go ally with the U. S. Japan would derive a immense beneficial for its state.

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