Japanese Systems of 5s Essay

5S Visual Workplace Pays for itself in the time and money you’ll save hunting for necessary supplies, tools, files and equipment later. The 5S system will give you benefits that are quickly visible – in your workspace and your bottom line. 5S Workplace Scan Checklist Quick and Visible Results 5S: • Improves on-time delivery • Improves quality/reduced defects • Increases productivity • Reduces lead times • Reduces waste in materials, space and time • Reduces inventory and storage costs • Reduces changeover time • Reduces equipment downtime Improves safety The 5 “S”s The 5S system is based on the English translations of five Japanese words. They are: 1. Sort through and sort out: Clean out the work area, keeping what is necessary in the work area, relocating or discarding what is not. 2. Set in order and set limits: Arrange needed items so they are easy to find, use and return, to streamline production and eliminate time searching for them. 3. Shine and inspect through cleaning: Clean and care for equipment and areas, and inspect while doing so. 4.

Standardize: Make all work areas similar so procedures are obvious and instinctual, and defects stand out. 5. Sustain: Make these “rules” natural and instinctual. Once they are habits, the total benefits of 5S will be reaped The system as a whole creates a workspace that allows for minimized waste. Not only do the five steps help to ensure that time will be spent doing more productive activities, but it also reduces the chance of error, rework and injury which are all high cost activities. Bring our Experts to Your Floor

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Japanese Systems of 5s Essay
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WMEP manufacturing specialists have many years of real-world experience in manufacturing businesses and have brought 5S and other lean manufacturing techniques to hundreds of manufacturers around the state. They understand specifically how 5S manufacturing can work for you and what obstacles you will have to overcome to achieve results. Their hands-on experience makes them valuable resources for you on your road to becoming a lean manufacturer. For help in making your workplace safer, more profitable and a better place for all, please call us at ( 877) 800-2085.

Or spend a day at one of our workshops in order to find out more about the improvements you can make with 5S. 5S WORKSHOP The 5S workshop provides detailed training in the techniques of sort, set aside, shine, standardize and sustain. This workshop will provide you with specific strategies for making sustainable improvements in your work place so that you can take the strategies back to your company and begin implementing them immediately. To insure that your specific manufacturing issues can be addressed within the workshop, our workshops are taught by manufacturing specialists with years of hands-on experience.

The goal is to teach you the techniques that will create the most impact on your unique situation. We want you to see a direct return on your investment from each and every workshop you attend. 5S is a key component of Lean Manufacturing and can produce dramatic, measurable results in a short period of time. The whole production and operations teams including CEOs, presidents, production managers and people on the shop floor will benefit from 5S. Sending a team to a 5S workshop gets everyone started on the same path and allows you to organize a team to work on your 5S efforts.


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