Jehovah Witness Is a Cult Essay

Jehovah Witness is a Cult September 7, 2010 HU300-11 Jehovah Witness is a Cult There are many different types of religions that are practiced on a daily basis. Each one of these religions believes their beliefs are correct and other religions are false religions. One certain religion that seems to be talked about the most is called Jehovah’s Witnesses. This religion seems to have more history of myths than any other religion out there. The witnesses have been stereotyped as being a cult. Some people would say this is a false statement for this religion.

Others which are mostly outsiders claim this statement is very accurate. There is two different ways to look at religion. One term used is sect and the other term is valid religion. First, one must understand what the word sect truly means. Sect definition is “a small group that has broken away from an established Church. ” Therefore, Jehovah witnesses are not small, nor have they broken away from any other religion. When people believe the witnesses are a sect that is what makes those people strongly believe that Jehovah Witnesses are not a valid religion; when in fact Jehovah Witness is a valid religion.

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Jehovah Witness Is a Cult Essay
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This leads to why people are implying that the Witnesses are a cult, when it is clearly stated that the Jehovah Witnesses do not fit that definition of being a sect nor a non religion. It has been said that the Jehovah Witnesses shun members who leave the faith. This is a myth. The witnesses that get shunned are the ones that have committed a gross sin and is unrepentant regarding his/her actions. This is why Elders of the witnesses have shunned or disfellowshipped a few members in the past. This is not saying that these witnesses could never return to their faith in Jehovah.

Those witnesses are always welcome to attend any meeting or any assembly. The brothers only shunned these members in hope for that witness to find their way back to the true faith; just as a parent would punish their child. The congregation does not shun inactive individuals for the life they lead if they no longer identify themselves publicly as a witness or participate in the door to door ministry. With saying this, once again Jehovah Witnesses is not a cult. Jehovah’s Witnesses have a history of 130 years. Stereotypes had been given to the Jehovah’s Witnesses from the beginning of the 1800’s.

In the early start of this religion this stereotyping lead to ridicule and slander. There were attempts to even kill the influence of C. T. Russell (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society). This attempt was done by preachers from different churches. There was even a time when clergy called for public debate, and Brother Russell’s books were burned. The attempt of destruction for the Witnesses is not as drastic in our modern world but their religion is still being stereotyped because many outsiders do not have a complete understanding of their religion.

With the outsiders not having all the information in their hands and only having “hear say” to go with, this is what is leading the stereotype of the Jehovah’s Witnesses being a cult carry on into the next generations. The stereotypes of Jehovah’s Witnesses are still persisting in modern culture. This is due to the fact no other religion wants to neither listen nor learn of any other possible way of true religion. Then other people that do not even belong to a certain religion may receive the false tales about Jehovah Witnesses through the internet, which today is the fastest way to find any information a person is in search for.

Although, this person may not have the knowledge that the internet does not always hand out all factual information on any subject for that matter. Therefore, this makes the stereotype of Jehovah’s Witnesses being a cult still stands as strong as ever today. It is very difficult to make this stereotype be dispelled or vanish. Although, it is possible to have this stereotype of the Witnesses be vanish. It would take people to want to be more open and willing to learn different things about other religions.

This would not mean just because they are willing to listen and hear the proven facts that the Jehovah Witnesses are not a cult that they must join that congregation. That is far from the truth. Just by other people willing to hear the other side of the story would educate those people to help have a better understanding of Jehovah’s religion. With having these understandings they will feel more at ease and make them feel less concerned about when they hear of the name Jehovah Witnesses or even come in contact with a witness.

This person then would feel no threat that the Witness they come in contact with is not there to try and force them into a cult because they are not one. The Witnesses do not eve force people into their religion for that matter. It is one’s own choice. Jehovah’s Witnesses are not a cult since they have not separated from an established religion. They do not follow a particular human leader either. The only leader the Witnesses have is Jesus Christ. They do not isolate themselves from none Jehovah believers; they want to go and share the truth to those people in hopes that one day they too will know the truth.

This stereotype of the Witnesses has been carried on for many of years. When others start seeing that the Witnesses believe in God, Jesus Christ, Bible, and God’s Kingdom; which is the same as every other religion, they will start to realize there is not much of a difference in their religion and the Jehovah’s to which makes them a cult. Reference Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. International Bible Students Association. Brooklyn, New York, USA


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