Jennifer Case Study Essay

1. What are the causes of stress in Jennifer’s life? Jennifer is undergoing chronic stress. Some of this stress may be cause by her recent move to Nebraska. Jennifer also has a long drive to work that may be somewhat stressful. Another reason for stress is that she has been trying to start a family and has miscarried. There is also the pressure from the in-laws constantly asking her if she expecting. She also has the added stress from work. Her coworkers seem to depend on her and she never wants to let them down. Jennifer has also lost her mother and her father is ill. Jennifer is now facing the decision to put him in a nursing facility.

How is stress affecting Jennifer’s health? Much of this stress is affecting Jennifer, causing her to have headaches, backaches, indigestion and she is now started to feel unhappy. She feels tired and overwhelmed with house chores and is now starting to make mistakes at work. I think that Jennifer is dealing with many daily hassles. Her hour commute to work may be a time hassle, causing her headaches and backaches. Another daily hassle may be health and life concerns. She may feel at fault for losing her child. In fact, undergoing stress previous to becoming pregnant may have caused her to lose the child.

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Because of the amount of pressure being weighed on Jennifer she has unclear thoughts and may be the reason for her mistakes at work. This is a job hassle. She is feeling also feeling fatigue and is unable to do daily tasks. Jennifer claims she is happy, but also insists that she is not feeling stress. Jennifer is focusing more on the stressors, she may not realize that she is stressed or may possible be depressed. 2. How are these stressors impacting Jennifer’s self-concept and self-esteem? Because Jennifer is highly stressed, she may also be suffering from a low self esteem. This can make her feel helpless and have little self worth.

Jennifer has questioned her effectiveness as an employee, wife, daughter, and potential mother, therefore, she may feel the she is useless and start feel that she is able to perform her duties the best that she can. 3. How might Jennifer’s situation illustrate adjustment? Jennifer can adjust her situation taking a scenic route to work. Instead of trying so hard to have a baby she can slow things down and set dates with her husband or even see a doctor for other possibilities. She could ask her in-laws to not always ask questions about her expectancy and advise them that when she becomes pregnant that she will inform them.

As for her mother passing away, she could seek a social group that focuses on those who are grieving. At her job she could ask for some help with the work overload. And for her father, she could possibly place him in her own home. This way she wouldn’t have the extra worries about placing him in the wrong place or worry about how he is going to be treated. Jennifer can also see someone for guidance such as a therapist or social group so she relate to others dealing with the same sort of situations. How might this situation become an opportunity for personal growth? Jennifer may learn to speak out more.

She may become optimistic to certain situations. Jennifer may find it easier to ask for help and become more sociable. It will make her step back and analyze her thoughts and feelings and make her more aware of whom she is as an individual. She can become a stronger person by experiencing these types of situations and recognize problems and learn how to manage them in a more productive way. Jennifer may start having more self-acceptance and confident in herself. She may also find ways to manage her time wisely so that she isn’t always pressured to do everything in such a little amount of time. . What defensive coping methods is Jennifer using? Jennifer is in denial, she believes that she is not stressed. Although, she is seeing a doctor, she may be overlooking the seriousness of the situation. She also may decide to withdraw from any of the situations she is going through. She may give up on her job, may decide she doesn’t want a family, or make the wrong decision where to send her father. Jennifer may become aggressive toward family or friends, even coworkers. She may develop bad habits like over eating and drinking. What active coping methods might be healthier for Jennifer to use?

Jennifer could learn some therapeutic ways to relax each day. Before work she can enjoy herself by reading a book with a cup of coffee, take a short walk, or even exercise before her drive to work. Instead of worrying about house cleaning she could reduce this daily hassle by hiring a housekeeper. Jennifer can even develop some time managing skills so that she doesn’t feel pressured by all the stressors. These can help lower Jennifer’s stress levels. 5. Select one theory of personality and use this theory to tell Jennifer how this theory explains her situation.

Jennifer has a type A personality. This theory can explain how her situation is causing stress. The Type A personality focuses on personality the focuses on perfectionism, a high degree of stress, impatience and can cause aggression. In Jennifer’s situation she is dealing with several stress causing issues that she does not recognize. 6. In what stage of development is Jennifer and what factors about this stage might be impacting her perspective of this situation? Jennifer is in the adulthood stage. Generally in this stage the adult is very independent.

This is one reason Jennifer may feel that she has to be the one depended on to do so well at work, and even make the decisions about the placement of her father. Most adults at this stage have many responsibilities, therefore, Jennifer may feel that because her in laws want a grandchild badly that she is responsible for pursuing it. Jennifer by now is mature enough to gain self-control of situations. Jennifer shows that she is accountable by always doing well at work. Although Jennifer feels no stress or does not recognize it, she still may have the perception of being a failure.

She is 29 years of age, has already lost her mother and a child. She may have had a different perspective and though she could succeed with her job, have a family, and be able to take care of her family on her own. 7. What relationship factors or considerations might be influencing Jennifer’s problems? The fact that Jennifer’s in-laws are constantly questioning if she is expecting can put more stress on her. I would assume she is feeling pressured to have a child. Her coworkers also count on her because she never wants to let anyone down. So she has even more added pressure to complete her work, and the fear that she will not do it well.


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