Jesus The Christ Essay

The healings, the miracles and all the claims without susceptible evidence are a matter of what you wish to believe. The Jesus of the Catholic faith was a man that was special and worshipped at his birth by wise men. He was the Son of God, the lord Christ, his name Jesus the word of life. His job on earth was to announce god’s love to all people. He was Jesus of the suffering savior.

In Mark’s gospel he is a true messiah, but a messiah who will come in glory only after he has suffered and sacrificed his life for his people. We can compare the historical image of Jesus, which is based on the scientific facts to the Jesus described by the gospels.

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Jesus The Christ Essay
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The latest image of Jesus is the work of Richard Neave, a forensic reconstruction expert at Manchester University. Using an original skull found in a group of bones near Jerusalem that they carbonated to the first century. Forensic techniques are a very well accepted method of identifying bodies. It is very successful because the shape of the skull gives the shape of the face, including eyebrows, nose and jaw line. By adding strips of plaster to the cast, it gives an accurate shape of the face. Images similar to first and third century northern Iraq citizens around the same time would give a more accurate account of Jesus as he really would have been. This being short curly hair with a trimmed beard. His skin colour was thought to be close to that of Middle Eastern inhabitants in the climate of Jesus time. It is not the face of Jesus but how he is likely to have looked given the scientific information.

This image of Jesus is completely the opposite to the one of the gospels. The Jesus of the catholic faith was recognized as being a long haired, fair skinned, tall lean man, with a thin nose and face.

The historical Jesus is based on facts and the Jesus for the Catholics is based on faith. The
are close together but at the same time miles apart. On one hand you have a Jesus that was a leader and performed miracles unheard of before in history. But in the other hand you have a man who may of performed the miracles but suffered, relied on others and live a tough life like the average Jew of his time.
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