JLC 4th Grade Science Ch 1 Review 2016

Question Answer
Organism a living thing
microscopic too small to be seen with the eye alone
bacteria probably the oldest living organism
protists algae and protozoans
fungi absorb food and can't move about
vascular having tubes
non-vascular without tubes
vertebrate animal with a backbone
invertebrate animal without a backbone
cells building blocks of life
nucleus controls all functions of the cell
vacuoles store food, water and waste
chloroplasts and cell wall found only in plant cells
bacteria cells do not have nucleus
helps digest food & clean up oil spills bacteria
The most numerous organism on Earth bacteria
a vascular plant that has spores fern
a plant that has roots, stems, and leaves vascular plant
a plant that has no tubes for carrying water and food non-vascular
Five Kingdoms of Living Things Animals
Two types of plants vascular and non-vascular
Vertebrates mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians
invertebrates mollusks, worms, arthropods
arthropods crustaceans, arachnids, insects
Humans can be described as: Animals with vertebrate and mammals

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