Job Analysis Workforce Planning and Selection of New Salesperson at Interclean Essay

Job Analysis, Workforce Planning System and Selection of New Salesperson positions In InterClean Homer Bautista HRM/531 May 18, 2010 Dr. K. L. Ranasinghe Ph. D. , D. B. A. Job Analysis The term job analysis describes the process of obtaining information about jobs. Regardless of how it is collected, it usually includes information about the tasks to be done on the job as well as the personal characteristics (education, experience, specialized training, personality) necessary to do the tasks (Cascio, 2005).

Job analysis also can be defined as the systematic study of jobs to identify the observable work activities, tasks, and responsibilities associated with a particular job or group of jobs (University of Minnesota, 2008). I believe that structured questionnaires are appropriate analysis method in this case because it is generally cheaper and quicker to administer than other methods. Questionnaires can be completed off the job, thus avoiding lost productive time. Web-based questionnaires allow analysts to survey large numbers of geographically dispersed job incumbents.

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Job Analysis Workforce Planning and Selection of New Salesperson at Interclean Essay
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On the other hand, the disadvantage of structured questionnaire is that rapport between analyst and respondent is not possible (Cascio, 2005). Main Job Duties of the New Sales Department – Responsible for locating and establishing new leads. – Convince new leads that InterClean can outperform their current full cleaning services by providing efficient, timely, quality, and expeditious services. – Obtain a minimum of two new contracts per personnel per year. – Establish and maintain outstanding customer services, which is geared for long lasting relationships with clients. Workforce Planning System

Job analysis, strategic and operational planning provides input to the workforce planning process. Strategic business planning is the long-range process of setting organizational objectives and deciding on action programs to achieve those objectives. Operational, or tactical, planning deals with the normal, ongoing growth of current operations or with specific problems that temporarily disrupt the pace of normal growth (Cascio, 2005). Talent Inventory 1. Jim is a 54 year-old Caucasian male who was recently hired by David Spencer of InterClean to be the new VP of Sales, taking sales leadership away from Tom Jennings, VP of Marketing.

Jim is an experienced and knowledgeable sales manager in the industrial cleaning and sanitation industry and he has a reputation for taking great care of the customer. He prides himself on meeting and exceeding his sales plan each year and is not afraid to try new ideas to achieve sales. 2. Tom is a 47 year-old Hispanic male who has been with EnviroTech for 5 years. He was recruited by Sally Lindley, CEO of EnviroTech, because of his ability to lead a team and for his expertise in developing solutions-based products for the customer. Tom has been in the industrial cleaning industry for over 25 years.

Tom enjoys establishing long-term relationships with customers and being the point person for customers to come to if there are problems. 3. Susan is a 62 year-old Caucasian female who was hired by David Spencer, Sr. , the founder of InterClean. Susan has performed numerous jobs during her 24 years at the company, achieving success in each role. She transferred to sales 6 years ago and has met her sales goals each year. Susan is aggressive in closing the sale, but she understands the importance of providing excellent “after the sale” service (from her previous roles in Customer Service, Collections, Purchasing, and Distribution).

Susan is paid straight commission, but because of a grandfather clause in her employment agreement, she is eligible for restricted stock grants each year. 4. Eric is a 41 year-old African-American male who was hired by Sally Lindley, CEO of EnviroTech. Eric has a solid reputation for servicing the customer and helping the customer get the best products for the best prices. During his 14 years with the company, in addition to performing his duties as a sales rep, Eric has performed the role of team leader on several special projects, which contributed to the financial growth of EnviroTech.

Eric prides himself on keeping current with the latest industrial cleaning and sanitation industry developments, as well as on the changes to regulations and compliance issues affecting the industry. Eric is paid a base salary and is eligible for the Sales Bonus program. 5. Ving is a 42 year-old Asian male who was hired 12 years ago by Sally Lindley, CEO of EnviroTech. Ving enjoys working with customers and performs training seminars on a regular basis in order to help train the employees of his customers. Customers know that if there is a problem they cannot handle, they can contact Ving.

He knows how to obtain appropriate answers through his personal network of industry professionals. Ving is paid a base salary and is eligible for the Sales Bonus program. 6. Terry is a 56 year-old Hispanic female who was hired 6 years ago by Sally Lindley, CEO of EnviroTech. Terry was a former high school teacher who was hired by Sally for her ability to communicate, educate, and her use of critical thinking skills in problem resolution. Terry understands the value in working as a team in order to get the final outcome.

She is an educated consumer who is happy with the product and trusts the vendor who sold it. Terry is paid a base salary and is eligible for the Sales Bonus program (University of Phoenix, 2006). Selection The use of situational tests, such as the leaderless group discussion, the in-basket, and business simulations, lies at the heart of the assessment center method. Key advantages of the method are its high validity, fair evaluation of each candidate’s ability, and flexibility of form and content. Other features include the use of multiple assessment techniques, assessor raining, and pooled assessor judgments in rating each candidate’s behavior (Cascio, 2005). Based on the above talent inventory, Jim, Tom, Susan, Eric, Ving, and Terry have been selected to make up the new salesperson position. They represent various ethnicities; both male and female genders are employed; they have extensive knowledge and experience in the industrial cleaning industry; and most important, they have a high commitment to providing the best customer service, which ultimately will establish long-lasting customer relationships.

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