Job Rotation Job Enlargement And Job Enrichment Essay

Job Rotation is a direction attack where employees are shifted between two or more assignments or occupations at regular intervals of clip in order to expose them to all verticals of an organisation. It is a pre-planned attack with an aim to prove the employee accomplishments and competences in order to put him or her at the right topographic point. In add-on to it, it reduces the humdrum of the occupation and gives them a wider experience and helps them derive more penetrations.

Job rotary motion is a well-planned pattern to cut down the ennui of making same type of occupation mundane and research the concealed potency of an employee. The procedure serves the intent of both the direction and the employees. It helps direction in detecting the endowment of employees and finding what he or she is best at. On the other manus, it gives an person a opportunity to research his or her ain involvements and addition experience in different Fieldss or operations.

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Job Rotation Job Enlargement And Job Enrichment Essay
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Job Rotation Aims

Reducing Monotony of the Job: A The first and first aim of occupation rotary motion is to cut down the humdrum and repetitiousness involved in a occupation. It allows employees to see different type of occupations and motivates them to execute good at each phase of occupation replacing.

Sequence Planning: A The construct of sequence planning is ‘Who will replace whom ‘ . Its chief map of occupation rotary motion is to develop a pool of employees who can be placed at a senior degree when person gets retired or leaves the organisation. The thought is to make an immediate replacing of a high-worth employee from within the organisation.

Making Right-Employee Job Fit: A The success of an organisation depends on the on-job productiveness of its employees. If they ‘re justly placed, they will be able to give the maximal end product. In instance, they are non assigned the occupation that they are good at, it creates a existent large job for both employee every bit good as organisation. Therefore, suiting a right individual in right vacancy is one of the chief aims of occupation rotary motion.

Exposing Workers to All Verticals of the Company: A Another chief map of occupation rotary motion procedure is to exposing workers to all verticals or operations of the organisation in order to do them aware how company operates and how undertakings are performed. It gives them a opportunity to understand the working of the organisation and different issues that harvest up while working.

Testing Employee Skills and Competencies: Testing and analysing employee accomplishments and competences and so delegating them the work that they excel at is one of the major maps of occupation rotary motion procedure. It is done by traveling them to different occupations and assignments and finding their proficiency and aptitude. Puting them what they are best at additions their on-job productiveness.

Developing a Wider Range of Work Experience: A Employees, normally do n’t desire to alter their country of operations. Once they start executing a specific undertaking, they do n’t desire to switch from their comfort zone. Through occupation rotary motion, directors prepare them in progress to hold a wider scope of work experience and develop different accomplishments and competences. It is necessary for an overall development of an person. Along with this, they understand the jobs of assorted sections and seek to set or accommodate consequently.

Job rotary motion is a good planned direction attack that is good both for employees and direction.

Potential of occupation rotary motion

A well planned occupation rotary motion programme in an organisation has immense potency of positive impact on occupation satisfaction, battle of people and eventually on keeping of people. Few of the results of occupation rotary motion with regard to the person are:

Job enrichment

Overall development

Intrinsic motive to execute caused by newer challenges

Career development

Where as for an organisation, the benefits could include some or all of the followers:

Leadership development

Aligning competences with organisational demands

Lower abrasion rates

Performance betterment driven by alone position points of new people

Job rotary motions at different degrees of direction

For occupation rotary motions at a somewhat higher degree, it is perfectly necessary that the concern jobs in assorted countries are identified. This calls for the active engagement of top direction. Select most suited people to be shifted from their current occupations to undertake the challenges at manus by sing single properties already described supra. This will non merely supply an penetration for the hereafter leaders in assorted facets of the concern but besides will heighten their assurance degrees as they solve these critical jobs for the organization.

Job rotary motion at junior and in-between degree executives may be pivoted around their strengths and properties and the hereafter roles expected of them. Concentrate must be on exposure in all related countries of his sphere of expertness, so that as they grow to higher rounds of the direction, they have an overall experience of their domain.

Job rotary motions for workers must include facets related to work environment, besides along with other single properties already explained, so that it adds to his satisfaction derived from balanced distribution of work burden, working conditions and larning opportunities.

Done this manner occupation rotary motion gets aligned with calling development, leading development and employee satisfaction which would eventually ensue in higher degrees of intrinsic motive among the employees and hence may lend in retaining endowment.

Job expansion

Job expansion is a occupation design technique wherein there is an addition in the figure of undertakings associated with a certain occupation. In other words, it means increasing the range of one ‘s responsibilities and duties. The addition in range is quantitative in nature and non qualitative and at the same degree.

Job expansion is a horizontal restructuring method that aims at addition in the work force flexibleness and at the same clip cut downing humdrums that may crawl up over a period of clip. It is besides known as horizontal burden in that the duties addition at the same degree and non vertically.

Many believe that since the expansion is horizontal in nature there is non a great demand for developing! Contrary to this, occupation enlargement requires appropriate preparation particularly on clip and people direction. Task related preparation is non required much since the individual is already cognizant of the same or making it for some clip.

Benefits of Job Enlargement

The followers are the major benefits of Job expansion

Reduced Monotony: Howsoever interesting the occupation may look in the beginning, earlier or subsequently people complain of ennui and humdrum. Job enlargement if planned carefully can assist cut down ennui and do it more hearty and carry throughing for the employees.

Increased Work Flexibility: A There is an add-on to the figure of undertakings an single performs. There is therefore an increased range of transporting out undertakings that are various and yet really similar in certain facets.

No Skills Training Required: A Since the person has already been executing the undertaking in the yesteryear, there is no great demand for leaving of new accomplishments. However people and clip direction intercessions may be required. The occupation therefore gets more motivational for the one acting it.

Job expansion ( sometimes besides referred to as “ horizontal burden ” ) involves the add-on of excess, similar, undertakings to a occupation.

In occupation expansion, the occupation itself remains basically unchanged. However, by widening the scope of undertakings that need to be performed, hopefully the employee will see less repeat and humdrum that are common on production lines which rely upon the division of labor.

With occupation expansion, the employee seldom needs to get new accomplishments to transport out the extra undertaking, and the motivational benefits of occupation enrichment are non normally experienced.

One of import negative facet is that occupation expansion is sometimes viewed by employees as a demand to transport out more work for the same sum of wage

Job Enrichment

The significance of Job enrichment is depicted in the undermentioned image or image.

Occupation enrichment

Job enrichmentA means a perpendicular enlargement of a occupation. It is different from occupation enlargement.A Job enlargementA means a horizontal enlargement of a occupation.

Job enrichment makes the occupation more meaningful, gratifying and fulfilling. It gives the workers more liberty for planning and commanding the occupation. It besides gives the workers more duty. Job enrichment gives the workers chances for accomplishment, acknowledgment, promotion and growing. So, the workers are motivated to work harder.

Therefore, Job enrichment makes the occupation a beginning of motive.

Features of Job Enrichment

TheA characteristicsA or characteristics of occupation enrichment are: –

Nature of Job: Job enrichment is a perpendicular enlargement of the occupation. The workers are given occupations, which require higher-level cognition, accomplishments and duties. Job enrichment improves the quality of the occupation.

Aim: The aim of Job enrichment is to do the occupation more lively and disputing. So, the occupation is a beginning of motive for the workers.

Positive Consequences: Job enrichment gives positive consequences if the workers are extremely skilled. This is because workers are given chances to demo inaugural and invention while making their occupation.

Direction and Control: Job enrichment encourages self-denial. It does non believe in external way and control.

Advantages of Job Enrichment

TheA importanceA or virtues or advantages of occupation enrichment are: –

Job enrichment is utile to both the workers and the organisation.

The worker gets achievement, acknowledgment and self-actualization.

The worker gets a sense of belonging to the organisation.

The worker finds the occupation meaningful.

Job enrichment reduces absenteeism, labor-turnover and grudges.

It motivates the workers to give best public presentation.

Restrictions of Job Enrichment

TheA shortcomingsA or demerits or restrictions of occupation enrichment are: –

In many instances, occupation enrichment does non give the expected consequences.

It makes many alterations in the occupation. So many workers oppose it.

It has limited usage for extremely skilled directors and professionals. This is because their occupations are already disputing.

The consent of workers is non taken before implementing occupation enrichment.

Directors force the workers to accept occupation enrichment, which is non good.

Job enrichment is a type of occupation redesign intended to change by reversal the effects of undertakings that are insistent necessitating small liberty. Some of these effects are boredom, deficiency of flexibleness, and employee dissatisfaction ( Leach & A ; Wall, 2004 ) . The implicit in rule is to spread out the range of the occupation with a greater assortment of undertakings, perpendicular in nature, that require autonomy. Since the end is to give the single exposure to tasks usually reserved for otherwise focused or higher places, simply adding more of the same duties related to an employee ‘s current place is non considered occupation enrichment.

Job Enrichment and Job Enlargement

The difference between occupation enrichment and occupation expansion is basically of measure and quality. Whereas occupation expansion means increasing the range of occupation quantitatively by adding up more undertakings, occupation enrichment means betterment in the quality of occupation such that employees are more satisfied and fulfilled.

Through occupation enrichment an employee finds satisfaction and contentment in his occupation and through occupation enlargement employee feels more responsible and worthwhile in the organisation.

Job enrichment entails the maps of planning and organizing and enlargement involves executing of the same. Both complement each other, in that occupation enrichment empowers and enlargement executes.

Job enrichment depends upon occupation expansion for success and the contrary in non true.

Job enrichment means a perpendicular enlargement in responsibilities and duties and span of control whereas in occupation enlargement the enlargement is horizontal in nature.

Job enrichment has been found to hold greater impact in footings of motive when compared to occupation expansion. Since enrichment gives employee greater penetrations in managerial operation and a better work profile, it is looked upon as an index of growing and development. The same is non true in instance of occupation expansion which is seen as an employer maneuver to increase the work load.

Enriching the occupation of some low professions

Sanitation worker

Security Guard

Lab Assistant

School Teacher


Within the services sector, there are many countries of work at assorted degrees of society. Economic growing has brought in its aftermath a host of chances in the services sector, much of which is portion of the unorganised sector. Workers like Sanitation worker, security guard, lab helper, school instructor and receptionist and the similar, all belong to the above-named sector.

Sanitation worker

The success or failure of a sanitation worker depends on the extent to which direction supports the sanitation plan.

An effectual sanitation plan includes commissariats for changeless preparation and instruction of employees. Educational information can be disseminated through sanitation preparation manuals and short classs given by trade associations, professional organisations, or regulative bureaus.

The major maps of sanitation direction are to depute duties and to develop and oversee employees. Self-supervision and self-inspection are two tools that contribute to a more effectual sanitation plan.

Security Guard

Security guards areA offense, menace and hazard bar officersA assigned to protectA specific people and belongings. The security guard ‘s concern is to protect individuals and prevent harm or devastation to property.A PREVENTION is the cardinal word.

An effectual manner to enrich the occupation of a security guard is to specify their occupation duties and occupation functions in a more specific manner.

The indispensable functions and duties of security guards are classified into six. They are ;

1. Prevention

2. Visibility

3. Watchfulness

4. Observe and Report

5. Geting Aid

6. Team Player

Lab Assistant

The chief of aims of the occupation of lab helper are as follows:

To familiarise pupils with general computing machine use and in peculiar, package that hones their basic academic accomplishments.

Give kids the assurance that they can get the hang computing machine accomplishments.

To develop a nurturing and confirming relationship with an grownup.

The ways to enrich the occupation of a lab helper are

Monitor the use of the computing machine lab

Encourage pupils as they progress and learn computing machine “ etiquette ” ( non thumping the keyboard, mouse, etc ).

When the last group of kids is finished, remind them to force in their chairs, pick up any rubbish, and decently shut off the computing machines.

Desire to learn kids to larn computing machine accomplishments now, so that they will hold an equal chance to vie in a computer-dependent work force.

School Teacher

There are a few stairss that pedagogues can do in protecting their professional repute, progressing pupil accomplishment, and doing their daily lives a small less disputing. The ways to enrich the occupation of school instructor involves the followers:


Teachers ca n’t learn in isolation. They ca n’t maintain up with everything by themselves, but they can be good at different elements of content, and they can inquire each other to assist them with what they are n’t experts at. Besides coaction does n’t merely intend course of study development. It besides means seeking out instructors who portion their thrust and their doctrines such that they can turn to them about any school-related issue.

Stand up for Your Profession

Be a vocal and positive representative for instruction. There is a little but loud per centum of our ain out there who may be ready for a different profession. Some show an indifference to learning all pupils, accepting broad borders of failures as par for the class. Some treat their co-workers ill, and there are those whose choler or resentment in life is felt by an full school community.

Be a Student

The best instructors are besides pupils. Certain, they might still be taking categories, but what I truly intend is that they are besides womb-to-tomb scholars.

This is the best ways to increase their ain content cognition about the topics they teach. Remember, those who do the instruction are the 1s making most of the acquisition. When they give pupils those chances, they learn much more than they would from a talk.


The chief ways to enrich the occupation of receptionist includes the followers:

Start things off with an prosecuting salutation

When replying the phone, kick things off by thanking them for naming, adverting theA concern name, and including an offer of aid. A friendly inquiry like “ How may I assist you? ” shows your avidity to assist and invites companies to show any demands or inquire any inquiries they may hold.

Expression for unsaid demands

When a company says something about him or her, ever acknowledge it, and offer to assist where you can. AnyA opportunityA to assist your company is a opportunity to link! For illustration, if a company references that they ‘re goingA to be lateA to a meeting because of auto problem, go a superhero by offering to name a cab – even if they ‘ve made other agreements, your contemplation will non travel unnoticed!

Answer with smiling

Not every company will ask for the receptionist to chew the fat, which makes them all the more particular. When a company engages them by inquiring “ How are you? ” or the similar, react enthusiastically, and thank the company for taking an involvement in you: “ I ‘m antic! Thank you so much for inquiring! How are you? ” An added fillip: Answering with a smiling can hike your ain temper as good!

Topographic point companies on clasp meagerly

When you need a minute toA look up a phone numberA or cite a file, chat with your company instead than inquiring them to keep. Trusty standbys like “ How are you today? ” and “ How ‘s your twenty-four hours traveling? ” are great ways to link with companies. It may be brief, but your conversation could do a large impact!


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