Job Specific Training Versus Quality Specific Training Essay

Compare And Contrast Essay TOPIC: Job specific training versus Quality specific training M. Y. Simeon Sithu MBA 14’c’ Reg no:BLR0907033095 ? Job specific training versus quality specific training “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. ”(Aristotle) INTRODUCTION: Training is a part which helps an employee to join in an organization by providing the employee with efficient skills needed for the job.

Training helps the employee to become confident and make the person eligible for the job. As the day to day business world is growing very fast every organization should provide effective training otherwise, the employee may fail to face the difficult to live among the competition world. Training provides job satisfaction. JOB SPECIFIC TRAINING: Job specific training increases the performance of the employee. In this training the employee gets direct education towards how to perform for the specific part of the job provided. Job training significantly matches with the capability of employee.

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Job Specific Training Versus Quality Specific Training Essay
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The employees here are found to be in lack of quality matters. At the end of job training the employer will be provided with a feedback it reviews the presently learnt sill of the person. This service offers employee to come with greater knowledge regarding the job. Hence job specific training teaches only the work activities. It qualifies a person to maintain, update skills by upgrading themselves towards the working life. QUALITY SPECIFIC TRAINING: Quality specific training helps the employee to know about new skills like soft skills, personality development…

Etc. Here employee won’t concentrate about the job skill it concerns about the awareness among standards, Systematic approach and so on. The employee will be given coaching about the life, Standards, approach these helps them to implement their own style with a good manner this will automatically improve the quality towards the job. This quality training is larger than that of employer capability. This research not only helps in job but also contributes to managerial decision making in plenty of ways.

Quality training uses measurement tools to analyze needs and procedures which lead to maximize improvement in working sector in a best way. Hence quality specific training concentrates more on leadership, soft skills, and personality classes which results in the business organization. CONCLUSION: For a training which needs to promote an employee in a higher level of grade it should have both job training associated with a quality training so that it will enrich the person to cooperate and manage his/her level in the business area.

Job specific training gives whole knowledge about the task of work to be carried out whereas, quality specific training provides much knowledge about perfection in work what a quality matters it helps a person to manage any kind of situation. Thus both of the specific training needs to be implemented for the training. BIBLIOGRAPHY •“www. sedsi. org/proceeding/2008/proc. com” •“http://download. aibd. org. my/books/manual_for_media_trainers/section1. pdf” •“http://www. learnmanagement2. com/training. htm”


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