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Dr. Waszak
History 241
Fall of Roman same effects on U.S
Many people today always like comparing to the past. In this instance people are comparing the decline of the Roman Empire to the United States current state. In this case how the Roman Empire had function is very similar to today’s society. People usually focus on the downfalls so what was going around in recent years was that there was a comparison on the forces of work that created the downfall of Rome is also happening on the United States. The cycle like repeats it self. I feel like what happen in the Great Depression is a great example of how a structure had failed and the United States began to fall as a nation. Not only that but several incidents which the United States were in trouble and i feel like all of those conflicts will begin to pile up and will end really bad.
I find that the idea of what happen to a fallen Roman Empire to be a great comparison to what is happening now. The United States is not doing so well financially for example and that can be a major disadvantage to bettering our country. So with our current president in office it is believed that a war will be started. There is no need for a war to be stirred up because that is why the United Nations was built for. This current president has this influence that a war should be started to fix current problems. First of creating a war is not the right way to help this country. The amount of money that is going to be used for the war is going to be horrendous. People can make the argument that it will provide many jobs but that does not mean that a Draft may not come.Warfare and a good plan is needed to effectively win a war.

The Roman Empire is just like America for example in this Article by Eugene Volokh he explains how Caesar had its faults, “If we know something about the fall of the Roman Republic, we know vaguely about Julius Caesar, about how he was a popular general who used his support within the military to effect a coup. The coup then led to a civil war in which the strongman who prevailed, Augustus, thought he would do very well with the powers Caesar had claimed for himself. If we know a little more, we know that Caesar was not just a successful general, but a canny politician, who used his political victories not just to command the personal allegiance of the legions, but to build a populist political power base at home. We might also be faintly aware that by the time Caesar could attempt his coup, the Roman Republic was already exhausted, with a complacent elite fattened by centuries of military victory and the attendant spoils.”(Volokh). So in this case you can make the comparison on Julius Caesar and Donald Trump on how they want to face things. Donald Trump views are not the best because of what his prime focus was warfare. That is one form of decline when you see war as an option.

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This current era is filled with advanced technology so you can see a major difference on how things worked in Rome back then. The belief that has been going around on how the United States is starting to fall is very alarming to various people for example an a man named Alfred W. Mccoy mentioned in his article, ” Future historians are likely to identify the Bush administration’s rash invasion of Iraq in that year as the start of America’s downfall. However, instead of the bloodshed that marked the end of so many past empires, with cities burning and civilians slaughtered, this twenty-first century imperial collapse could come relatively quietly through the invisible tendrils of economic collapse or cyberwarfare. (McCoy). So it has been said that the downfall of America has already begun by previous faults of the former president.

This decline has been affecting us for years we just do not realize that these mistakes keeps one adding up. No one knows what will happen in the future but past events from Roman times such simple mistakes like from the past leaders can result in a downfall of a whole empire. I feel like we should unite and prevent from starting a war because that is one of the components of a decline. People should be more aware of the fall of a Roman Empire idea to prevent in making certain mistakes. This decline may be inevitable but we are blinded by media and not worried about the true conflicts. I certainly find this idea convincing and people should take this seriously and prevent horrible acts.

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