Journey To America Essay

Journey to America written by Sonia Levitin, is the one of the greatest books
that was ever published. The book showed the how a family could survive in tough
times, and yet survive to live great. The book is well written, well thought of
and well done. The book is great to read and great to tell about, that why
you’re hearing it right now. Now listen now and think about reading it
later… The book started in Germany where the Platt family was living and
staring their quest out of the hellhole. During the starting it explains that
the family tried to live in Brazil but didn’t succeed so they returned back to
Germany. About after that is where the book starts, and the family decides that
the location is America and their new home. First their father ” papa”
leaves to America and advises that he will send for them. After about 4 days
they receive a letter that he is ok. Then about after 2 weeks, he sends a letter
that he got a job as a janitor, and tells them that the next letter is to leave
Germany. Then after a week and a half, he sends instructions on their way to
Zurich. Then the family leaves leaving their family behind. They get there and
get the room where Papa said to stay, and there were a letter that explained how
to get to America. Also telling them that a letter will come to go to the next
point of the plan. Then they head to France, then Catch a boat and reach America
where their father is waiting. The book was ravishing with important events, but
there were 3. It was when their Papa leaves, when they leave Germany, and when
they get to America. Though the ending was so predictable, it was that they get
to America, and they finally see their father. The Main Character Lisa was
changed a little bit because that she left her home and family/friends.

Basically she left everything, and the reason was just to survive. Other people
and other events changed the main character by Ruth telling her not to be honest
just not to leave the camp to survive longer. Also by Mama teaching them that
they have tot live poor but live. Lisa, during these times had to completely
change. Lisa’s traits are Caring, Loving, truthful, and strong (mentally). The
Book had a unique place and time which was Germany during World War 1 because
they were in Hitler’s wrath. The setting of the Book made the book more
exciting by the Nazis hating the Jews, and making life for the Jews extremely
harsh. The setting made the Platt’s flee Germany, and go to America where life
would be more applicable. I think that the setting had a perfect role in the
story because it was a survival book, where the family left to survive. I
believe when Sonia Levitin wrote this book she intended that the theme of the
book was survival. Survival was the theme of the book because it focussed on how
the Platt’s left Germany just to survive. The time was World War 1 and Jews
were hated and the Platt’s were Jews so the let to the land of the free. The
book showed the reader how it was like to be a Jew in that time and place. I
believe it must have been horrible for them how they had to leave everything,
and start over. Other themes expressed by the Author was kindness and courage
because they’re were people that total didn’t know them yet helped them,
also how the Platt’s started over. This is the good part in which you’re
done hearing about the book so you know now that it’s a good book. Now you
either have 2 choices either I keep on talking or you go and read the book. Read
the book its good for you.

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