Jp Morgan Chase & Co - Swot Analysis Essay

Part IB: Professional Development Plan Strengths I have several strengths that will be influential for obtaining my Doctor of Business Administration degree. With over 15 years of IT experience, I have worked in many facets of IT. In my current position, I do a lot of analysis work when creating my report for the different lines of business. I have run several different workshops and have presented to management from a technical prospective as well as volunteering. My passion to do volunteering is also felt in my office.

Our CEO Jaime Diamond believes that we should volunteer our time as a company to give back to the community. While working with Chase for 6 months, I was given the opportunity to be a part of their Culture Leadership program. Only a select few are chosen to be a part of this organization within Chase. This program has allowed me to visualize Chase’s expectation in the community. I was given a task to be leader of one of the community outreach program. Since that time I have presented Chase volunteer opportunities to several groups within our LOB.

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Jp Morgan Chase & Co – Swot Analysis Essay
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One of the most important strengths I gained from being in the program was how to research best practices and present them to the organization. It taught me leadership skills and presentation skills. As a leader in a team, it trained me how to be creative in presenting our findings. It also educated me how to set goals for achieving what is passionate to me. From an education prospective I earned my bachelor degree in Computer Science which allowed me to enter into the workforce as an IT professional.

My first position was in Electronic Data Interchange which is also known as EDI. I continued in this field for over 10 years. My last five years have been in consulting in different areas of IT including Performance Testing Engineer. By obtaining my second degree, MBA with a specialization in Finance gives me the opportunity to transition into another area of IT. While having two degrees the DBA will give me the opportunities to teach, be a board member and a business consultant. My family and friends have given me the support I need to be successful in y third degree. The passion to complete my education is making my parents proud of their youngest child. Even though my mother is deceased, she instilled in me how to reach my dreams goals. With my husband taken his education to the next level, we support each other through our studies. Weaknesses One of my weaknesses is struggling with APA style writing. By accomplishing this weakness with APA style will allow me to teach others. Researching sometimes can be a weakness depending on where I am looking for my findings.

Overloading my plate with too many activities can be a weakness. I like helping others and don’t always take the time to look at my plate before extending myself to another project. |Strengths |Opportunities | | | | |What degrees do you have? |15 Years of Information Technology Experience. |Bachelor of Science – Computer Science |Leadership in volunteering coordinator. | |MBA – Finance |Business Analysis Requirement | | | | | | | |What are you really good at? | |Presentation Skills | | |Leadership | | |IT Technology Testing | | |Helping others in need | | | | | |What resources are available (access to ibraries, money, etc) | | |Access to local and online libraries | | |Money | | |Sponsors | | | | | |Family support of your degree | | |My husband | | |My siblings and father | | |Friends | | |Weaknesses |Threats | | | | |Getting a better understanding of writing with APA style. |Loss of family time | | | | |Excessive over scheduling |Illness | | | | |Learning how to say “No”. |Goal/career changes | There are SIGNIFICANT APA issues in this paper. Please correct them immediately. JMH   |Exemplary |Acceptable |Minimal Acceptance | | |(41–45 points) |(32–40 points) |(0–31 points) | |Organization | |-1 | | |Critical Thinking | | | | |Creativity | | | | |Application | |-3 | | |Style and Grammar | |-5 | | | | | | |


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