Guided Notes: Hinduism Hinduism is the 3rd largest religion in the World, and was founded in . The Hindu people believe that all people are born to a certain level or status called _____________. Hinduism is the ___________________ religion in the world, with over _________________________ followers worldwide. Concept of God- The Hindu God is called _____________________________, and is said to reside within all people. In people , the incarnations are called _____________________.

The Hindu God, ___________________________, has many different incarnations, the most popular of which are: 1) __________________________________( the creator if life) 2) __________________________________(The preserver of life) 3) __________________________________(The destroyer of Life) Goal of Hinduism: The Ultimate Goal in the Hindu’s life is to obtain ____________________________________, which is a realization that ones inner spirit is the same as ________________________, but if one does not succeed in this goal, he or she is reincarnated. _____________________ is the Hindu concept that actions done in life will leave impressions upon one’s soul, and will affect ones reincarnation status. ________________________ is the method a Hindu subjects him or herself to in order to obtain liberation and comes in five variations. 1) ___________________________________( The path of the body) 2) ____________________________________(The path of love and devotion) 3) _______________________________ (The path of Right Action) 4) ________________________________ ( The Path of Meditation) 5) ________________________________(The path of Wisdom)

Major Guiding Documents in Hinduism: _______________________ are considered to be of divine origin and come in four major books, ________________________, Yajurveda, Sama veda, and Athar veda; covers topics such as sacrifice, lifestyles, rituals, and Hymns. The Upanishads are the documents which cover concepts such as _______________________, reincarnation, liberation. The ____________________________________ is the most popular of the Hindu Texts, said to be spoken down from the God, _________________________, it is essentially a summary of the teachings of the vedas.


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