Junior Cert Science

Question Answer
What do elements present in group I of the periodic table have in common They all have one electron on their outer shell and they have similar chemical properties
What are group I elements called Alkali metals
Name some properties of the alkali metals Soft, shiny with low densitites
Name the first three alkali metals in group I Lithium, Sodium and Potassium
Alkali metals react with oxygen to form what Oxides
If lithium is burned in the presence of oxygen, what is formed Lithium oxide
If you cut sodium with a knife what happens It is initially shiny but then it reacts with the oxygen in the air and goes dull. All group 1 metals react this way
Why is it necessary to store sodium and othre group 1 elements under oil Because it is so reactive
Does reactivity increase or decrease as you go down the alkali metals in group 1 Increase
Why is potassium more reactive than lithium Because potassium has more electrons, it has more shells and therefore the negatively charged electrons are further away from the positively charged protons. The forces holding them together are less and therefore they beak away easier
What is formed when alkali metals react with water hydroxides and hydrogen gas
Sodium reacts in water to form what Sodium hydroxide and hydrogen
What is lithium used for Batteries
Where would you use sodium Street lighting
Where would you use potassium Fertilisers

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