Junior Cert Science

Question Answer
What is the term used to describe the release of energy from food Respiration
What type of respiration requires oxygen Aerobic respiration
What is the word equation for respiration Glucose + Oxygen -> Energy + Carbon Dioxide + Water vapour
What two things does respiration need to have in a constant supply Glucose and Oxygen
In the breathing system what part allows us to make sounds Voicebox
What is the name of the large tube that carries the air to the lungs Trachea
The trachea branches off into two tubes (one to each lung), what are they called Bronchi
The bronchi lead into narrower tubes, what are they called Bronchioles
Tiny air sacs are present at the end of the bronchioles, what are they called Alveoli
What surrounds the alveoli Tiny blood vessels
What happens in the tiny air vessels that surround the alveoli Oxygen passes into blood and carbon dioxide passes from blood
The trachea, bronchi and bronchioles are surrounded by a structure that holds them open, what are they called Rings of cartilage
What do you call the sheer of muscles that moves up and down to draw oxygen into to the lungs and expel carbon dioxide out Diaphragm
How thick are the walls of the alveoli One cell thick
Name one disease that can be caused by smoking Cancer
In an experiment that shows expired air contains more carbon dioxide than inspired air, what is the name of the chemical that you blow through Limewater
If carbon dioxide is present, what happens Limewater turns milky

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