Junior Cert Science

Question Answer
What causes an electric current A flow of electrons
What is a conductor A material that allows a current to flow
What is an insulator A material that does not allow a current to flow
Give an example of a conductor Metal
Give an example of an insulator Wood or plastic
Where are electrons produced At the negative terminal
In what direction do electrons flow in a circuit From the positive to the negative terminal
What do you call the difference in pressure between the positive and the negative terminals Potential difference
What is the other name for potential difference Voltage
What is voltage measured in Volts
What is the symbol for volts V
How would you measure voltage Voltmeter
What do you call the ability a substance has to resist the flow of electrons Resistance
What is resistance measured in Ohms
Give an example of a resistor in a circuit light bulb filament
What is the term used to describe the flow of electricity Current
What is current measured in Amps (I)
What would you use to measure the flow electrical charge Ammeter
What Law states that at constant temperature, the voltage (V) is always proportional to the current in a circuit Ohms Law
What type of resistor can be used to control the voltage in a current Variable resistor
How would you describe the relationship between voltage and current Proportional – if voltage is increased then current will also increase
What would you call a circuit where bulbs are connected one after the other Series circuit
In a series circuit, what happens the bulbs as the current passes through They get dimmer
What would you call a circuit where bulbs are connected side by side Parallel circuit
If a bulb is disconnected in a circuit but the others continue to light , what type of circuit would this be Parallel circuit
Name three effects of an electric current Heating, Magnetic and Chemical
Give an example of the heating effect of a current Element in a kettle
Give an example of the magnetic effect of a current Electromagnet
Give an example of the chemical effect of a current Electrolysis -splitting of water

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