Junior Cert Science

Question Answer
What do roots absorb Water and minerals
What do you call the loss of water vapour from leaves of a plant Transpiration
What is the name given to the flow of water from the roots to the leaves Transpiration stream
What do you call the tiny pores on the under surface of a leaf Stomata
What is the name of the cells that carry food (glucose) in plants Phloem cells
What is the name of the cells that carry water in plants Xylem cells
Name a function of transpiration To carry water for photosynthesis
Name a second function of photosynthesis To keep the plant cool
Name 3 factors that affect the rate of transpiration Sunlight, Wind, Humidity
In an experiment where a plant is put into coloured water what will happen the plant The leaves and flower will turn colour
If a plant is put into a test tube of water with a layer of oil what will happen The level of water will go down
Why do you have to use a layer of oil To stop evaporation
If i put a clear plastic bag over a plant and leave it in the sun what will happen Transpiration will happen and water droplets will appear on the bag
How do you test for water Use cobalt chloride paper

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