Justice for Animals in Captivity Essay

Can animals in captivity be justifiable?
If so when are cases when animals in captivity are justifiable?
At what point can we justify animals in captivity and at what point does captivity become a moral dilemma?
The Dolphin and Whale hunt
The Cove (Dolphin Hunt)
The process of capturing dolphins.
They either end up in an aquarium in captivity or slaughtered for their meat.
Whales in captivity
The documentary blackfish shows whales in captivity and effects captivity has on a whale.

Aristotle /Telos/
Nussbaum /Species membership/
Dilemmas of Captivity
Liberty- We think that we are doing what is best for these animals. However, we are denying them of their liberty.

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Justice for Animals in Captivity Essay
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Autonomy- Conceptions of the good life, Self-rule.
Wild dignity
How “Wild dignity” differs from other accounts of dignity. Such as Kantian dignity, political dignity and Nussbaum animal dignity.
Compare the different accounts of dignity and how they relate to Wild dignity.

Companion Animals
Can we violate the dignity of domesticated animals?
Examples of cases were domestic animals are being violated of their dignity. Such as dressing them up in clothes or grooming competitions.
Animal protection and approaches to Animals in Captivity
We see sanctuaries as helpful when they are used properly for rehabilitation.
However, sometimes sanctuaries are the final stop for most animals.

How to fight speciesism?
We think we are the superior species and that animals are just animals.
What is Pragmatism and what is abolition?
Can animals in captivity be justified?
We have a long way to go with species membership and seeing animals as our equals.
Animals in captivity is still a moral dilemma because we have yet to meet the needs of nonhuman animals.


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