Kenny Ramirez Mr. Casey (710 words) Essay

Kenny RamirezMr. Casey
Free Choice Essay
Both living in small towns and big cities comes with its pros and cons. You either are the “country kid” or the “city kid” regardless of where you go. A city to me is a crowded and urbanized place, just like a small town is a quiet and peaceful. Then there are the people who like living in the suburbs and like traveling to the city.

The cost of living is all depending on what city and what small town can have a very big difference in price. A 5 bedroom with 4 baths being 5,500 feet at $530,000 is not bad at all, and then you have a 6 bedroom 3 baths 3,200 square feet in Brooklyn, NY asking $ 2,300,000. There is also a home in New York, NY that is selling for $65,000,000 and its 5 bedrooms 6 bathrooms.
Dec, 16, 2015
Finding a job is also harder to find in a small town compared to a big city because of how many more people are in the city , which means that there a lot more companies looking to hire people.However, in a big city, you’ll face more competition, so it might take a while to find your dream job. Depending on your line of work, you might find the perfect small-town job with less competition. Also being in a city makes becoming an entrepreneur a lot easier because the odds of meeting the right people to make your puzzle fit together are higher than living in a small town; although personally I’ve met a lot of important people here in our small town.In a big city, you’ll make friends at work and other places you visit frequently; at the same time you’ll feel like you’re alone in a big city.
Another bonus with living in a small town is the nature. In general, you’ll feel closer to nature in a small town compared to a big city because the only nature you’ll see in the city is some raccoons going thru your trash cans. For one thing, you can enjoy the stars at night and feel safer outdoors than you might in a city. But don’t rule out a large city entirely. Large cities often have parks and recreational areas where you can enjoy the outdoors; you have central park in New York that I wouldn’t really consider safe but its close enough.Thousands of people flock to large cities for entertainment options. In the largest cities, you’ll find sporting events, theaters, historical sites, and plenty of other things to do and see. That’s not to say that there’s nothing to do in a small town, though. Many small towns still have movie theaters, museums, and other attractions. Before you choose between the two, keep your family’s needs in mind. As you search for places to live, think about the kinds of entertainment you enjoy and whether you’ll find them in your new place.
Another thing that comes with living in a big city would be that crime rates are a lot higher, on everything which is sometimes detrimental. There are 16 out of 1,000 people who have filed police reports about property damage, 44,276 being victims of burglary, 257,940 being victims of theft, 15,313 being victims of GTA motor vehicle theft. There are 609 murders, 6,074 rapes, 23,939 of theft and 44,546 of assault that happened in New York, there are 41 crimes per square mile in New York. In certain parts of any big city there always is a jungle inside of a jungle.

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Kenny Ramirez Mr. Casey (710 words) Essay
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I figure, both the big city and small towns have their pros and cons. Personally, I like a mix of the two. Having access to the hustle and bustle of the big city, but having the community of a small town. That’s why I chose the college I did. I want to have nice easy access to the city, but also the ability to be able to not be a number. I guess in the end, it really comes down to preference but, that’s just the way things work out sometimes.


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