Key features of business process management Essay

Key Features Of Business Process Management Suite: BPMS Sellers And Core Functions Reviewed.


Administrations seek to better their concern procedure by doing them more efficient, existent clip, mechanization and agile. The concern demand was met with a suite of engineerings, runing from groupware and office mechanization, to workflow and more presently, BPM engineerings ( Bandara, Wasana and Indulska ) .

Finding a seller and which tool to utilize that can be really intimidating exercisings. One the other manus, sellers introduced advanced ways to run into their clients ‘ demands.

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Key features of business process management Essay
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Gartner ( Feb 2009 ) predicts that through 2012, directors and advisers will develop procedure – centric methods and subjects correspondent to those used in territorial and function organisation.

This paper will reexamine characteristics are included in the BPMS suite. Discuss few sellers that are in the Gartner Major Quadrant, maps of BPMN, BPEL which are linguistic communications or executing criterions that support a BPMS tool.

Description Of Business Process Management Suite ( BPMS )

A BPMS is an incorporate aggregation of package that enables the control and direction subject of concern procedure ( Gartner 2009 ) . BPM enable-technologies have existed for so many old ages as point merchandises back uping expressed control of peculiar facet of a procedure, such as human work flow, papers and image routing, system – system interaction forms ( Garter 2009 ) .

The visual aspect of incorporate BPM- enable engineering is portion of disaggregation of application package and is an illustration of the tendency toward constructing package systems from little “chunks.” BPM-enabling engineerings are available as separate forte tools, integrated BPMSs, and are being adder to some major application bundles ( Janelle B. Hill, Jim Sinur, David Flint, Michael James Melenovsky, 2006 )

For some sellers it is a moneymaking profitable concern. Gartner research shows that the BPMS market will hold a compound one-year growing of more than 24 % from 2006 – 2011 ( Janelle B. Hill, Jim Sinur, David Flint, Michael James Melenovsky, 2006 )

Business Process Management Suite Architecture

BPMS has been divided into four beds ; Middleware/Application, Engines, Utilities and Knowledge ( Paul Harmon ) . There are no criterions set on what should be included in the concern procedure direction suite. Some companies look for tools that are workflow – centric, application integrating or determination centric ( Bptrends ) .

BPMS merchandises need to be able to pull off the entree of other application. Few BPMS merchandises can manage this map ; they have to trust on bing middleware and application waiter merchandises to supply support ( Paul Harmon ) .

Rules Engine

The bosom of the BPMS merchandise consists of the engine that manages the runtime executing of the concern procedure case ( Paul Harmon ) .

Rules Engine execute regulations that abstract concern policies and determination tabular arraies from the underlying applications, and do available more – flexi procedure alterations ( Gartner 2009 ) . When a determination point is reached, the regulation engine will find which concern regulation apply and so put to death them to find the appropriate determination ( Paul Harmon ) . If client applies for a loan, concern regulation will find if the loan is granted or non, based on the client ‘s recognition history. Business regulations are managed by tools called Business Rule Management.

Workflow Engine

Workflow is one of capablenesss delivered with BMPS. Some of import parts of the work flow are ill understood. The BPMS helps vilify better work flows by doing their procedure executing seeable and audited ( Garter 2009 ) . Workflow direction improved things non merely by pull offing the flow of work, but besides digitizing the information, thereby doing the procedure as automated and paperless as possible ( Ryan K.L. Ko, Stephen S.G. Lee, Eng Wah Lee )

EAI Engine

Enterprise application integrating ( EAI ) tool was developed to interface between systems. Paul Harmon in his book says that, “EAI engine manages the naming and coordination of the package application required for the executing of a procedure “ ( Bptrends )

Modeling tools

Popular procedure modeling tools that are supported by BPMS is UML and BPMN. BPMN defines a Business Process Diagram ( BPD ) , which is based on a flowcharting technique tailored for making graphical theoretical accounts of concern procedure operation. BPMN was foremost released in May 2004 by Business Process Management Initiative ( ) , the graphical, flowchart-based BPMN is a recent BP modeling linguistic communication that is already deriving broad credence ( Koskela and Haajanen, 2007 ) .

1. Execution criterions

Execution criterions enable concern designs to be deployed in BPMS and their cases executed by the BPMS engine.

1.1 BPEL

The Business Process Execution Language ( BPEL ) is the short name for BPEL4WS ( Paul Harmon ) . BPEL is the presently the most popular and influential executing criterion in the market. It is used together with Web Service Definition Language ( WSDL ) and other related engineerings. This means that BPEL is used to specify how the concern procedure is built from supplications of bing web services and the sort of interaction of the procedure with external participants ( Ryan K.L. Ko ) . BPEL is more widely adopted in several outstanding package suites ( e.g. IBM Websphere, BeA AquaLogic BPM Suite, SAP Netweaver, etc. ) ( Ryan K.L. Ko, Stephen S.G. Lee, Eng Wah Lee )

Strengths of BPEL ( Ryan K.L. Ko, Stephen S.G. Lee, Eng Wah Lee )

1. focal points on procedure that low degree scheduling restraints

2. It subscribes to the web services paradigm

3. It ‘s popular – most sellers are utilizing it.


1. Complex sentence structure and really hard to implement – it ‘s XML representation is hard and clear to the trained oculus

2. Does non illustration human engagement in concern procedure good – Workflow direction systems have ever able to pattern human engagement in concern procedure ( Ryan K.L. Ko, Stephen S.G. Lee, Eng Wah Lee )

1.2 BPML

The Business Process Modelling linguistic communication is an extensile Markup Language ( XML ) procedure definition linguistic communication that describes the structural representation of a procedure and the semantics of it ‘s executing ( Have,2005 ) . BPML was designed for concern procedures to be executed in modern-day web service – based BPMS ( e.g. Intalio BPM ) ( Ryan K.L. Ko, Stephen S.G. Lee, Eng Wah Lee )

Strengths of BPML

1. Zero codification programming – coders do n’t necessitate to brood on coding but specifying concern procedure.

2. Encourages serviceability and scalability


1. BPML has it ‘s restriction ( Shapiro, 2002, Smith, 2004, Koskela and Haajanen, 2007 )

Garner ‘s Magic Quadrant for Business procedure direction Suite ( Janelle B. Hill, Jim Sinur, David Flint, Michael James Melenovsky, 2006 )

Gartner ‘s 2009 Magic Quadrant depicts the comparative strength of the top 22 sellers offering multiregional, transverse – industry concern direction suits ( BPMSs ) . Magic Quadrant is one of the several tools that clients can utilize to measure BPMS market. Gartner ‘s Magic Quadrant for BPMS has been recognised by sellers that they reference to it in their web sites.

Leaderships – offers merchandises and services that best enable all of the usage instances and have client mentions for each.

Niche participants – focal point on a specific country, where they have really good functionality to offer, but they do non hold a comprehensive BPMS Suite

Visionaries – develop new and comprehensive constructs sing architecture and functionality

Challengers- companies in that have undergone major alterations in their administrations and merchandises that they offer.

For the sellers to measure up to be placed in the leaders subdivision of the quarter-circle have to run into all the needed features of the BPMS.

Features of BPMS ( Janelle B. Hill, Jim Sinur, David Flint, Michael James Melenovsky, 2006 )

Following are maps that are delivered in the BPMS. BPMS tools must hold all these functionality in order to run into the altering marker and user demands. Gartner suggest that in order for the seller to be a leader in the marker, all these capablenesss must be met.

  • “Support the modeling and analysis of concern procedures, including all facets of work flow: undertakings, functions, determinations, blessings, reappraisals, escalations, coactions, flows, regulations, policies, signifiers and other paperss, events, ends, aims and scenarios. BPMS is non merely an automate tool but support paperss and ( look into the beginning )
  • Support procedure alteration in the design and the executing of minutess, with scrutinizing. ( support this statement )
  • Coordinate any type of interaction form among users, system undertaking and information resource, irrespective the location of these resources. Interaction patterns include human to human, system to system, human to system, human to content and content mutualities.
  • Enable participants to pull strings and pull off structured and unstructured information within the procedure, non merely as referenced fond regards to their undertakings.
  • Support the definition, use and direction of concern regulations by concern and IT users.
  • Support user and group coaction on work points in the procedure ( in existent clip and offline ) .
  • Support the monitoring, coverage, analysis and presentment of activities and events affect work, utilizing informations about completed and in advancement minutess ( in the existent clip and offline ) .
  • Support procedure simulation and optimization of coveted concern results by utilizing real-time, historical and estimated informations.
  • Interoperate with external package assets, particularly SOA web services, and include these in the terminal to stop concern orchestration.
  • Enable direction of all procedure artifacts ( theoretical accounts, procedure definitions, regulation definitions, service definitions. Executables and more ) throughout the full procedure life rhythm
  • Include packaged concern content, such as sample procedure theoretical accounts, rule sets ; prebuilt user interfaces ( UIs ) and composite procedure frameworks” .

BPMS sellers

Merely selected sellers from the Gartner Magic Quadrant that are reviewed below: –

Intalio Enterprise And Community Edition BPMS

Intalio community edition is the first that offers an unfastened beginning dependable BPMS. This packaged is scaled for little companies. Intalio is missing distribution channel and efficient selling. ( Janelle B. Hill, Nikos Drakos )


  • In this unstable rough economic clime, unfastened beginning is deriving more attending. Intalio has a alone concern theoretical account that uses open-source content, licensing and community selling.
  • The intelligence usage of utilizing unfastened beginning concern theoretical account, combined with acceptance of industry criterions, has resulted in more that 500, 00 companies downloading Intalio BPMS community Edition ( unfastened -source codification ) . Intalio has more that 500 clients ‘ in 50 states ; six of these companies are located in South Africa. ( )


  • Advanced characteristics for concern regulations engine, BAM ( Business Activity Monitoring ) and ECM ( Enterprise Content Management ) are merely available in the commercial Enterprise Edition.
  • Companies that start utilizing Intalio Community Edition should be prepared to direct their employees on preparation as Intalio is non offering confer withing services.

IBM BPMS ( Janelle B. Hill, Jim Sinur, David Flint, Michael James Melenovsky, 2006 )

Harmonizing to Gartner ‘s Magic Quadrant, IBM is a leader in the BPMS. It meets most of the needed capablenesss to do it a leader. IBM suite contains a comprehensive set of function based capablenesss that enable clients to pattern, imitate, run, quickly alteration, proctor and optimise nucleus concern procedures.

IBM BPMS tools reviewed in this paper are: Business Leader doodad which is available through IBM BPM Blueworks, WebSphere Business Modeller and Business proctor.

Business Leader doodads: WebSphere concern publication waiter

  • Enable users to portion procedure theoretical accounts and BPM assets through a Web browser.
  • Enable users to print an array of BPM assets including procedure theoretical accounts, WebSphere Business Monitor splashboard designs, and user interface signifiers.

WebSphere Business Modeller

  • Business Analyst can document, trial and portion concern procedure
  • Simulate procedure tallies and identified inefficiency and constrictions
  • Define cardinal public presentation indexs and concern prosodies for in the WebSphere Business Monitoring

WebSphere Business Modeller can bring forth IT execution artifacts for WebSphere Process Server and facilitate human centric- procedure in a waiter environment.

WebSphere Business Monitor

WebSphere Business Monitor is an incorporate concern activity monitoring ( BAM ) environment that provides end – to – terminal visibleness of concern activity on WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere MQ Workflow, FileNet® Business Process Manager, and other endeavor application.

· WebSphere Business Monitor development toolkit provides templets and a trial environment to foster accelerate clip to value

· Fully configurable splashboards that shows you what you merely need to see

· Deliver alerts to e-mail, beepers or PDAs


  • IBM has marshalled all its resources – including Global services, university, IBM staff and households, outreach industry and it ‘s spouse ecosystem to speed up user acceptance of BPM as a direction subject. SOA companies has benefited it ‘s BPMS by demoing how SOA and BPM work better together
  • Has a vision for exposing procedure artefacts and informations more straight to concern professionals


  • IBM has multiple of BMPS merchandises, it fulfils its BPM scheme through federated interoperability across two basic offerings augmented by drawn-out offerings.
  • Broader package division ‘s acquisition scheme will go on to augment IBM ‘s BPMS vision and merchandise route map.
  • Customers are cautioned to supervise the integrating of new engineerings
  • Individual merchandises in the suite have strong and rich functionality. And in combination, the substitutions of constellation possibilities are overpowering.
  • Customers normally require aid from a service supplier.
  • WebSphere dynamic Business Process has few mentions.

Lombardi BPMS

Lombardi ‘s BPMS, called Teamworks, is best known for human – centric procedure that alteration dynamically based on concern factors such as difference declaration, merchandise returns, revenue enhancement rapprochement, loan inception, or supply concatenation direction. Lombardi describes Teamworks as focused on “operational procedures, ” significance complex flows crossing administration and system boundaries.

Lombardi has clients in about all sector ; Financial Services, Government, HealthCare, Insurance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunications and companies like Ford Motors. It ‘s apparent why Lombardi is on the top leaders in Gartner ‘s charming quarter-circle. It ‘s non surprising why companies like IBM have shown involvement in it. ( http: // )

Lombardi BPMS Tools

These are the undermentioned tools that Lombardi is offering: –

  • Lombardi Teamworks 7 Enterprise – offers a complete Business Process Management Suite back uping modeling and simulation analysis, human work flow, integrating, concern regulations and public presentation direction.
  • Lombardi Blueprint: Is a hosted web- based environment that provides an highly concern friendly front terminal to BPMN modeling and supports squad coaction. Means that Blueprint is a cloud- based procedure find and certification platform that can be accessed from any browser. Blueprint theoretical accounts can be exported to Teamworks for execution.
  • Lombardi Services – Included the full scope of BPM enablement services covering nucleus competences ; Process analysis, procedure execution, procedure optimization, coverage and public presentation direction, architecture and substructure and plan leading and administration. ( Bruce Silver Associates )


  • Lombardi has acute penetrations into the maps required by each single user function that is involved in concern procedure life rhythm.
  • User friendly patterning tool, doing concern analysts life easier.
  • Continuous procedure betterment plans where authorising concern users or concern analysts is cardinal.
  • Customer mentions are among the most advanced in BPM adulthood.
  • Blueprint which is a cloud based, entreaties to concern directors and strategic contrivers who seek for high procedure schematization and cognition gaining control. ( Janelle B. Hill, Jim Sinur, David Flint, Michael James Melenovsky, 2006 )


  • Customers with smaller trades will happen it disputing to command Lombardi ‘s attending. And its instance direction is non strong as its rivals. ( Janelle B. Hill, Jim Sinur, David Flint, Michael James Melenovsky, 2006 )

Metastorm BPM V 7.6 ( Janelle B. Hill, Jim Sinur, David Flint, Michael James Melenovsky, 2006 )

The Metastorm BPM suite provides an unfastened criterions – based model for integrating, enabling organisation to easy incorporate external applications and informations with Metastorm BPM processes ( Metastorm ) .


  • In 2008 client experience was first-class.
  • Enable Metastorm BPM processes to entree SAP functionality and informations during the development and executing of concern procedures
  • Strong heritage in supplying BPM package based on Microsoft engineerings
  • Merchandise easy to utilize, even for non proficient users.


  • Some users have reported support jobs outside the U.S. Metastorm has developed a planetary presence through regional resellers to sell its BPMS and targeted solutions.
  • Customers should understand the range of the solutions they buy from a reseller and the way to further licensing options to guarantee outlooks are met.
  • Some clients report troubles in negociating pricing and contracts. It may take longer than anticipated to find the appropriate licensing constellation


It ‘s been about a decennary since BPMS tools entered the market. Business Process Management ( BPM ) is the most talked about topic. Yet I have found that information about the tool that support BPM, which is BPMS is non easy to happen. Or there is non much information available. I can merely conceive of how hard it is for companies to make up one’s mind what tool best tantrums their demands. Companies will hold to buy documents from companies like Gartner and Forester.

Obviously BPMS is still new in the market. Their criterion has non reached adulthood. Equally much as BPEL and BPML are popular criterions, their restriction and drawback have major impact in the BPMS.

For companies looking to implement BPMS tools in the companies can be really hard. Companies go to large sellers that can back up globally and have client ‘s mentions. Word of oral cavity is a large trade. With the aid of Gartner ‘s Magic Quadrant, companies can salvage clip to seek for suited merchandises that can run into their demands. For companies who seek to research the BPMS tools, or pupil who want to cognize what is approximately. Open -source sellers like Intalio and others who can offer their merchandises for free.

It ‘s really interesting to see how this marker is turning. Sellers like IBM buying smaller sellers, but who are stand outing to the BPMS field in order to better their merchandises. University of Cape Town ICTS section is be aftering to implement Enterprise Content Management ( ECM ) . It ‘s traveling to be an interesting observation to see how they will take the seller. Will the UCT expression within the companies that they have been covering with similar Microsoft SharePoint. Or they will look for a new seller, how they will establish their findings.


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