Key to Feeding the World Essay

Agriculture Cooperation: Key to Feeding the World When the word Ostarvingo pops up in conversations, persons instantly think of Africa. What is forgotten is; People are starving all over the world. Persons in their very homes; Communities and country. The root of the problem? Let us consider. As Individuals we can make a difference. Many today take for granted a full meal; Little do they realize that starving persons donot have that luxury. The real problem? Not enough resources, so to speak. Individuals not being economically conservative, or if so, on a very small scale.

In many countries, obesity is a main problem, and in others, there is malnutrition. As persons, we can create the balance between these two factors. Watching what and how much we eat, contributing and helping to feed the hungry. Persons all around the world readily made changes and freely gave food to the cause and today continue to do so. One at a time we make a difference in the battle against hunger. Communities are generous in the battle against Hunger. In communities, however, persons may live in a place where they see no homeless persons.

The fact that someone lives in a nice home does not mean they eat well, or enough. As communities, we can encourage the growth of our own food and help in the country0s development. Communities have -to date- helped in feeding persons not only within their own communities, but in their country and around the world. As groups they have organized Ofood drives0 and other activities to raise funds and supplies to bring relief to the hungry. What about as Countries? Countries as a whole can contribute as well towards the struggle against hunger. So what has our country done?

Guyana had launched what is known as the OGrow Moreo campaign. The campaign was designed to encourage citizens to utilize their very own land space to grow crops. The Ministry responsible for the campaign distributed seeds to the public making it possible for persons to plant these crops. The results? Persons were able to eat fresh foods from their own garden, save money whilst contributing to the world fight against hunger. Guyana was also recognized for its economic efficiency because of the effectiveness of the OGrow Moreo campaign. The structure of HELPD

Three facets of Ohelp0 will be considered, they are; Supply, support, relief. These facets work together to create a system in which persons are helped when referring to feeding the nations. Supplies are contributed by the persons of the world; Support is given through the countless volunteers who spend their time feeding and helping to prepare meals every day; And thus, relief is brought. It is the very system authorities use every day, maybe without realizing, and it is the same process that will be utilized to end starvation. Other countries also have fought the Oflne fight0 against starvation.

The United States of America has donated supplies the value of US millions of dollars. Volunteers, every day, go to places where there is a need of more food to provide relleT to tne starving ones. celeDrltles are selTlessly contrlDutlng Tunas Tor tne Tee01ng of persons. Great Britain contributes both time and resources; Spain fighting vigilantly against world hunger; And numerous other countries helping and contributing against starvation. A new OHunger Gameso has begun, and the world has taken action; and the truth is, it starts with one person, an Olndividualo.

One erson does make a difference in this fight and we do need all the help and people we can get. You can Join the battle; you too can help by contributing your time, resources and your energy, for the greater good. We look forward to the day in which we can all say that Ostarvation is only an illusion0 and mean it. Because it is possible and all that is needed to make it come true is earnest effort, self-sacrificing persons, generous countries and that vision is a reality. There is a saying; OSthrong persons, make sthrong countries: And sthrong countries make a sthrong world. 0

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