Kinematics tect

7.5 m/s south
For the winter, a duck flies 10.0 m/s due south against a gust of wind with a velocity of 2.5 m/s. What is the resultant velocity of the duck?
0.50 m/s
A lightning bug flies at a velocity of 0.25 m/s due east toward another lighting bug seen off in the distance. A light easterly breeze blows on the bug at a velocity of 0.25 m/s. What is the resultant velocity of the lighting bug?
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Kinematics tect
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13.0 blocks
A jogger runs 10.0 blocks due east, 5.0 blocks due south, and another 2.0 blocks due east. Assume all blocks are of equal size. What is the magnitude of the jogger’s net displacement?
12 m
A cave explorer travels 3.0 m eastward, then 2.5 m northward, and finally 15 m westward. Use the graphical method to find the magnitude of the net displacement.
A student adds two vectors with magnitudes of 200 and 40. Taking into account significant figures, which is the only possible choice for the magnitude of the resultant?
1/2 Vcar
A car travels down a road at a certain velocity, vcar. The driver slows down so that the car is traveling only
half as fast as before. Which of the following is the correct expression for the resulting velocity?
v player-2vplayer
A football player runs in one direction to catch a pass, then turns and runs twice as fast in the opposite direction toward the goal line. what is the original velocity and the resulting velocity?
Multiplying or dividing vectors by scalars results in
2/3 v plane
An airplane flying at 120 km/h due west moves into a region where the wind is blowing at 40 km/h
due east. If the plane’s original vector velocity is vplane, what is the expression for the plane’s
resulting velocity in terms of vplane?
-3v student
A student walks from the door of the house to the end of the driveway and realizes that he missed the bus. The student runs back to the house, traveling three times as fast. Which of the following is the correct expression for the return velocity if the initial velocity is vstudent?
x-axis: horizontal along the ground; y-axis: up and down
. Which of the following is the best coordinate system to analyze a painter climbing a ladder at an angle of 60°
to the ground?
positive x-axis pointing east; positive y-axis pointing north
Which of the following is the best coordinate system to analyze a car traveling northeast from one city to another?
x-axis: horizontal at the water level; y-axis: up and down
Which of the following is the best coordinate system to analyze the movement of a submarine diving at an
angle of 45° to the surface of the water?
29 cm at 59 north of east
An ant on a picnic table travels 3.0 x 101 cm eastward, then 25 cm northward, and finally 15 cm westward. What is the magnitude of the ant’s displacement relative to its original position?
6.5 m at 67 north of east
A duck waddles 2.5 m east and 6.0 m north. What are magnitude and direction of the duck’s displacement with respect to its original position?
43 m
A quarterback takes the ball from the line of scrimmage and runs backward for 1.0 × 101
m. He then runs
sideways, parallel to the line of scrimmage, for 15 m. Next, he throws the ball forward 5.0 × 101
perpendicular to the line of scrimmage. The receiver is tackled immediately. How far is the football displaced
from its original position?
1930 km, 37 south of west
A plane flies from city A to city B. City B is 1540 km west and 1160 km south of city A. What is the total
displacement of the plane?
45.6 m at 9.5 east of south
While following directions on a treasure map, a person walks 45.0m north and then turns and walks 7.50m east. What single straight-line displacement could the pirate have taken to reach the treasure?
the cosine of 0
In a coordinate system, the x-component of a given vector is equal to that vector’s magnitude multiplied by which trigonometric function, with respect to the angle between the vector and the x axis?
dividing by the sine of 0
If in a coordinate system if the x component of a vector and the angle between the vector and x axis are known then the magnitude of a vector is calculated by which operation taken with respect to the x component
92 m
A string attached to an airborne kite is maintained at an angle of 40° with the horizontal. If a total of 120 m of string is reeled in while bringing the kite back to the ground, what is the horizontal displacement of the kite in the process? (Assume the kite string doesn’t sag.)
95 m; 55 m
An athlete runs 110 m across a level field at an angle of 30 degrees north of east.
What are the east and north components of her displacement, respectively?
8.55 m; 23.5 m
A skateboarder rolls 25.0 m down a hill that descends at an angle of 20.0 degrees with the horizontal. Find the horizontal and vertical components of the skate boarder’s displacement.
248 units 53.9 north of west
Find the resultant of these two vectors 2.00 x 10^2 units due east and 4.00×10^2 units 30.0 north of west
4.8 units
Vector A is 3.2 units in length and points along the positive y axis. Vector B is 4.6 units in length and points along the direction of 195 degrees counterclockwise from the positive x axis. What is the magnitude of the resultant when vectors A and B are added?
13.5 m at 37 north of west
What is the resultant displacement of a dog looking for its bone in the yard, if the dog
first heads 55° north of west for 10.0 m, then turns and heads west for 5.0 m?
3.5 km, 22 south of west
A hiker walks 4.5 km at an angle of 45 degree north of west, then the hikers walks 4.5 km south, what is the magnitude of the hikers total displacement?
120 m
A stone is thrown at an angle of 30 above the horizontal from the top edge of a cliff with an initial speed of 12 mls. A stop
watch measures the stone’s trajectory time from top of cliff to bottom to be 5.6 s. What is the height of the cliff?
<8 = 9.8 mls2 and air resistance is negligible)
0.83 s
A track star in the long jump goes into the jump at 12 m/s and launches herself at 20.0 degrees above the horizontal. How long is she in the air before returning to earth? (g=9.81 m/s^2)
225 m
A model rocket flies horizontally off the edge of a cliff at a velocity of 50.0 m/s. If the canyon below is 100.0 m deep, how far in the horizontal direction does the rocket travel from the edge of the cliff? (Assume no air resistance and that ay= g = 9.81 m/s2.)
18.7 m
A firefighter 50.0 m away from a burning building directs a stream of water from a fire hose at an angle of 30.0 degrees above the horizontal. If the velocity of the stream is 40.0 m/s, at what height will the stream of water strike the building?
frame of reference
which of the following is a coordinate system for specifying the precise location of objects in space?
move west at a speed that is equal to the bus’s speed
A passenger on a bus moving east sees a man standing on a curb. From the passenger’s perspective, the man appears to
straight down
A piece of chalk is dropped by a teacher walking at a speed of 1.5 m/s. From the teacher’s perspective, the chalk appears to fall
607 km/h, 5.67 north of east
A jet moving at 500.0 km/h due east moves into a region where the wind is blowing at 120.0 km/h in a direction 30 degrees north of east. What is the new velocity and direction of the aircraft relative to the ground?
208 s
A boat moves at 10.00 m/s relative to the water. If the boat is in a river where the current is 2.00 m/s, how long does it take the boat to make a complete round trip of 1,000.0 m upstream followed by 1,000.0 m downstream?
7s ; 143 m/s
A superhero flying at treetop level sees the Eiffel Tower elevator begin to free fall. If the superhero is 1.00 km away from the tower and the elevator falls from a height of 240.0 m, how long does the superhero have to save the people in the elevator? What should the superhero’s average velocity be?
25 km/h north
A small airplane flies at a velocity of 145 km/h toward the south as observed by a person on the ground. The airplane pilot measures an air velocity of 170.0 km/h south. What is the velocity of the wind that affects the plane?

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