King David- A short outline of his life Essay

“A adult male after God’s ain heart” is what David is called in I Samuel 13:14. So. it is really helpful to detect that he is non impeccant but a adult male of great passions and driven by great desires.

He has a violent pique and is a barbarous. barbarous slayer. However. when the Lord puts the finger on him. he is besides wholly penitent. He has the whole spectrum of emotions that you and I have. yet God calls him a “man after His ain bosom. ” because. even though he fails God many times. he loves God wholeheartedly.

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King David- A short outline of his life Essay
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David’s Rise:

God Chooses David to be King- King Saul. though a gifted male monarch. had stopped obeying God early in his calling. and had begun turning selfish and evil. So God told the prophesier Samuel he would take Saul from being king. and replace him with “a adult male after his ain heart” .

The Battle with Goliath- David approached Goliath on the tally. sling in manus. His first shooting penetrated the giant’s brow. and he fell facedown. dead.

Saul Turns on David- Saul threw his lance. and David narrowly dodged the lance. Fearing for his life. David eventually decides he isn’t safe and left town that dark.

David in Exile- David wandered the wilderness. life in caves. Many other runawaies sought him out. and shortly he had a community of 400 households in his attention.

David Spares King Saul- David passed up a chanced to kill Saul. out of regard for the LORD. and he displayed the hem of Saul’s robe as grounds. He moreover promised he would ne’er harm the king the LORD had chosen.

King Saul Dies in Battle- Saul was mortally wounded. and fearing that hisenemies would capture and torment him. he takes his ain life.

David. King of Judah- under David’s powerful leading. Judah grew stronger and stronger. Under Ishbosheth’s incompetency. Israel grew weaker and weaker.

David. King of Israel- David’s military art became legendary. He converted many nearby states from attackers into hushed enemies. By the terminal of his life. his imperium was so powerful that there was peace. and his boy Solomon ne’er had to contend a war.

The Ark of the Covenant- Alternatively of transporting the Ark as prescribed ; they followed the illustration of the Philistines. puting it on a cart. Then at one climactic minute. the cattle stumbled. the cart was upset. and the Ark was in danger of falling to the land. One of the Levites. named Uzzah. reached out to calm the Ark. disregarding the prohibition against touching it. For this discourtesy. the LORD immediately struck him dead.

Preparations for the Temple -The LORD had different programs. He told Nathan to travel back to David and state him he was non the 1 to construct a temple. Alternatively. after David’s decease his boy would be king in his topographic point. and he would construct the temple.

David’s Decline:

Scandal- David sends one of his commanding officers to decease in conflict after falling for his married woman and acquiring her pregnant. Later this boy dies and God continue to cuss him by turning his household against him.

Amnon’s Crime- The prince rapes his sister and King David handling of this offense shows his loss of good judgement since his ain similar offense.

Absalom’s Crime- Another one of David’s Sons and the full brother of Tamar. swears retaliation and ends up holding his brother killed and so becomes exiled to forestall his ain decease.

Absalom’s Rebellion- Almost every bit shortly as Absalom returned to Jerusalem. he began cabaling to subvert his male parent King David and take his throne. Absalom died under Joab’s blade.

Sheba’s Rebellion- One of the leaders in the spat over the land left by king Absalom. a adult male named Sheba. declared himself male monarch of Israel. sole of Judah. He raised an ground forces. and civil war began one time once more.

Adonijah’s Rebellion- When King David was old ; he lost consciousness of much that happened around him. God had chosen Solomon. and David had in private promised that Solomon would win him as male monarch. But in his lame status he was losing control of his land. and his ability to command who succeeded him was in uncertainty. At this minute David’s boy Adonijah decided to do himself king.

When Bathsheba. Solomon’s mother heard this she went to David and reminded him that God had chosen Solomon as the new male monarch of Israel. David eventually had a clear minute and made sure that Solomon took over the Kingdom.

As Solomon took over as male monarch he sent Adonijah place with the warning that if he of all time showed the slightest mark of lese majesty once more. he would decease.

Subsequently. Adonijah schemed to obtain one of now-dead David’s helper misss for his married woman. This seemed guiltless plenty. but it reminded Solomon vividly of similar strategies Adonijah’s brother Absalom had used in his faithless command for the throne.

Solomon interpreted this as the first measure in Adonijah’s renewed attempt to subvert Solomon. and ordered him set to decease. along with some of the top people in Adonijah’s original confederacy.


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