Kinsey Report Essay

Kinsey Reports Dr. Kinsey interest in human sexuality began when students petitioned the university to offer a noncredit course on marriage. Dr. Kinsey coordinated the course and presented lectures on the biological dimensions of sex and marriage. In preparing for his lectures in what quickly became a very popular course, he discovered that little survey research was available on human sexuality. Dr. Kinsey gathered data from students in his classes, then from other students and faculty, and later from people whom he could persuade to be interviewed.

He interviewed people in other cities, thereby adding people from other social classes to his resreach. Dr. Kinsey obtained a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. He assembled a research team that included three of his stundent, Clyde Martin, Wardwell Pomeroy, Paul Gebhard. Dr. Kinsey and his  stundent’s established the Institute for Sex Research. Dr. Kinsey published “Sexual Behavior In The Human Male. “The report immediately created controversy for its revelations of the sexuality of American males.

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Dr. Kinsey published Sexual Behavior In The Human Female. These two reports challenged many myths about sexual behavior in American society. These two reports revealed findings on various taboo topics, such as extramarital sexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, oral sex, masturbation, and prostitution. Dr. Kinsey’s research focused on six different outlets to sexual orgasm, masturbation, petting, erotic dreams, heterosexual sexual intercourse, homosexual behaviors.

He based these forms of sexuality on various socioeconomic variables, namely age, education, marital status, occupation, and religious identification. Dr. Kinsey was no communist, and when the Reece committee threatened to investigate him and the Institute, he dismissed their charges, but the agency that funded his work was frightened into canceling his grant. Without funding, Kinsey was unable to launch his next planned project, a study of the perversions, and work was everything to him. He grew depressed, and just two years after he lost his funding, he died of a heart attack.


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