Kiss Kiss Essay

Text Response
1) Which of the story did you find most enjoyable? Why?
I like William and Mary because it was about the brain and it was very interesting how Henry kept the brain and the eye alive, and the detail of the operation in the letter to Mary after William had past away.

2) Which story did you find most disturbing? Why?
Pig was the most disturbing story I found because at the end of the story Lexington got hook delibetly on the foot by a worker and got miniced my the pig mincer.

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3) Summarize two storise.

The way up to heaven:
In this story called ?The way up to heaven.? Mrs Foster had a fear of missing the train, plan and the boat. One day Mrs Foster was anxious to go to Pairs to see her Daughter. Mrs Foster was ready to go to the airport but Mr Foster wasn’t. After 5 minutes later he came down from the study. When they got to the airport the plan was cancels too enliven o’clock the next day. That next day it happen again Mr Foster was later again. Once they got in the car Mr Foster was looking for a gift. He went back in the house. But Mrs Foster found it in the back of the car, so she was going inside but she heard a noise. But Mrs Foster left him and went to the airport. Six weeks later She came back home, but they were a whole heap of letters in the letterbox. Mrs Foster wants inside and could small a funny smell. She wanted up go up the elevater but it was stuck half way.
In this story Pig a boy called Lexington was born and shortly after his broth his parents was shout by the police while breaking into their own house because there were lock out. So after they death Lexington went to his Aunty to live. His Aunty was a vegetarian and so Lexington grew up to be one as well.

The time had come for Lexington to go to school but his Aunt didn’t like him going to school because she would miss him, so his Aunt was going to teach him every thing that he would of lean in school. Lexington was good at same things, but he was realy was good at cooking Vegetarian meals.

Every day for the next seven-year Lexington would cook a new meal and he would write the recipe in a cookbook that he would publish when he was older. But one day his Aunt was very sick and she died.
Lexington had to go to the Lawes office to get some money. After that he went and had lunch in a restaurant. He wants to have some meat because he never had some before. So he got some pork. He likes it and wanted to know were pork came form so he ask the chief. He went to the place were the pork came from, he had went on a tour and that showed were the pig were killed. The tour guide stops and showed were the pig got hook and lifted up in to the mincer. All of a sudden Lexington was hook a lifted up into the mincer.

4) Select one of the stories and change the ending completely.

The Landlady
This is my ending:
?You did sign the book, didn’t you?’
?Oh, not yet.’
?That’s ok, because later on, if the ploice come look for you they would just have to look the gest book and they would know that you was not here.’
?And why would the ploice come looking for me hear when I will be leaving tomrrow.’
?That what you think Billy,’ she said. ‘And laugh’
5) Choose one of the film versions of one of the ?Kiss Kiss’ stories and spot the diffrerences between the book and the movies stories?
6) What is your overall response to the Collection? Which stories would you recommend to other readers and why?
I think that the hole of the book was very good. But some of the storeys dragged on a little bit. I would recommend William and Mary because the detail of the operation.

7) Look up the word ?ironic’ in the dictionary.

Using or displaying irony or in the nature of irony.

8) Look up the word ?Genesis’ in the dictionary.
The origin, or mode of formation or generation, of a thing.

9) Why is ?Georgy Pory’ a good title for the story?
10) Choose 2 of your favorite character from any of the stories and decribe them?
I like Mr Foster because he would like to be a little bit late for his wife just so she would thing that she would miss the plan.

I also like Mrs Foster because in the end she could not take it any more of Mr Foster games so she just left him.

11) Select a story. Then look for a dialogue and changes it into a play.

Mrs Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat
The Shopkeeper (S)
Mrs Bixby (B)
Mrs Bixby in the shop:
S: ?Name?’
B: ?leaves that out. And the address.’
She saw the man pause, and she saw the nib of the pen hovering over the dotted line.

B: ?You don’t have to put the name and address, do you?’
The man shrugged and shook his head and the pen-nib moved on down to the next line.

B: ?It’s just that I’d rather not, it’s purely personal.’
S: ?You’d better not lose this ticket, then.’
B: ?I won’t lose it.’
S: ?You realize that anyone who gets hold of it can come in and claim the article?’
B: ?Yes, I know that.’
S: ?Simply on the number.’
B: ?Yes I know.’
S: ?What do you want to me to put for description.’
B: ?No description either, thank you. It’s not necessary. Just put the amount I’m borrowing.’
The pen-nib hesitated again, hovering over the dotted line beside the word ARTICLE.

S: ?I think you ought to put a description. A description is always a help if you want to sell it sometime.’
B: ?I don’t want to sell it.’
S: ?You might have to. Lots of people do.’
B: ?Look, I’m not broke, if that’s what you mean. I simply lost my purse. Don’t you understand?’
S: ?You have it your own way then, it your coat.’


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