Knowledge Creativity And Innovation Commerce Essay

Knowledge, creativeness and invention are really of import in the concern universe today to go a competitory employee. One of the most of import assets is knowledge. Knowledge is needed for a company to make value and to sustainable competitory advantage against other rival ( Nonaka & A ; Toyoma, 2006 ) . Following is creativeness can be defined as a individual who able to come up with a new, uncommon, or alone thoughts ( Iowa State University, 2011 ) . Last, invention can be defined as creativeness is implemented. Invention is doing usage of the thoughts into practise ( Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia, 2012 ) .

2.0 Background of the company

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Knowledge Creativity And Innovation Commerce Essay
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Larry Page and Sergey Brin is the laminitis of Google at Stanford University in the twelvemonth September 1998. They name it backrub when they foremost created this hunt engine for its ability to analyze back links and point to a given web site. No 1 wants this early phase of the development merchandise created by Brin and page so they decide to better them self and take it to the populace. The scheme that they use work really good and they decide to alter its name to Google, from a word googol. Googol is a mathematical term used by Milton Sirotta which represents a 1 followed by a 100 nothing ( Christensen, 2010 ) .

Two of them are non interested to open their ain company until they meet Yahoo laminitis and friend David Filo who encourage them to get down their ain hunt engine company. At that clip, no company utilizing their engineering, they decide to get down up their ain company. Sun Microsystems co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim, wrote a cheque worth one hundred thousand dollars who took a expression at their demo. Family, friends and familiarities besides wrote nine hundred thousand dollars to demo their support. They set up their company in a garage in Menlo Park together with freshly hired Craig Silverstein as manager of engineering ( Santa Clara Valley Historical Association, 2008 ) .




Respect for employees


Attractive wages system

2.1 Pride

One of the enterprises that Google usage to guarantee a good civilization is Pride. Pride is a feeling of satisfaction and deep pleasance from its ain accomplishment. The accomplishment is widely admired by all people by its qualities ( Oxford Dictionaries, 2012 ) . Great work topographic point helps employee to construct their pride in their work and the work of the company. Employees feel pride in their single work that makes a difference in their personal occupations. Working for company that repute is good and has a positive standing in the community will do the employee experience pride in them ( Great Topographic point to work, 2007 ) .

Employees feel proud working for Google is non because the company want to derive net incomes but more on user to user experience ( Great Topographic point to work, 2007 ) . To understand about user experience is for a individual to utilize the merchandise, system or service. Google is seeking to supply the best user experience possible. Google make certain the hunt engine to function the people better instead than Google internal ends or bottom line. It is besides including a individual ‘s perceptual experience of the public-service corporation of the merchandises, merchandises easy to utilize or non and efficiency of the merchandises. That is why Google interface is clear and simple ( Google Company, 2012 ) . To increase employee creativeness, Google gives employees its 20 per centum regulation. This 20 per centum regulation allows employees to take their ain undertaking that is interested in them based on company-related ( Mediratta, 2007 ) . Larry page introduces Google workshop open in 2007. This workshop is for employees to hold merriment, create points like paradigm phones that run on humanoid and for their ain personal undertaking as good. Holiday ornaments such as place cabinets and even an aeroplane were powered by pedal about 100 pes wingspread were built by the employees in their undertakings ( Osborne, 2011 ) . Google gives employees room to be originative and this will do employees happy. Happy employee will give more advanced thoughts that will turn into drive gross ( Eckels, 2008 ) .

2.2 Camaraderie

Camaraderie is common trust between two people or more that spend their clip together in working topographic point ( Oxford Dictionaries, 2012 ) . There are three facets practises in the chumminess between employee and colleague relationship in a work topographic point. To welcome and promote new employee to hold merriment and relax during the work twenty-four hours is to hold warm and friendly environment workplace. A strong sense of community develops in organisations where people feel that they are portion of a squad or a household that they cooperate together within and across different section.

Google encourages quarterly section off-sites. This is because Google wants employees to bond together while holding merriment. This is a superb thought for the employee to run into and larn more about other colleague in the section and experience comfy sharing their thoughts and sentiments. The ornament in Google offices encourages fun like lava lamps, bike, and many more to make full the hall and offices. Eric Schmitt is the main executive officer at Google follow “ Fun is good ” . They build Google with the thought of work and dispute must be merriment for the employee by giving the employee a particular environment to work ( Cook, 2012 ) . This is one of the grounds why Google employees have so much of creativeness and inventions due to the merriment and full of thought environment in the work topographic point. In an article in Seattle Time ‘s entittled “ Large Google Ideas Generated Here ” noted that if the Googleplex exploded, employees will hold a difficult clip for them to delve themselves out with all the dry marks, large Lego people, action figures and amusing Jerseies around them ( Great Topographic point to work, 2007 ) .

2.3 Respect for employees.

Harmonizing to Susan Heathfield, she advocates that “ Treat all people the same no affair what their race, faith, size, gender age or where they from ” ( Heathfield, 2012 ) . Professional support, promote coaction and allow looks of attention both in the workplace and exterior is shown in Google. Google provides preparation chance, resources and equipment for the employee to acquire the work done. Google besides express their grasp to employee for their achievements and excess attempt. Collaboration between direction and employees is of import to seek and react to employee ‘s thoughts, thought and suggestions that will impact how the employees get their work done. Safety and healthy working environment are really of import by showing regard.

Education reimbursement program developed by Google is to advance professional growing and development for its employees can reimburse up to eight 1000s per twelvemonth. Google applied scientists can inscribe in a one twelvemonth plan at Stanford University to increase their cognition through the maestro plan in proficient field. The cost of the plan is to the full paid by Google Company. Employees who want to take leave and farther prosecute their instruction on full clip can use for planetary instruction leave the plan offer by Google. The instruction leave is a new plan was merely announced in 2006 can be up to upper limit of five old ages and the reimbursement may be up to upper limit of one hundred and 50 thousand dollar. In Google merchandise development, employee suggestion is of import when so the merchandise is foremost released by the company. This is to let the employees to play with the merchandise and giving suggestion and thoughts to the applied scientist and directors. Merchandises that have gone through this procedure are Google intelligence, Gmail, Google local, and Google toolbar. For healthy life style, the cafe in Google greet employees with healthy repast of the twenty-four hours along with show of nutrient ingestion. This is because Google encourages employees to eat organic and healthy nutrient ( Great Place to work, 2007 ) . A Happy and healthy employee is more productive and efficient. Susan Morgan Bailey claims that “ Healthy employees are happier and more occupied ” and this besides will assist company go more successful ( Mannino, 2012 ) .

2.4 Credibility

Credibility definition means the quality of being believed or trusted ( The free lexicon, 2012 ) ) . Credibility builds on three different sets of behavior. First is communicating. Second is competency and in conclusion unity. Communication is a two manner communicating. Leader and director know with the information that they want to portion with the employee so that employees can inquire what they might necessitate or desire to hear. Manager with good competency with accomplishments and behavior needed to form the employee and resources so that the employee is non out of the vision of the company as a whole or single section. Integrity is honest and dependable. A promise must be kept and employee will hold assurance on their director to run the concern.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin started this hebdomadal meeting at Google called TGIF. The clip used in this hebdomadal meeting is to welcome the new employee and for the senior leader to show the high spot and related events that have been brought up last hebdomad. TGIF is a inquiry and reply clip. An employee can inquire inquiries comfortably to even the most senior member of the direction and the senior should speak to employees every bit unfastened as possible. In this hebdomadal meeting there is no off bound inquiries ( Great Topographic point to work, 2007 ) .The meeting is designed to promote employees to speak to each other about their work and besides play ( Google Company, 2012 ) . In Google there is a batch of internal electronic mail is for treatment of peculiar thoughts, issue and complain. One of the illustrations is the Google thought web site. The employees are ever given thoughts on how to better the web site. Employees provide suggestion how to do thing better in Google by their feedback through remarks and evaluation from zero to five. Nothing is unsafe and five is great thoughts. The direction ever pays close attending and respond to issues that employee deem of import to discourse one of their internal electronic mails ( Great Topographic point to work, 2007 ) .

2.5 Attractive wages system

The wages system is structured in a manner to pull and keep the employee in a company ( Koala Consulting and Training, 2008 ) . Employee is the most of import and valuable plus to a company. Employee public presentation is of import for the company to do certain the company is running swimmingly and successfully. A company is good celebrated for its ungenerous attitude is non a good and attractive topographic point to work. Such company will eventually stop up with no people would desire to work for it ( Juziela & A ; Hashim, 2011 ) .

The laminitis award plan in Google is to honor them for extraordinary achievements. Google give Google stock units ( GSUs ) as a wages. Each member receives award based on their engagement and part and the award can travel for several million for persons. In 2005, one employee that was working on 11 different undertakings and awarded by Google 4th five million dollars. Google continues to supply award for the employee based on their achievements. These give employee chance for their achievement more likely to happen ( Great Place to work, 2007 ) .

3.0 Decision

Google has transformed into a elephantine and good known company in the universe today from two people who are ever reasoning in every subject that they discuss. Their ain sentiment and point of view would finally alter the universe of the hunt engine by work outing one of the biggest challenges in calculating that is recovering relevant information from a monolithic set of informations. With the universe changing and rapid traveling company, Google make certain every one of their employees is happy and execute the really best for the company for the benefits of all the people around the universe and maintaining certain the hunt engine can present fast replies and at its tip top conditions and the employees creativeness, cognition and inventions to do certain the company is traveling frontward to the hereafter. Google, no uncertainty is the universe largest hunt engine that people from all walks of life is utilizing for their mundane demands from working to instruction, from immature to old.


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