Knowledge Is All Of Things That People Learn Commerce Essay

In recent old ages, the Concept of Knowledge Management is popular and attracts the attending of many organisations and endeavors in Vietnam. The construct of cognition direction is new construct for Vietnam ‘s economic system, but it was the developed states over the universe to use successfully.

Harmonizing to many definitions, cognition is all of things that people learn, understand and cognize. What people feel through the nonsubjective world is the natural information. Processed, this information is converted into information. However, the information still exists independently of human thought. When people receive information, procedure information, understand and research, after that the information into their ain cognition. That explains why the same sum of information but each person has different cognition. Knowledge of two types: explicit cognition and tacit cognition. Explicit cognition is knowledge codified in the text, paperss, or study, they can be conveyed in the official linguistic communication and system, while the silent cognition is knowledge which is really hard and non codified in written paperss, this cognition is personal, context and tied to specific occupations. Tacit cognition is really hard to organize the papers, but is running high in the human encephalon.

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Knowledge Is All Of Things That People Learn Commerce Essay
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AYThe differentiation between expressed cognition and tacit cognition are expressed through map:

Explicit Knowledge

Tacit Knowledge



Easy systematisation


Able to reassign, convey

To show and portion easy


Trouble in formalising

It is hard to have, communicate and portion


The operating guidelines

The policies and processs of the organisation

The studies and databases

The concern procedures and informal communicating

The personal experience

The historical apprehension

Based on the cognition and use that cognition, creativeness emerging and it brings concrete consequences which service human life. The construct of cognition direction may be new but the kernel is non excessively confounding. It is the procedure of creative activity, gaining control, shop, portion, develop, and do usage of cognition exists in the organisation go the material values. Activities include attempts to turn single cognition into the organisation ‘s cognition, everyone can work and utilize for common development.

There are many signifiers of cognition direction, perchance including the followers:

– Evaluation and utilize the consequences of operations to get cognition through preparation.

– Building up a database / cognition of the organisation, leting employees to entree for timely determination devising.

– To form activities to portion knowledge internally as sharing community, internal seminars…

It is of import that the cognition direction attempts are directed toward the concluding end to make merchandises / services to run into client demands, bettering fight through cut downing waste generated by Knowledge is non shared, the failure is non analytical, pull on the experience, the mistake is repeated… That is the application procedure and turning cognition into utile value to the organisation.

In add-on, it besides means continually having cognition from outside, perchance through preparation, larning from clients, spouses, providers, clients and even rivals through edifice theoretical account of organisations ever larning. Furthermore, cognition direction besides means that direction information is meaningful and utile direction and engineerings that help people organize cognition. Ultimate end of cognition direction is to minimise the hazard of leaping occupation, promote and develop staff public presentation, adding value and corporate image.

Many companies are happening that an employee leaves the company for any ground will impact the activities of organisations and may even suspend a phase where he is responsible. Simple ground that he brought all the experience and cognition to execute the occupation. Many organisations spend 100s of 1000000s developing employees per twelvemonth. However, the cognition that employees have received from preparation, it conveying value to the company or non, really few organisations have been calculated. The waste besides shows really clearly the sum of clip spent looking for practical cognition that already exists in the organisation was great. The deficiency of cognition to reply client and respond rapidly to market and cause harm to concern operations, as for the research and development without the engagement of many beginnings of cognition: from cognition about merchandises to client demands and market will be more hard to accomplish success. On the other manus, the failure did n’t retreat experience and shared, it is the beginning for subsequent failures. That is why every concern demands to hold appropriate schemes for developing cognition direction in today ‘s concern conditions.

The most of import factors in cognition direction is knowledge sharing. Peoples frequently think cognition is power. Everyone wants to maintain something as their ain strengths, do non desire to portion with others. Therefore, a requirement is to make an environment or civilization of cognition sharing in the concern.

The function of leading is highly of import in making that environment. Not merely to promote and acknowledge cognition sharing, directors must actively take part in cognition sharing in a positive way in add-on to employee development and internal cognition beginnings. This procedure non merely enrich the cognition of persons but besides as motive for uninterrupted acquisition.

Presently, many organisations have many persons who willing to portion their cognition and receive cognition from others, but sometimes they do non cognize what to portion with whom, when to portion and portion like. Thus, needs to a mechanism to knowledge nurtured, portion, develop and utilize consistent with the aims of the organisation. This mechanism must besides show the acknowledgment, wages ( a physical or mental ) for the sharing ( of persons or sections ) . About formal, mechanism can be expressed as processs or guideline, are published widely across the organisation. Finally, to portion activities, takes topographic point expeditiously, the indispensable function of IT. IT support function, doing the sharing, hive awaying, updating and utilizing cognition is made easier. For illustration, for a company with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is to portion knowledge straight ( through such meetings ) between the two topographic points will “ devour ” a batch of costs, while the IT and knowledge can be transferred, shared via electronic mail electronic or a local web ( intranet ) . Furthermore, creative activity of cognition is invariably doing cognition of the concern of turning giant that merely new engineering that allows storing, screening, updating, sharing, usage and development in a timely mode and stable.

V Knowledge direction to assist concerns:

– Always innovative, bring forthing new thoughts and believing to work the potency of the organisation.

– Received the experience and turn them into bing cognition can be used for others as needed.

– Create conditions to easy happen and recycle the know-how, expertness when stored in the bing signifier or in people ‘s heads.

– Promote cooperation, cognition sharing, larning and uninterrupted betterment.

– Better the quality of determination and quality of rational activity.

– Understand and value the parts of rational belongings on the growing, efficiency forming and mobilising power.

Ultimate end of cognition direction systems do non hold to make modern information engineering. Information engineering is a critical tool of cognition direction. The terminal consequence that cognition direction was formed to make a uninterrupted acquisition organisation, including persons who work closely together, invariably larning and knowledge sharing to make an the length of service or otherwise raise the IQ of organisations in the concern environment alterations invariably as it is today.

We have a few illustrations of cognition direction. First, in 1978 Honda wanted to make a new auto designs because the Civic and Accord were excessively familiar. Work assigned to a group of immature applied scientists ( mean age 27 ) . The leader merely two bids:

+ Design a merchandise with other basic first.

+ Must attentions are non expensive and non inexpensive ( to do manner for creativeness ) .

A new motto “ Automobile Revolution ” inquiries for group treatment: “ If a auto is a life entity, it will hold evolved how? ” The thought of the group: Trends “ revolution ” was a auto must get the better of the relation between people – traditional auto a†’ autos have shorter and higher, sphere will give more infinite inside and more energy efficient. Final merchandise is released the line of City autos. It is “ Tall Boy ” which a series of particular characteristics with Combax engines consume less fuel than. This auto is immature protagonists specially. About 150 1000 City autos were sold in the two old ages since it was launched the first clip in November 1981. This vehicle besides continued to better with the ulterior version as that Hyper Turbo, Body Sonic, and High Roof. City autos were really made to the public influence the early ’80s with a series of awards and congratulations from the media. In position of cognition direction is an thought from a design autos ( Tacit cognition ) through the sharing, acquisition, choice, rating and reclamation of cognition, the applied scientists at Honda launched a new theoretical account ( Explicit cognition ) success on the market.

Another sample, Tam Viet Group in 2007, a frailty president walked out and set up his ain company and straight competition with the Tam Viet Group. By using cognition direction to portion the wont, acquired, stored, evaluated cognition and invention, Tam Viet Group was non affected when a individual had a high place to travel out. All the cognition in caput all members are sharing and storage, such as talks, client relationships, unfinished undertakings… .

In contrast the success, in Tuan Thanh company a caput of gross revenues section left the company and convey all the cognition that he had in his caput about clients dealingss every bit good as the expertness to construct with our clients. The going has caused harm to the company tens of one million millions of Vietnam A?ong because lost many possible undertakings and the undertaking is in the procedure of dialogue.

In Vietnam, Tam Viet Group has summarized the footing of Western experience combine with Vietnam civilization to make theoretical accounts of cognition direction patterns for themselves. Tam Viet theoretical account based application platform rules Yin and Yang, Feng-shui, combined with the formation of wonts, including stairss to mount the rules of Feng-shui: Talk, Collecting, Storing, Assessment, Knowledge invention.

When cognition is shared, the same clip it which is happened all the left processes. Will be have people received, will be go on the maintaining procedure, and selective. When you use that cognition as cognition is to be renovated and updated. Lacks one of the elements, cognition direction will non convey success consequences.

To sum up, knowledge direction is basically a procedure of cognition creative activity, sharing cognition and choice to supply right clip, right topographic point, right individual to do determinations rapidly and accurately. The intent of cognition direction is to better the IQ of the company, making a dynamic staff, occupation duties and a sense of uninterrupted acquisition. The consequence of this procedure will make an organisation, a concern with adaptative and extremely competitory market place.


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