Knowledge of Group Processes Essay


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Knowledge of Group Processes Essay
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1.0 Describe clearly two state of affairss one of which describes a state of affairs where a group is clearly appropriate and another where a group is clearly inappropriate or each state of affairss describe clearly explain the state of affairs and analyze why it is appropriate / inappropriate.

Ans. Appropriate group: Appropriate group is a group in which a squad is required for a peculiar work or undertaking for illustration Nike. Nike produce different merchandises like footwear, bags and fabrics etc. So they require different subdivisions for different work for illustration Manager, Accountant, Chief Operating officer ( CEO ) and labour etc.

Inappropriate group: Inappropriate is a group in which a individual individual can make any work and undertaking so there is no demand of any squad for illustration instructor. A individual instructor can learn any peculiar topic so there is no group of instructors required for learning a individual topic.

2.0 Discuss a minimal five advantage and five dis-advantage of working in groups. This may include replies such as synergism, quality of determinations, committedness to determination, relationship edifice, undertaking acquaintance, undertaking complexness.

Ans. Advantage of group:

  1. Better thoughts: Members of different accomplishments are able to come up with more effectual solution of any job.
  2. Better results: A group can convey extra resources to develop and lend to hapless individual to cut down hazard of farther monitoring because teamwork can take to better concern consequences.
  3. Common support: In group people can promote each other and they can back up one other so they can excess any work.
  4. More accomplishments: Different heads have different thoughts so a member in group can accomplish specific end more efficaciously.
  5. Skill development: Bing a portion of multicultural group a individual can derive more accomplishments such as speech production, listening and leading and more will assist you to develop your personal accomplishments.

Disadvantage of group:

  1. Fair portion: In a group some worker make more work than others so there will be some misinterpretation between the member of group and the whole group will agonize.
  2. Preventive creativeness: In a group a individual will concentrate on a peculiar construct in which a individual can suit so the creativeness will be limited.
  3. Understanding jobs: In a multicultural group, some people can’t understand what other member want’s to state for illustration Chinese are non good in talking English so it is really difficult to understand what he wants to state.
  4. Time taking: In a group everyone has different heads so they think otherwise and it will be clip devouring to take a quality determination in a group.
  5. Personal issues: In a group there will be many personal issues for illustration some member of a group will be opprobrious and more dependent to others so it will be an issue in a group.

3.0 Using Hackman’s Model of group effectivity, discourse the cardinal factors that influence group of effectivity.


4.0 Briefly describe a formal group which you have been a member of. Clearly describe its organizational context.

Ans. At the clip I am working in a European eating house and its name is Libertine. In a eating house different skilled people required for different work for illustration chef for cooking, director for pull offing eating house, kitchen manus for assisting chef, server for functioning and a individual for having measures. Every person’s part is of import otherwise eating house will close down. Without a individual subdivision eating house will non run so it is a really good illustration of group work.

5.0 Identify the group ends and norms that are runing within your group?

Ans. Group ends:

1. Customer satisfaction: It is a really of import to give full satisfaction to a client with the service and first-class nutrient provided.

2. Friendly Environment: In a eating house there will be good atmosphere and good interaction between clients and staff so they can better the manner of service.

3. Bettering gross revenues: The mark of the eating house is reiterating clients and pulling more clients to increase the gross revenues by supplying good nutrient and service.

Group norms: Norms are the behavior and theoretical accounts which are set up and accepted by all the squad members. If the group either implicitly or explicitly develops positive work norms the group would work toward greater opportunities of being an effectual group like as per the instance survey they all are seemed to work together on all assignments. There seemed to be a laughter in the group and some clip it could be rather riotous to others in the room seeking to analyze.

6.0 Identify both the Task and Maintenance functions exhibited by all participants within your group? Summarise by explicating the overall consequence of these functions on the groups operation.

Ans. Undertaking functions: Undertaking functions are the functions that initiate to acquire the occupation done. In a eating house there are different undertakings to make. The function of caput chef is maintain nutrient quality and gustatory sensation and besides presenting different bill of fare on some particular occasions and most of import is wellness and safety of staff members. On the other manus Manager Role is to pull off eating house and take speedy actions on any impairment and accountant portion is to give rewards to the employees on clip.

Care functions: Care functions are the undertakings provide oil in machine by promoting people by mentally or emotionally. In a eating house there are different care functions like gatekeeper, his occupation is to welcome client in a eating house and at the terminal spring farewell to the client. Besides the function of director is to promote staff and to give specific work to individual his occupation is to pull off overload of work on a individual employee.

7.0 Explain the chief leading manner that is used within your group. Additionally explain two different leading manners from group that you have been a member of comparing these to your chief group.

Ans. The chief leader of a eating house is Manager he plays different functions in a eating house. His occupation is to supervising less wastage in a eating house and managing work agenda for kitchen staffs. Besides his work is to set up wellness and safety equipment for staff and clients. He has to look into freshness of delivered nutrient and merchandise and maintain budget of rewards and merchandise. If any client give negative feedback than director has to take speedy action and to retrieve what is incorrect every bit good as he has to keep records and criterion of a eating house. Most of import work of a director is to do successful bill of fare and appropriate monetary value of the dishes.

8.0 Explain a lower limit of three determination devising manners used in your group comparing their consequence on the operation of the group?

Ans. The three determination devising manners are:

Decision by bid: Group leader uses his information he possess to work out the job. He/she does non confer with information in any signifier with anyone. The director examines all the relevant option and has adequate information to do an effectual determination.

Decision by via media: In determination of this type many member of group will non fulfill with the determination but due to some state of affairs they have to do via media with their determination. At the terminal the consequences was ever good but non the best.

Decision by analysis: Sometime a leader does non possess adequate information to make up one’s mind, so they will necessitate to obtain more information and accomplishments. He can non state what the job is ; normally, they merely inquire for information. Then leader evaluates the information and makes an effectual determination.

9.0 Identify the possible effects of groupthink on the procedure of effectual determination doing within your group. Describe any two possible scheme to avoid group-think and their consequence on the operation of the group?


10. Explain utilizing a theoretical account of group development the group processes that have occurred within your group?

Ans. Development phases of a group:

Forming: At this phase all squad members are positive and polite. The full squad will work as it is non some concern. Others are merely excited about the undertaking in front. Team members, functions and undertakings are non clear, because as a leader, you play a prima function at this phase. People start to work every bit in this phase, may go on for some clip, and they get to recognize new spouse as an attempt to.

Ramping: Team members ‘ natural manner is a struggle between plants, which frequently starts ramping. Peoples can work in different ways, but different working manners cause the job worse, they may be upset.

Norming: Now your squad members know each other better, that they can follow together, and they ask each other for aid and are able to give positive suggestions. The squad with a strong confidence to the end of development, and besides to get down to see advancement.

Performing: Work hard to accomplish the end of the squad without scratch, leads the squad reaches the phase acting. Group have set up a good support, the construction and map.

Adjouring: At this phase the undertaking was successfully completed. Its intent has been achieved and everyone feel good about it. As an organizational prospective new things can travel on.

11. Using Hofstede’s theoretical account, place a lower limit of three cultural influences on your groups working. Clearly explicate how each cultural influences affects the groups working?


12. Describe both the positive and negative effects of struggle on the operation of your group.

Ans. Frequently angry dissension, which consequences in strong difference between groups is known as group struggle.

Positive effects of struggle:

Upgraded consequences: Work for the squad most frequently – mention for a confident sum of growing and quality of thoughts within a group portion. Furthermore, the work of the squad members to discourse their thoughts and have the opportunity to reason their strength or failing. The best thoughts and most originative solutions to the jobs that can be apply on it.

Corporate work: Working with other employees within the work group frequently identified advantage of the stock. Decisions are made aˆ‹aˆ‹and work for the formation of a individual work of any member of a squad is non overcome by his personal liability for that, hence employees can portion the bond for the work.

Negative effects of struggle:

Self-management: Self-management may be requested and for some squad interaction, deficiency of organisational support or both can non run into the challenge so it can do less production.

Team clang: To work in a squad to acquire near to other people is a major loss that societal activity can do battles. Proximity of the group work the employee was working entirely, you make it even more of import than the nature of the rejection can failure. Exclusions rise within a group when they still have the promise of work and duty, since merely one other spouse can non disregard.

13. Describe how each of the undermentioned scheme countervail the impact of struggle within your group? Provide examples where appropriate?

( a ) Adjustment.

( B ) Avoidance.

( degree Celsius ) Compromise.

( vitamin D ) Competition.

( vitamin E ) Collaboration.

14. Identify a lower limit of two preferable struggle direction manners based on your cultural penchants. Discuss these manners in the context of the impact on pull offing struggle within your group.



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