Korean Civilization And Mayans Civilizations Essay

Korean civilization and Mayans civilizations were very different. First of all, they are located in the opposite side of the world. Secondly Koreans belongs to Asian society and Mayans to Central and South Americans. They eat deferent kind of food, and live in different environment/government system. Koreans are the people who have long history. People say that ancient Korean originated from Mongolia, as the time went on, people from a little villages started to movie down. As they grew bigger they formed a little city and made a leader.

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Korean Civilization And Mayans Civilizations Essay
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From Han on they started to expand faster and faster taking territories from different areas. When they reached the bottom of Korea they realized that they are surrounded by water and only way to go was up. That was when they started to grow their power. For a while, they were one united country, until the government became corrupted and split in to three different nations. After many years of battle, one king reunites the whole kingdom but than again they split In to three nations. Then again this nation comes back together.

Their mall food sources came from hunting and rowing crops. They also ate lots of vegetables and chickens. They had their medicine from their own uses of special crops, plants, different kind of animal’s parts and insects. Korean architecture was very beautiful. When they were building a kings kingdom or a temple they used no steels but just wood, and they still made it weatherproof and waterproof. Rich people with some stats in the country had a nice building that is only built out of wood too, but for people who don’t have money or states, they used different materials.

They build the side of the wall with a segment ND some wood, floor mad up of segment, but the roof is made up of hay and mud. It was still weatherproof and waterproof but they had to make a new roof every year. Mayans In the other hand they don’t have any record of how they came to where they were but they start their own civilizations and stay Isolated with each other. They were never was one country but many different city-stats together, each with their own leaders and people. Mayans land Is attached to the South America and North America, and the rest is surrounded by water.

Although Mayans were isolated they were smart. They made calendar and math. None like Koreans, Mayans had to trade them selves in order to keep them moving. As for Mayans architecture they only used rocks from nature. They were very interesting. Mayans also had medicine for their people. They use many herbs and plants for their medicine. Mayans also believe In many gods altogether, but only worship some of them. Their main food sources came from rivers and corns. Because Mayans and Koreans lived in two different areas, It doesn’t mean that everything Is different.

For example, both countries used similar method for their medicine, the use of plants. They also had salary way of expanding, following the river and getting food from the river. They also had a writing system and they both wrote on woods. In the different places. Koreans put them selves together from little cities and they still exist but Mayans don’t, they were taken over by Spain and never got their land back. Even though there are some similar things between them, there are very different people. After all Mayans are Americans Koreans are Asians.


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